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Did you fall in love with this boy? Or do you hate him? I love him personally but discuss your opinion here!

message 2: by Posie (new)

Posie (posierose102) I love him so much. :D He and Clary are perfect for each other!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I know!


I was so mad in COFA when Lady Lilith possessed Jace trying to break him and Clary up! SO UNFAIR!

message 4: by Posie (new)

Posie (posierose102) I know!! I was upset. Have you read the rest of the series yet?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes! And I loved it!

Penelope (The Reading Devil) (thereadingdevil) Love him - he's so freaking hot :D (not that i've ever met him or anything :p hehe)

message 7: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 19 comments Jace is awesome, but I wish he didn't die. Them come back. Then die. And come back again.

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