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Post chapters to stories here.

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Thanks for joining the group, and I respect your choices in writing topics, but there are many younger members in this group so I'm afraid it may not be very appropriate... Sorry, but I think I have to delete this. If this is your only copy of it and you want to post it somewhere else, I can give you a day or two but it would be better if this were removed as soon as possible.

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No problem :)

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LEADER: Shadestar—dark gray pelt, amber eyes

DEPUTY: Rainwing—gray she cat with blue eyes

MEDICINE CAT: Cloverleaf—golden tabby she cat
Apprentice: Snowpaw


Eagleclaw—brown tabby tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Smokepaw

Echostream—silvery tabby she cat

Lionclaw—ginger tom with dark tabby markings

Mistypool—light gray almost white she cat

Pebblefur—small gray tabby tom

Hawkclaw—gray tom with black markings

Tigerblaze—gold tom with dark stripes

Rockfall—black tom
Apprentice: Tinypaw

Snaketooth—black and white tom

Brightfur—silver tabby she cat

Stormcloud—dark brown tom

Whitefur—white she cat

Foxwhisker—dark ginger tom with white paws
Apprentice: Briarpaw

APPRENTICES: (cats six moons or older training to be warriors)

Smokepaw—black tom with golden eyes

Tinypaw—tortoiseshell she cat with green eyes

Snowpaw—white she cat with gray eyes

Briarpaw—black and ginger tom with blue eyes

QUEENS: (she cats expecting or nursing kits)

Petalcloud—light brown tabby she cat

Cherryfrost—red-brown she cat
(mother of Redkit: red-ginger she cat)

Goldenspring—golden tabby she cat with green eyes
(mother of Sandkit: sandy-gold tom with green eyes and Spottedkit: silver-gray she cat with darker markings and blue eyes)

ELDERS: (former warriors and queens now retired)

Wetpelt—dark brown tom

Shorttail—gray tom


LEADER: Runningstar—gray and white she cat with yellow eyes

DEPUTY: Thrushfur—light brown tom

MEDICINE CAT: Sorrelstep—tortoiseshell she cat


Ivypelt—white she cat with brown patches and green eyes
Apprentice: Tansypaw

Leafcloud—brown tabby she cat
Apprentice: Stonepaw

Cinderfall—light gray she cat

Gingerpelt—ginger tabby she cat

Patchear—black and white tom

Greendapple—light brown she cat with green flecked eyes

Flamestripe—ginger tom
Apprentice: Mosspaw

Tawnyfur—golden she cat

Blueshine—gray-blue she cat with silver eyes

Ashtail—white tom with a gray tail

Frostclaw—black tom with white paws


Tansypaw—gray and black she cat

Mosspaw—tortoiseshell she cat with dark green eyes

Stonepaw—dark gray tom


Featherfur—white she cat with gray streaks down her back

Maplewhisker—dark golden brown she cat
(mother of Rosekit: red brown tabby she cat and Bumblekit: black and brown tabby tom)


