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Would love feedback
Stephen Stephen Jul 03, 2011 04:54AM
As the first novel in a potential series, I'd love your feedback on if you think it's worthy of reading multiple stories. I've 5 books planned out...too many? Too Few? I'd love your thoughts.

Funny thing is that just a couple of nights ago I was checking to see if a new book in this potential series had been published yet. As to the question about five books being too many or not enough. Only the quality of the writing and the storyline can determine the end number, in my opinion. I'll keep reading this series until you're done writing it, if you can keep those two things high.

Rachel Sounds good.
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So, it's 2014 at the time of my posting and I *just* discovered/finished Rosewood. I got excited to see there was a preview for another book's not out. I know stuff happens and that's understandable. But YES, I would 100% read another book in this series.

I just stumbled across this discussion and I will simply add that I did wish for more books after finishing this one. There's so much more about Zach that needs to be explored and of course, I want to know the fallout from the show debacle. Going to have to look up this second book and see if there are more. Thanks for putting it out there, Stephen!

Just write as many as you feel inspired to write. You have plenty of terrific characters whose stories you can tell! You'll have fun with this series.

Write as many as you want & enjoy writing. Just be careful about committing to a certain number because you're an artist and you may decide five years from now that your heart lies in a different type of writing (don't box yourself in).

I'll certainly read subsequent books in this series; the first was really an enjoyable read. I agree with the others who have commented on the number of books: I think it's hard to know in advance when the story will wrap up. For now, I'm just looking forward to the second book!

I just finished reading Ghost of Rosewood Asylum tonight after having it for about 24 hours - I couldn't put it down! The preview for the Atchison Haunting appears to be quite a bit darker (which I absolutely cannot complain).

After book one, I am completely on the bandwagon to reading a series and look forward to the future adventures of Zach, XPI and Hunter.

Though my readership does not hinge on this at all, I hope you still use Patrizia down the road- it seemed there was a story waiting to happen with her. She came across as serious about her work (kind of out of place w/ the DH group) and possibly having an unusual background of her own.

Cynthia Ha! I knew it! Awesome :)
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