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Weapon of choice:

Already Made Charries:
Shift, Age 15, No ship

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Name: Shift
Age: 15 but looks 12
Ship: Hades' Horror
Weapon of choice: poison tipped knives of she can get her had on poisonous plants.
Personality: Shift is still very positive, she's also very knowledgeable. Shift will try anything until she gets it right and is determined.
Appearance: Very tan skin, she kept her hair short, after she was 13 she never wore anything other than pants and a tunic, she's very fit, brown hair, brown eyes.
Other: She was suppressed her entire life by her parents. When they gave her a fiance when she was thirteen she walked out, ran away, and never came back. She found a group of pretty much nomadic misfits- people who didn't fit in with the rest of society for one reason or another- she was pretty much adopted by them. She'd traveled the world and learned so many things but she always fell in love with the ships and the sea, and so she's now trying to become a pirate.

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