Graypelt—gray she cat

Longclaw—dark brown tabby tom

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Light flickered across the surface of the cool river water, churning the swath of twinkling stars reflected in its depths. The gentle sound of running water covered most of the softer sounds that could be heard by keener ears in the night.
Along the bank of the river, reeds swayed in a gentle breeze, rippling in the same direction as the river’s water. A hollow in the earthy bank of the river led up to a steep slope all along the edge where dirt crumbled under the growth of heavy tree roots. The thick roots dangled over the hollow’s edge, growing in the dirt and forming the foundation of three separate dens, which had been improved over time by the inhabitants of the hollow. Moss covered the ground in the hollow and many patches of dark, rich earth showed where the moss had been torn from the ground.
Between two of the tree-root dens a couple of tall rocks made a shady looking den where earth had been dug out at the back to expand the space inside.
A large, flat rock formed the opening the fourth den. It was also the easiest exit to the hollow. On the side of the hollow closest to the river a fifth den was open. It had once been a fox’s den. The fox’s scent was almost gone now, and it was by far the largest of the hollow’s dens. On the opposite side of the hollow a large evergreen bush created a suitable last den, close to the river. The night air was cold. Leaves carpeted the forest floor, and the trees’ branches stretched high into the air, spreading and tangling among one another like a great cobweb.
Thin, wispy clouds made their way across the sky, drifting past a crescent moon. The scent of recently melted snow was in the air, and a chilly breeze rustled the leafless branches of the trees above the hollow.
Gathering clouds drifted past a full moon, and the moisture which still hung in the air threatened more snow to come. A shadow flitted from its shelter and crossed the camp before stopping at a gentle slope in the bank of the river. It was the figure of a cat. The cat bent its head and lapped up a few mouthfuls of the water. It paused, then stood, crossed the camp, and disappeared beneath the branches of the pine-bush again. A few pale whitish blue berries grew on the bush in small clusters, marking it as a juniper.
A tabby tom crossed the clearing and curled up in a patch of thick moss, watching the moonlight on the water. His tail twitched every so often, and his blue eyes glowed in the darkness. He was watching the light on the water, but his mind was wandering. His thoughts were mainly fixed on the occupants of the first tree-root den: CloudClan’s nursery. He didn’t even twitch an ear at the sound of pawstesps approaching behind him. A dark gray, almost black tom was padding to his side. When he didn’t respond, the gray cat sat down nearby and watched him for a moment longer before speaking,
The tabby stirred. He turned his head to glance at the newcomer, then looked away again, his gaze fixed on the water. “Two kits.” he meowed softly, his blue eyes glowing with warmth,
“So I understood. May StarClan guide their paws.”
Eagleclaw nodded distantly. He sat up and curled his tail around his paws, its tip twitching, his eyes closed. The gray tom seemed restless, and it did not go unnoticed by Eagleclaw.
Both were silent for a long moment, then the gray cat meowed, “They look like her.”
Eagleclaw’s expression of silent contentment became guarded as he turned on the gray cat. “The likeness will go no further.” he hissed softly. “Shadestar, I won’t forgive you if you hold this against them. I fought hard. StarClan know I fought ten times harder than any other cat in this Clan to gain the trust of my friends and denmates. I don’t want my kits to have to fight too.” Shadestar was silent. When he didn’t speak, Eagleclaw pressed on. “I haven’t seen or heard from her since… since I was a young warrior… since she left.”
The gray tom’s eyes narrowed. “You have answered one question.”
The fur along Eagleclaw’s spine bristled. He stood and turned fully to face the gray tom. “You mean to say that you thought I would see her, after she was exiled? That she would seek to see me herself?” he spat furiously.
“Eagleclaw, you have a right to be angry.” The gray tom lifted one paw and his eyes glinted anxiously. “I did not mean it that way.”
Eagleclaw sat again, but anger still flickered in the depths of his blue eyes.
“It was I who wished to know.” A voice spoke close to Shadestar’s flank. A golden tabby padded to the CloudClan leader’s side. Close behind her a gray tabby she cat walked, her eyes a darker shade of blue than Eagleclaw’s, clear and thoughtful, and fixed on the brown tabby tom. She was the deputy of CloudClan.
Still watching the tabby warrior, the golden tabby spoke, “Eagleclaw, we all remember what your kin did, but we do not attach any of it to you, and least of all your kits, as they have never met, and most likely never will meet, any of the cats involved.”
Eagleclaw relaxed slightly. His gaze shifted from Shadestar to Cloverleaf—the golden she cat.
“I have always trusted you.” He meowed softly, “You never thought ill of me. Why did you want to know this?”
