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Which was better: the movie or the book?

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Ethan I liked the movie better because in there Rodrick and Greg got along. The book was my least favorite in the series.

Jordan I loved the book, but surprisingly, the movie was better

Taylor Ross i really didnt like the movie or the diary of a wimpy kid series at all..... but i agree with jordan the movie was a lot better than the book

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تذكار I liked the movie :) the book is a bit boring.

Michelle I'd go for the movie on this one.

Bridget um suprisingly i liked the book better but the movie was still good

^Green Pnanda O.o Movie, didn't like the book of all of them

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Thax for answering my question.
also rodrick rules is the 2nd movie

Michaela movie

Dominique Movie definatley

Michael Kraske havent seen the movie... saw the first one, and it was terrible... so i would guess book cause i liked it but..havent seen the movie so cant say much...

Claire movie!

message 13: by Luke (new) - rated it 5 stars

Luke I didn't see the movie but I really liked the book.

message 14: by Maria B. (new)

Maria B. Quagliana i like the book almost as much as the movie idk its a toss up

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i love the books<3 ive read each like a million times :D but the movies are pretty good and funny too :D

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Maria B. Quagliana wen say its a toss up i mean they are equal, but tht doesnt mean i think both of them are neccisarily good. i rated all of the m 3 stars, but tht was being generous. i only wanted to give them 2 and a half

Ranea Black the book is not all that so i have to say movie

message 18: by Emily (new)

Emily I say reading because watching tv or movies just rottens or brain.

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Wait you guys, there is a movie, I never knew that , someone help me find it. I absolutely want to watch the movie!!!

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Cristina Boncea the movie, rodrick is hawt!

Trevor W they were both really good

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I love these books!! i still havent seen the movie yet but I heard it was good!! :)))))))

Georgia i liked the book better but i loved the movie to

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Is the movie really really good?

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Maria B. Quagliana ik this might not make sens but u guys have to pretend u are two different ppl. one of u has to only have read the book. one of you has to only have seen the movie. then the one who only read the book, see the movie. the one who only saw the movie, read the book. this wld give you a better perspective.

most if not all of u have read the book b4 the moive. the thing tht i have notcied is thth the only reason thth u guys dont liek the movie is bc its no accurate enough to the book. the movie itself wasnt bad. it was just a bad movie book-based wise. if u guys hadnt been so annoyed with all the things not accurate it wldve been a good movie

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oh cool that was long

message 27: by Maria B. (new)

Maria B. Quagliana yea but informational

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Ashley i liked the book but i like the movie way way better!!

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i havent seen the movie. i heard it was good for some people and bad for some other people. :)

message 31: by Maria B. (new)

Maria B. Quagliana true dat

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message 33: by Kris (new) - rated it 5 stars


Nicole book because you can imagine how it would be

Christina neither the book nor the film :/

Mariah I liked the book better. I didn't really like the actors they used in the movie, and I thought that the book was a lot funnier.

Tyler haven't seen the movie.

message 38: by Cat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cat movie !

message 39: by Cory (new)

Cory The book was certainly a lot better, the movie was okay.

Mas5thgrade2012 I haven't read the book yet I saw the movie though it was awsome!

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I THINK the book is better

Tyler yea

Kidhawk book

Aysha The book was nowhere near the movie!The movie was more hilarious than the book.But i loved the book too..:)

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The movie was awesome but the book was better

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* I thought the book was funnier

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ya same it is SO FUNNY!!!

Aaron like the movie better than book, its Hillarious!

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Book was better stand alone, but I have to admit Devon Bostick ((rodrick)) was quite hot, and I liked them getting along... Maybe, for once the movie was better!!

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well i like the book better cause it has more details

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