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Whos brother or sister would you be?
Ethan Ethan Jul 02, 2011 06:45PM
I would be Dobbys brother even though he died.

Julia (last edited Aug 16, 2011 09:34PM ) Aug 16, 2011 09:34PM   0 votes
I would be in the Weasley family, no doubt about it. They rock, and Fred and George remind me of my own brothers.

i'd like to be hermiones sister then i could date harry except ginny does, but id get him first haha.

I think I'd be Luna's sister. That or Hermoine's sister. Or an only child, because then I would be some-one totally different to everyone else...

I would love to be a sibling of Ronald Billius Weasley because of his large family and I would be a ginger and have more freckles!

I would be in the Weasly family! Living with Fred and George would be very funny... but then again fred dies... so maybe Hermione's little sis??

Courtney Same here. living with that family would be so much fun, except I wouldn't want to be Hermiones sister. I just can't see it. ...more
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i'd like to be Sirius Black so i'll know if he really went to the minstry or not and he'll live

deleted member Jan 05, 2012 01:15PM   0 votes
Ummmm.... Probably no one's..... Luna's family is a little too unstable for me.... I love Harry potter and all of the weasleys..... I wouldn't want to be a Slytherin.... If I was hermione's sister I would be too close to the trio friendship to be able to LOVEEEE Harry or Ron... So ya. I guess I can't really answer that question.

Juliet (last edited Jul 02, 2011 07:14PM ) Jul 02, 2011 07:13PM   0 votes
I would be an only child
because I'm in love with all the characters

I would be Harry's sister-just so I can date one of the twins.

Hermione's twin sister for sure.

WOW. Ethan, you would really be an elf's brother?

I think it would be cool to be the 4th Black sister. Plus I'd have Sirius and Regulus as cousins :)

I would be Harry's sister so I could have easy access to his invisibility cloak, then I would steal it.

I hope I could be a Weasley. They're many of them, I'm sure I could fit somewhere.
Otherwise, I'd like to be Sirius' cousin or Lupin's brother. And be one of the Marauders, because I would be as awesome as them :P

Luna's Big Sis

I'd be Ron's sister because I love the weasley family

I would like to be the sibling of some minor character. I don't like big families, so not a Weasley, I couldn't stand Xenophilius Lovegood's pontificating, even though I love Luna, and I have a feeling that if Harry had a brother, he would have been offed by Voldemort a long time ago. And I'm most certainly not a member of the Houses of Black or Malfoy.

I would like to be Luna's brother 'cause then when people pick on her she could threaten Draco with me.

I would be Draco's sister, friendly with griffindors, if not griffindor myself. or hufflepuff. then I will save Fred in the battle of H., marry him and have very awkward family meetings (lucius x arthur), FTW. of course I would be a deatheater like bro and spy for the order.

I'm like Harry, I want to be a part of the Weasley family so badly!!

Ron's sister.

Umm, well, I really like Draco, but I would like to date him. So umm, Crabbe or Goyle maybe. Then I would be in Slytherin and I could date Draco. But, if I am not dating him, then I'd be related to him.

Degeorgetown You don't have to like your siblings... ...more
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AJ (last edited Jul 03, 2011 01:05PM ) Jul 03, 2011 01:03PM   -1 votes
Hermione's sister. That would be awesome! :)

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