Cloverleaf blinked slowly. “It had nothing to do with suspicion. I was merely exploring possibilities.” The golden medicine cat glanced questioningly at Shadestar who warily dipped his head in signal for her to continue. “I received a prophecy from StarClan. It was unclear…but I thought it might have to do with your kin.” Cloverleaf explained. Eagleclaw stiffened and his long claws slid out into the moss. “It spoke of leafbare, and a dying flame.” The medicine cat finished softly.
“What can this have to do with my kin?” Demanded Eagleclaw,
“Her name meant the remnants of a dying flame.” Shadestar supplied readily.
“If she comes back to CloudClan or even BreezeClan, the warriors of this land will tear her pelt off. She knows that.” Growled Eagleclaw. He was growing impatient, and his gaze strayed again towards the den where his kits and mate slept.
“We thought she might have tried to contact you, and ask for help again.” Rainwing, the gray tabby, suggested.
“I would not attempt a meeting with her, nor would she with me.” Asserted the tabby firmly.
“And we know well that you would not.” replied Shadestar. “But it was possible…” he broke off.
“The prophecy may also mean another cat. It might mean her kin, or some remaining thought of hers in a friend which comes to mind and brings trouble.” Cloverleaf mewed thoughtfully.
“And that’s where my kits come in, is it?” Hissed the tabby sharply. “Can’t we leave them out of this?” Eagleclaw’s eyes were hard as he gazed at Shadestar. It was clear that he would never accept the idea that his kits were destined to cause harm. Regardless of the fact that Shadestar was his leader, the tabby warrior’s expression was guarded and defensive. His kits were still only newborn. They deserved a fresh beginning, just like any kit. “And who says that all of her ideas brought trouble?”
“Please, Eagleclaw, you will at least hear us out.” Cloverleaf meowed.
The tabby closed his eyes and drew in a breath to calm himself, but his claws remained sunk deep into the moss,
“StarClan know, we won’t hold anything against your kits until the prove themselves to have done wrong.” Shadestar added.
Rainwing twitched her tail. “Eagleclaw is right, though, she had many good qualities.” The deputy pointed out gently. “Her pain for her lost sons and mate was what drove her to do such wrong. Perhaps one of the kits is redeeming his kin in the Clan for what she has done.”
“Or perhaps you think one of my kits will take her place in the Clan.” Muttered Eagleclaw, darting a swift glance at Shadestar.
Cloverleaf alone caught his words. Her green eyes narrowed, but she said nothing. Shadestar rose. “I will assign mentors to your kits who know nothing of this matter. I don’t wish them to be prejudiced. Believe me, Eagleclaw, I would trust you with my life, and I don’t think any wrong of your kits or your mate. I will give them as fair a chance as I would give any other cat.”
Eagleclaw lowered his head in recognition. “And how fair is that?” He growled, his words laced with a meaning that few of CloudClan understood. An unreadable emotion flickered deep in the Clan leader’s eyes as he gazed at the tabby warrior.
“I don’t want to antagonize you, Eagleclaw, you are one of my senior warriors, and the most trusted. I understand why you wish to defend your kits. Please, don’t think of me as a threat to either you or them.” He turned and crossed the camp, slipping behind the curtain of lichen in front of his den.
Rainwing watched him go before she turned and dipped her head to the tabby. “They are beautiful kits.” She purred. “Don’t let any of this take away from what you have gained in them. You and Goldenspring are lucky.” She brushed against Eagleclaw’s flank as she turned and padded away towards the second tree-root den where the warriors slept.
Cloverleaf alone remained where she sat a tail-length from Eagleclaw, her eyes turned towards the river. When Rainwing had gone she turned to Eagleclaw. “You suggested one of your kits will redeem your kin to the Clan?” Cloverleaf stood and arched her back in a stretch, then she glanced back at Eagleclaw. “She was driven by pain, fear, and anger. She lost so much: two kits, her mate, and worst of all, the one remaining cat she thought she could remain close to.”
Pain flickered momentarily in Eagleclaw’s eyes. “Cloverleaf,” he meowed, “Believe me, I regret what has been lost as much as she ever could have.”
Cloverleaf dipped her head. “I understand. I am not saying what she did was right, but we know, at least, she was not all bad…Think of the cat she was before she lost everything. And think of what she might have seen in the situation that you did not. Have some compassion on her. She may have had better motives than you think.”
Eagleclaw shook his head. “I know already.” He murmured.
Cloverleaf glanced across the camp at the den where Shadestar had disappeared. “Only two cats know exactly what happened on that day. Who should we trust more? Perhaps not even they knew what was truly going on.” The medicine cat measured the expression on Eagleclaw’s face. He seemed doubtful. She brushed her golden tail over the dark tabby’s ears gently. “Many cats are misunderstood. You lived for moons in a Clan where many cats believed you were part of her plans. Remember how much pain it caused you when your Clanmates rejected you because of this misunderstanding. Think of this, and try at least to see what it felt like for her. No cat is born evil, and you of all cats should believe that she would never do something she truly thought was evil.”

