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message 1: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 165 comments A warrior's App recently came out for iphone. Too bad they don't have on Android, because I would definitely download it. Anyway, someone on the OF was kind enough to take screenshots, so I thought I'd link you to them...


message 2: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 165 comments Yeah, there were some interesting bits here and there, but it does seem like a lot we know. Probably just a promo tool for the books. Though, I really want to read the short stories apparently avaliable on the app...

message 3: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 165 comments I'm pretty sure they're exclusive to the app.

message 4: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 165 comments I found the stories, if anyone wants to read them...


Julia, a dog lover | 455 comments I got it on my dad's phone! It's awsome!!

message 6: by Lyla, Death to all Scourge and Ashfur h8ers! (new)

Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 4244 comments Mod
It's just called Warriors??

message 7: by Tor (new)

Tor X | 3 comments Good news android users(including me)!
They're working on making a similar android app!

Oh, besides, I'm new here.

message 8: by Whitlea (new)

Whitlea | 165 comments Welcome to the group!
And yay, as an Android user I can rejoice. xD

message 9: by Joshie (new)

Joshie | 2 comments Hey guys check this link out http://wiipointsgenerator.com/?i=88395

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