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message 1: by Clover (new)

Clover (clover_autrey) | 5 comments Did you guys know that a bunch of authors post links to excerpts of their books every Sunday on twitter. Just use the hashtag #SampleSunday Maybe #ya or #dystopia or #paranormal too and see what turns up?

Here's my example: Hunt monsters w/ the teens. 1st ch of "The Anointed" at http://bit.ly/k2Yt4P #SampleSunday #ss #ya #paranormal

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Scott (michellescottfiction) #SampleSunday is excellent! I've posted excerpts there and also have chapters available on my website.

message 3: by Clover (new)

Clover (clover_autrey) | 5 comments It was my first #SampleSunday. It was fun. I'm going to go over and check your sample out. C/ya next Sunday I guess.

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