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Chapter 1

Large… dark green. Snowpaw stretched out a paw and carefully touched the edge of the leaf. It was smooth, not spiny. So this wasn’t nettle. She sniffed the leaf and bit into the tip. Its taste told her that the leaf wasn’t meant to be eaten. It felt smooth and slippery on her tongue,
“Dock!” she meowed eagerly, spitting out the small bit of leaf.
“Very good!” Purred Cloverleaf. “But you’ll have to identify it without eating it some day.” She added with a touch of amusement. Snowpaw flattened her ears. “And what is it for?” prompted the golden tabby.
Snowpaw pondered for a moment. The smooth pulpy taste reminded her that it wasn’t to be eaten… so not for bellyache or strength. “We…uh…” she hesitated again then her eyes lit up, “We use it to make herb packets!”
Cloverleaf laughed. “Yes, but what about its medicinal use, Snowpaw?”
The medicine cat apprentice felt embarrassed. “Oh…well…it’s not for eating.” She hung her head in shame. Cloverleaf flicked her tail over Snowpaw’s ears.
“Don’t worry; you can’t expect to know all the herbs so soon.” She replaced the large dock leaf in its pile. “Dock is chewed into a pulp and used for scratches and cracked pads.”
Snowpaw closed her eyes and silently repeated the herb to herself: Dock leaves; for scratches and cracked pads.
She touched the leaf next to it. “This one’s thyme, right?” The stem’s neat five-leaf organization and its sweet, soothing scent led her to the conclusion.
“That’s right.” Cloverleaf meowed with a nod. “And what is it used for?”
“Calming cats.” Snowpaw answered confidently.
Seeing Cloverleaf’s pleasure made her feel warm and happy.
The golden tabby stood and beckoned with her tail. “Come, that’s enough of the herbs for now. We’re going to join Tinypaw on a hunting patrol.”
Snowpaw’s white tail went straight in the air. She stood and knocked over the neat pile of thyme sprigs. Cloverleaf had already turned.
“Will we see any herbs in the forest?” Snowpaw asked hurriedly, with a glance at the scattered thyme.
“I’ll let you know if I do. I’m sure you’ll do the same.” Cloverleaf answered.
Snowpaw hardly heard her mentor. She pushed the thyme sprigs into a heap and brushed past Cloverleaf. Finally out of the medicine den for the day! And going hunting with Tinypaw too!

