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((Umm... Sammi can decorate.))

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Sammi | 1216 comments Outside: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3609/3...
Inside: 3 bedrooms, timeless style. 3 bathrooms (an unsuite, one downstairs and one upstairs) a kitchen, a dining room, two living rooms and two studies/spare rooms. Decorated like this: http://www.afteraquote.com.au/interfa...

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((The interior one doesn't work... But the outside one is sexy!))

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((As in, the decoration or the rooms? hahah))

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((Oh no.. The link. :D))

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((Oooooh! I'll find a new one! :D ))

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desi drops softly from Cam's arms, taking his hand in hers. "So, what do you think? I know it's not exactly little like I said, but oh well..."

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"I love it." ((WIMBLEDON FINAL!))

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((My mum is watching that...))
"Good. So, we're going to buy it? Or shall we keep looking?" She says, bouncing up and down slightly.

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((It's awesome! GO DJOKOVIC!))
"Buy!" He laughs.

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((I LOVE HIM! I love Andy Murray more though, but he ain't playin' so, yeah.))
She beams at him, flinging her arms around his neck and kissing him.

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((Tsonga's my fav. The too smexy for his own good guy...))
He kisses her back passionately. 'I love you Desi"

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((Could you have Beesma go to the pool? Pwease?"

message 15: by Sammi (new)

Sammi | 1216 comments ((Oh dang. And sure!))
"I love you too, now, let's have a look inside."

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He laughs and turns, holding her hand. And begins to walk inside.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "See, down here, we could like have a guest area. To like, sip tea and everything. Then the kitchen, have a small table for normal meals or just when it's us. And the dining room, we could have for formal meals. You know what the toilets for, of course. Then, we could have this lounge room for just us." She smiles after touring the whole of the bottom floor.

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He doesn't really listen unable to keep his eyes off of her.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "Cam. Cam. Cam! Are you listening to me at all?" She says, trying to sound serious but can't stop herself from laughing.

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He laughs with her. "Not at all."

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Sammi | 1216 comments She shakes her head at him before pulling towards the stair case. "Let me show you upstairs. Our room."

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His eyes darken and his voice goes husky. "Is it nice?"

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Sammi | 1216 comments She sighs softly at how sexy he sounds. "It's gorgeous." She breathes.

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"Then let's get up there." He laughs and vaults up the stairs. ((Are there stairs?))

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((Of course!))
She runs up behind him, quickly showing him the way to the room. She flumps down on the bed, looking around. ((I don't know if flump is a word or not...))

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((I think it is. :D. I did Mum's homework tonight)) He flops down beside her. "It is nice."

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Sammi | 1216 comments "The bed's comfortable" She says, giving Cam a quick once over and leaning back on him.

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He wraps his arms around her. "Very." His voice held dark promise.

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(9Comment on Beesma's room pwease?))

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Sammi | 1216 comments She kisses him softly, a hunger inside of her wanting more.

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He almost reacts to her need but pulls away. "Still not our house remember." He chuckles softly.

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Sammi | 1216 comments She licks her lips, her eyes looking wild with desire. "Does it matter?"

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"Yes." He laughs. "It's kinda against the law." ((I think))

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Sammi | 1216 comments She sighs. "But, what they don't know won't hurt them?"

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A corner of his mouth lift up. "Please? I want to... Welcome this as our house in a special way."

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((I read the comment about Djokovic. LOVE HIM!!!))

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Sammi | 1216 comments She smiles softly, the wild look in her eye gone. "Okay. Let's go buy it."

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((Haha. He's just broken Nadal's serve. :D))
Cameron grins and jumps up taking her hand. He goes trhough all the stuff he has to do and they end up back in the bed room. ((CBF writing it all.))

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((So, they're bought the house?))

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desi skipped around the room, before jumping back on the bed. "Now that it's all ours..." She tilted her head to side, smiling evilly.

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Cameron lets out a low, feral growl and pounces pushing her back on the bed. "Now it's all ours." His voice husky.

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Sammi | 1216 comments She lets out a small giggle, pulling him down by his collar and kissing him passionately.

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He kisses her urgently then pulls away abruptly. "The kid...?"

message 45: by Sammi (new)

Sammi | 1216 comments "Baby, the kid'll be fine. Sex doesn't hurt them." She says, pulling him back down.

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((Umm anyway, your house is so cute! ^_^))

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((HOTTIE! Guess who saw Djokovic play earlier this year and shouted out he's a sexy beast? Hahaha.))
She slips his top over his head, their lips parting for a breif second.

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Sammi | 1216 comments ((Why thank you :3))

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((Our ranch is quite... Over the top...))

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