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Jordan i love the romance so far in this book. i am almost done with it but i just love Walt he sounds like a cutie.

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I think Zaya sounds nice

Jordan Zia. she's cool.

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Jordan ikr! those 2 love birds. THEY ARE ADORABLE!

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sorry I didn't know how to spell Zia.I put Zaya

Jordan oh its fine that happens alot

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AJ Jordan wrote: "ikr! those 2 love birds. THEY ARE ADORABLE!"

I KNOW!!!!!

Jordan I am almost finished with this book and i am SOOOO excited to find out what happens next!

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I just finished this book and IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AJ it did

Jordan great CANT WAIT!!!!!

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AJ :)

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:):):):):):):):):):):):):):) I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan Jordan wrote: "i love the romance so far in this book. i am almost done with it but i just love Walt he sounds like a cutie."

Jordan did you start this discussion?

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i think so

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AJ Garrett wrote: ":):):):):):):):):):):):):):) I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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Vina I can't wait for the next book!

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Yeah me too

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AJ same

Jordan yes Ethan i did start this discussion... and i am sorry but when i read this book i picture walt as a really cute boy!

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AJ I think he probably is, but Anubis in hi mortal form sounds cute

Sarah I think Carter and Zia are cute together but she will just complicate things for him.

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AJ No! Carter and Zia are so cute together

Jordan They are but I think Sarah is right. He has a complicated life now but Zia is worth it.

Sarah She might save his life a few times :)

Jordan I know right!?!

Grace i read this book in three or four days and was dissapointed afterward because i didn't have anything else as good aas this book was to read, RICK RIORDAN RULES!!

Stefanie Câmara Manoel I hope Zia comes around!

Sofiiiiiiieee when does the next book comeout???????????

Brobertc I think that Sadie and Anubis will go out together, and then Walt will give Sadie a hard time.

Sarah October something. You can find out on

Olinda Sofiiiiiiieee wrote: "when does the next book comeout???????????"

in may 2012:)

Sarah We are talking about the next KANE CHRONICLES book right?

Jordan yes we are idk when but i cant wait to read it!

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I haven't read Son of Neptune yet! Can't wait to!

Sarah Book three of The Kane Chronicles comes out in the spring of 2012

Jordan awesome! i will be all over that book! i like it more than Percy Jackson and i love Percy Jackson.

King JT I like Percy Jackson more than The Kane Chronicles by a little bit but I seriously can't wait!

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I'm hoping what happens is that Sadie will end up with Walt and still be friends with Anubis, because I don't hate Anubis and he seems like he won't do anything stupid like bring an army of blood-thirsty zombies from the dead to attack Walt if she chose him. Then, I'm hoping Carter finds another magician or another girl other than Zia. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but I REALLY do not like her. She's annoying, stubborn, and I get that's she's confused but she could have at least told Carter a long time ago before hurting him more and more as time went on. He seems like the type of guy who'd need someone who's sweet, can take orders but also give them if she needed to, and someone who'd listen to him instead of having everyone else pour everything onto his shoulders. But, you never know. Opposites do attract and maybe Zia will surprise me in the next book.

Nya Tomlinson-Horan-Malik-Payne-Styles zia is awesome with carter. such a shame she doesnt like him. anubis and sadie win the prize for best couple though.

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I like Bes' romance with the hippo goddess more.

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