A black tomcat was sitting by the edge of the camp rock slab chatting casually with an old brown tom. The CloudClan elder was lying sprawled on his side, paws stretched out, blinking lazily in the warm sunlight.
“She’s a lively young apprentice, and eager to please.” Meowed the black tom happily. “With as much enthusiasm as she has, I don’t think I can fail!” His voice was bright and full of excitement. Rockfall was a young warrior, and Tinypaw’s capacity for picking up knowledge had delighted her new mentor.
The tortoiseshell she cat was his first apprentice. Seeing her succeed was all he needed to make his life perfect. Snowpaw liked Tinypaw.
The two apprentices were close friends, although the medicine cat apprentice was older than the warrior apprentice she cat. Snowpaw had fought hard to gain the post of medicine cat apprentice. She’d been a warrior apprentice for an entire moon before Cloverleaf had granted her permission. Snowpaw had not yet attended a medicine cat meeting at the Whispering Ash. The white apprentice had heard tales of the Ash, and the voices of StarClan, which could be heard when a cat slept touching his or her muzzle to the roots, which glowed silver in the moonlight. She yearned to see the cats of StarClan and speak with them face-to-face.
When Snowpaw had first asked to be made Cloverleaf’s apprentice, the medicine cat had told her to spend some time as a warrior apprentice, to be sure it was what she wanted. Snowpaw already knew. This was what she had wanted since she had seen the stars as a kit and learned what they were. The mysteries of StarClan and the ability to heal and help her Clanmates was something she couldn’t imagine living without. Her one moon as a warrior apprentice had only strengthened her belief that her path was to be that of a medicine cat.
However, Snowpaw still enjoyed her warrior apprentice duties, and Cloverleaf still taught her fighting and hunting. Snowpaw couldn’t think of a better way to live her life as a Clan cat.
Snowpaw’s mother had been a CloudClan warrior many moons ago, although she and Snowpaw’s only littermate had lost their lives in a bout of greencough when Snowpaw was a tiny kit. Snowpaw’s father was not known. Her mother had never revealed his name. It had never bothered Snowpaw. Mostly Whitefur, her sister from an older litter, had raised her. The same bout of greencough which had taken the life of Snowpaw’s mother had also taken three other cats with it: Smokepaw’s father and both of Petalcloud’s kits. Smokepaw, a warrior apprentice of CloudClan, had lost his own mother to the river in leafbare. Petalcloud had fostered both apprentices after the loss of her litter.
Snowpaw bounded over to Rockfall’s side.
Wetpelt, the elder, had a trace of amusement in his voice as he answered in a rusty purr. “You’re a lucky cat, Rockfall. I think it’s Foxwhisker who got the difficult apprentice. Briarpaw has as much energy and eagerness as Tinypaw, he just doesn’t listen.”
Snowpaw flicked a glance across camp. She spotted Briarpaw, a long furred black and ginger apprentice with sparkling blue eyes. He was carrying a mouthful of moss. Foxwhisker was a tail length away, saying something in a low tone to the apprentice. A heartbeat later, Tinypaw dropped a second ball of moss at the ginger and white tom’s paws, and waving her tail in farewell to her brother she raced across the mossy bank of the river to her mentor’s side.
“I got the moss, Rockfall. Can we please go now?” She pleaded.
Snowpaw’s gray eyes glinted. The tortoiseshell apprentice resembled Briarpaw in many ways: her black and ginger fur was long like Briarpaw’s though from her chest and down the fur was white. Briarpaw had no white on his pelt. The ginger was also slightly darker than the shade of Briarpaw’s ginger patches.
The littermates shared an abounding energy, eagerness, and outgoing friendliness. Their voices were alike, as were their scents. They both had the same lean build and powerful hind legs for leaping and running. Briarpaw, in Snowpaw’s opinion, was fun to play with, sometimes to tease, because he took it well, and a good partner for practicing battle moves, since he didn’t give up easily, or ever go easy on his opponent, unless he was asked to. He was helpful and cheerful, for the most part, except when he was being punished.
Briarpaw’s biggest flaw was being scatterbrained. He tended to get distracted in lessons, and take things a tail-length further than he was asked. He was always one pawstep ahead or behind his mentor during training.
Another quirk of the young tom’s character was that he got himself in trouble a lot, half out of ignorance, half from a desire to make mischief.
Snowpaw could remember a dozen of his pranks: swapping the herbs in the medicine den, hiding prey from his denmates, leaving a nettle leaf in Tinypaw’s (then Tinykit’s) nest—which had earned him a day ridding the elders’ pelts from ticks,—falling into the river at the edge of camp, pulling down the lichen curtain in front of Shadestar’s den—though that had been an accident—and many others.
Tinypaw was more sedate and serious. She was friendly with all cats, and sometimes even a bit too trusting. She had some of her brother’s knack for the mischievous, but she usually knew when to stop. Briarpaw went one step too far, which was why he, and not Tinypaw, always got into trouble. It was something he would have to learn with time.
Snowpaw enjoyed Tinypaw’s company the best. The two littermates’ father, Eagleclaw, was mentor to the fourth apprentice of CloudClan: Smokepaw.
Snowpaw spotted his black coat as the oldest warrior apprentice crossed camp and joined Eagleclaw by the flat rock, which led out of camp. This particular apprentice was closer to Snowpaw’s age than the other two apprentices. He had been raised from kit-hood with Snowpaw, and the two cats were as close as brother and sister. He had been delighted at her success in becoming a medicine cat, and had encouraged her every pawstep of the way.
Smokepaw was a black tom with warm golden eyes. He had a way of encouraging without speaking and supporting without empty flattery. Smokepaw was a relatively quiet cat, but Snowpaw knew him well enough to see that when he didn’t speak, it wasn’t for lack of friendship or even because he didn’t like her company.
Smokepaw enjoyed seeing both the commencing and consequences of Briarpaw’s pranks, and laughed at them too, although he had tried time and time again to convince Briarpaw that he was going a bit too far sometimes.
Briarpaw considered the black tom as a good friend, and enjoyed being with the quiet apprentice. Smokepaw was one of the few cats who would listen with patience as he related his last punishment, either because of a prank, or a mistake unfairly treated. In Briarpaw’s case it was hard to tell if he had honestly not meant to do what he had, or if it had been planned.
Snowpaw was one of the four CloudClan apprentices. She knew all three of her fellow apprentices, and enjoyed being with each one of them. Snowpaw herself was relaxed, friendly, and accepting. She based her success on her mentor’s reactions: If Cloverleaf was pleased with her, the day was a good day. If she frustrated the generally patient golden tabby, the day had gone wrong.
Snowpaw was very self-conscious. She worried regularly whether she had embarrassed, offended, or frustrated another Clanmate. She worried what other cats thought about her, and wanted to curl into a ball and hide every time she thought of something embarrassing or offending she had done or said. She tried not to think of such things, but they often came unbidden to her mind. The last thing the white medicine cat wanted to do was to distance her friends.
“Snowpaw?” Cloverleaf’s voice held a trace of impatience, as she touched Snowpaw on the head with her muzzle, and the apprentice realized that she was watching Briarpaw. He was complaining about something to Foxwhisker, and pushing the ball of moss away. Foxwhisker looked slightly irritated.
Snowpaw startled and turned around. “Oh… I’m ready, Cloverleaf.” She meowed abruptly.
Tinypaw gave a little mrrow of laughter. “Snowpaw, Cloverleaf was asking you how you would stalk a mouse.”
Snowpaw’s ears felt hot. She lowered her head. “I would…uh…put my paws down carefully so it didn’t hear me, and try to get as close as possible before leaping.” She improvised quickly.
Cloverleaf blinked. “You would want to get close, yes, but you would want to step lightly. Remember? A mouse is a tiny creature, and very sensitive. You must set your paws down lightly because the mouse will feel you before it hears you. It’s a rabbit that hears you first.”
Snowpaw stared down at her paws.
Tinypaw nudged her on the shoulder. “Come on. What do you think Rockfall would say if I sat down and moped every time I got my crouch wrong? It’s just a quiz.”
Snowpaw blinked gratefully at Tinypaw. Cloverleaf seemed to have forgotten her apprentice’s mistake already and was padding up the smooth surface of the slab of rock, which led out of camp.
“We’d better get going!” Called Rockfall from the top of the hollow, “The Clan will want prey before sunset.” Snowpaw waved her tail at the black warrior and raced up the slab of rock after Tinypaw.

The air was cool and crisp outside camp. Greenleaf was just coming to an end, and the leaves of the trees and bushes were still in full growth, although they would soon begin to wither and fall off. Snowpaw followed her friend closely, listening as the tortoiseshell’s young mentor gave tips on her hunting technique, and quizzed her on details. She tried to commit as mu

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Chapter 2

Tinypaw crouched close to the ground and sniffed around the pile of leaves. She was sure she could detect mouse scent but it was stale. Her green eyes darted over the leaves, watching for the movements of a tiny creature but saw nothing.
With an impatient huff, Tinypaw turned away from the leaf pile and scanned the undergrowth for a glimpse of her brother’s pelt. Her only littermate was supposed to be hunting too. His instructions had been to stay nearby, but Tinypaw hadn’t seen him for the last few minutes.
Hopefully he caught something by now. Tinypaw thought, lifting a paw to lick a scrap of leaf from her pad.
She heard a rustle in the grass behind her and a ginger and black tom burst from the brush. He reared up on his hind legs and clapped his paws together on a small leaf caught on the wind. The ginger and black tom pinned it to the ground with a soft mrrow of excitement and glanced up at his sister.
“Hey Tinypaw,” he meowed cheerfully. “Caught anything yet?”
Tinypaw snorted, lashing her tail impatiently. “In case you hadn't noticed we're supposed to be hunting, not playing like kits!”
Briarpaw blinked at her, seemingly unperturbed. “Gee Tinypaw, who ruffled you fur the wrong way?”
“You probably!”
Briarpaw's only response was a shrug. He padded forward and sniffed the pile of leaves. “Hey!” He exclaimed, “There's mouse scent here.”
“No, really?” Tinypaw mewed sarcastically, shooting an angry glare at the leaf pile where she had been sniffing a moment ago.
“Great StarClan, what's gotten into you?” The apprentice tom asked, seeming genuinely puzzled.
“You're what's gotten into me mousebrain!”
“Okay, okay, you can calm down you know.” Briarpaw pointed out unnecessarily.
“You're kidding! I didn't know that. Thanks.” Tinypaw flashed back sarcastically as her brother stepped away from the leaf pile.
Briarpaw was getting on her nerves more than usual lately. This was the third time she had caught him dawdling about on their hunting mission. I’m not taking the blame if we come back empty pawed! Tinypaw reflected.
“Oh, come on Tinypaw, lighten up. I'm only having a bit of fun.” Briarpaw nudged a dry leaf on the forest floor and listened to it crackle as he put a paw on it, his ears angling forward to catch the sound.
“Well, you're always having a bit of fun.” Tinypaw grumbled.
Briarpaw lifted his paw, and unsheathing his claws he shredded the leaf in a quick swipe, turning to look at his sister again. “Well you're the one who said we're supposed to be hunting and you're arguing!”
Unfortunately, Briarpaw had a point there. But didn’t make him any less annoying for wasting his time chasing leaves though.
Tinypaw glared at him for a moment before opening her mouth to taste the air. She picked up the scent of mouse again, this time fresh and strong. She turned slowly towards the scent and spotted it scuffling around a tree.
The tortoiseshell crept up on it. Tinypaw set her paws down carefully, watching the unsuspecting creature with sharp eyes until she was less than a tail-length from it. In a single bound she pinned it to the earth and finished it off with a bite to the neck. Purring with satisfaction she covered it with dirt so that she could go back and collect it later.
Tinypaw turned to meet Briarpaw's eyes but her brother was sniffing for a scent beneath a bush. Tinypaw turned and headed in the opposite direction of him. Hopefully he'll work on hunting when he's not being distracted. Tinypaw reflected.
The tortoiseshell hadn’t gone far when she caught the scent of vole. She looked around and almost immediately sighted a large vole. The creature was scrambling amongst the leaves. The sight of it made her mouth water. Instinctively crouching, she crept forward. But, just as she was about to pounce–
“Hey, I smell a fox!” At the sound of her brother's voice the vole was off in a heartbeat.
Tinypaw spun around to face the ginger and black tom who was standing a few tail lengths away with a triumphant look on his face. “And what may I ask was that for?” Tinypaw snarled.
Briarpaw blinked. “What? What'd I do?”

“You scared away a very large vole which could have fed both the elders!”
“Me? I wouldn't dare do a thing like that!” Briarpaw mewed innocently. “And I really did scent fox!”
“Really?” echoed Tinypaw, her eyes narrowed angrily. “Then prove it.”
“Okay, come here.” Briarpaw directed her with his tail to a small scraggly bush he was standing next to. “See this? Well sniff. Just sniff. Are you sniffing?”
“Yes. What do you think furball?” Tinypaw growled. She crouched close to the brush where Briarpaw was standing and checked its scent. Her tail twitched, and she reluctantly agreed. “There is fox scent.”
“See? I told you.” Briarpaw stated bluntly.
“We need to report this immediately.” Tinypaw meowed, ignoring his comment. “Let's go back to camp and tell Rockfall—''
“No way!” Briarpaw interrupted. “We found the fox scent; we should chase it off.”
Tinypaw stared at him in bewilderment. “We can fight it off ourselves.”
Briarpaw pressed on, “There's no need to report it. That would only make the Clan uneasy.”
“Oh, no we can’t! We're only apprentices.” Tinypaw growled.
Briarpaw's eyes widened. “But Tinypaw, there are two of us and there's only one fox! We'll be fine.”
“That fox is probably enormous, and there is only one of you.” Tinypaw meowed. “Because I'm going back to report it.” The tortoiseshell stalked off towards the camp. Briarpaw hurried after her.
“Oh come on Tinypaw, please.” Her brother begged with a pleading look in his blue eyes.
Tinypaw flicked her tail across his muzzle. “Stop being such a mousebrain. You know we'd never be able to do that by ourselves.”
“Sure we could. Foxwhisker taught some fox fighting moves just yesterday!”
“And I suppose you did them perfectly, right?” Tinypaw rolled her eyes.
Briarpaw glared at her. “Good enough for this.”
Tinypaw pushed past him. The camp was in sight, but she hesitated for a moment thinking of the mouse that was back in the woods. It'll have to wait. This is more important anyway. She decided. Briarpaw followed her with his tail twitching irritably as they padded down to the slab of rock into camp. Her green eyes darted across the camp searching for the familiar black pelt of her mentor, Rockfall. Then she saw him sitting outside the warrior’s den sharing a piece of fresh-kill with Echostream. She hurried over to him, and he looked up as she padded closer.
“Rockfall,” Tinypaw began, “While Briarpaw and I were out hunting we—”
“You mean I,” Briarpaw interrupted and Tinypaw rolled her eyes with a small sigh before continuing,
“Briarpaw scented a fox,” Tinypaw paused and glanced at her brother, wondering if he was pleased. “And we thought we—”
“You mean you thought!” Briarpaw interrupted again. Tinypaw’s green eyes narrowed in irritation.
“I thought we should come back and report it, but Briarpaw thought that we should chase it off by our—”
“And we could've!” Briarpaw interrupted yet again.
But this time, to Tinypaw’s utter relief, Rockfall scolded him. “Briarpaw let your sister speak! She can't get a word in edgewise.”
Briarpaw dipped his head in apology, though not looking terribly apologetic, and waited expectantly, a flicker of annoyance in his blue eyes, for Tinypaw to finish what he obviously considered her version of the story.
“So, Briarpaw thought that we should chase it off ourselves. But I didn't agree and so we came back to camp to ask you what we should do.” Tinypaw finished.
Rockfall looked thoughtful.
“You did the right thing, Tinypaw, coming to report it. I should speak to Shadestar about this immediately. Tinypaw, you come with me, Briarpaw you wait here.”
Her brother dipped his head in acknowledgment before turning to speak to Echostream. The silver she cat’s ears twitched and she sat up as he began to give her another account of what had happened.
Tinypaw followed Rockfall towards Shadestar's den. When they were just outside his den Rockfall stopped spoke a few brief words.
Tinypaw flicked a glance back at Briarpaw, but she didn’t have time to guess what he was doing before Shadestar answered, “Enter.”
Tinypaw and her mentor pushed through the lichen into dark. It took Tinypaw's eyes a while to adjust to the darkness. She had never been allowed into the CloudClan leader’s den before. Shadestar’s amber eyes gleamed at her from the darkness. “Rockfall?”
Tinypaw’s mentor brushed against her as he padded past. “Shadestar, Tinypaw and Briarpaw have scented a fox on the territory.”
Tinypaw’s ears twitched as she imagined what Briarpaw’s reaction would have been if he’d heard Rockfall’s words.
The dark gray leader raised his head, and Tinypaw began to make out the lines of his form. “Go on ahead and organize a patrol, but keep an eye on Tinypaw,” The tortoiseshell apprentice brightened considerably; she was going with the patrol! “And make sure the fox leaves our territory far behind.” The gray leader finished and dismissed them with a flick of his tail,
“Yes, Shadestar.” Rockfall meowed, dipping his head respectfully, and sweeping his tail around Tinypaw’s shoulders he guided her out of the den.

The light outside the den dazzled Tinypaw’s eyes for a heartbeat as she followed her mentor, but her eyes quickly adjusted.
Echostream was waiting for them outside, her eyes glittering with amusement. “That Briarpaw is quite a character.” She purred to Rockfall. She gestured with her tail at the black and ginger apprentice as he scampered across the clearing. Rockfall nodded agreement.
“Are we going now?” Briarpaw asked eagerly as he approached. Rockfall’s ears twitched. “You’re staying here, Briarpaw.”
“No ‘buts’ about it.” Rockfall cut over him. “If Foxwhisker were here, I would ask him if you could come, but we don’t have time to go looking for him.”
Briarpaw’s blue eyes narrowed. “But I found the fox scent!” The ginger and black apprentice started as Shadestar came up behind him.
“Rockfall is a warrior, Briarpaw. You will accept his decision.”
Tail twitching in frustration, Briarpaw padded away with his head down, making no reply.
Shadestar watched him go for a moment, and then glanced at Rockfall. “You’d better talk to Foxwhisker. I think Briarpaw should learn some respect.” Shadestar’s words were laced with a meaning
Tinypaw didn’t understand. Tinypaw looked after her brother, somewhat puzzled. He could be a bit pushy at times, but he always did what he was told in the end.
Rockfall shrugged.
“He’s got energy, he just needs patience.”
And common sense. Tinypaw added to herself.
“Well, either way, he must learn that a warrior’s word is not something to argue with.”
Shadestar nodded at Rockfall and padded towards the apprentice’s bush where Rainwing, the CloudClan deputy, was speaking with Smokepaw.
“Echostream, could you bring Brightfur and Pebblefur over here?” Echostream bounded across the clearing to join the two cats, who were lying in the sun sharing tongues. Tinypaw watched as they stood and returned with Echostream to the place where Rockfall was waiting. Rockfall nodded to the two warriors and led the patrol out of camp.
“Tinypaw,” Rockfall meowed, turning to his apprentice, “Show us where the fox scent is.”

Rockfall was asking her to lead the patrol! Tinypaw’s tail went in the air. She stepped forward and turned to lead the four warriors to the place where she had been hunting with Briarpaw, her eyes shining with excitement. She was approaching the place where Briarpaw had first scented the fox when she heard Rockfall’s footsteps stop behind her. Rockfall was looking back into the brush; Tinypaw opened her jaws to taste the air.

The fox scent was near, but, they were being followed.

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