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Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon  | 495 comments Mod

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D.A.R. | 34 comments Mod
Name: Gabrielle
Age: 15 4th year
Appearance: Medium-Pettit, long wavy light brown hair, freckles, big grey-black eyes, ...
Personality: a little crazy, adventurous, talented in herbology and transfiguration
House: Griffindor
Other: always wears mood-nail polish

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Molverine (deatheateregg) | 390 comments Mod
I guess I should post this... even if I use the same character for all things Harry Potter.

Name: Natalie Noyes
Age/Year: 16 6th year
Appearance: she's a metamorphmagus, so you know... her appearance varies XD. But she doesn't like changing big things, so she's always pale, 5'6", and has a Chaser's body
Personality: Like me... haha. She's good at potions, but she messes around just to get at Snape. She also likes Care of Magical Creature.
House: Gryffindor
Other: Her mom is Bulgarian and her dad is Scottish and Bulgarian is her first language, but she speaks English with a very small accent.

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sydney Name: Kaley Winters
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Appearance: [image error] (the girl)
Personality: Kaley is loud and outgoing, she loves to hang out with her friends and is very loyal to them. She is very optimistic, she is smart and loves to sneak out.
House: Ravenclaw
Other: Her favorite subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts and she is highly skilled at all the other subjects. She and her brother are American transfers.

Name: Anthony Winters
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Appearance: [image error] (the boy)
Personality: Anthony is like his sister in the outgoing and party way, he is also very smart and does his homework, but slacks off in class because he has a "hot guy" reputation to keep.
House: Ravenclaw
Other: His favorite subject is Transfiguration, though he is skilled at the rest of his subjects. He and his sister are American transfers.

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Dels (readwriterun) | 1 comments Name: Ashlin Reed
Age/Year: 16 5th year
Appearance: Average height, kind of fragile looking? Pale brown hair that hangs in loose curls to her waist. light blue eyes, pale skin and freckles around her nose. Like an all over washed out look except when she is excited, then her eyes light up. Sometimes her cheeks will turn pink.
Personality: Quiet, but when with friends she compliments everyone around her and has an air of...well airiness! She loves potions and care of magical creatures.
House: Hufflepuff :D
Other: She likes to spend time in the room of requirement. People call her Ash.

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Ky (poeticshark) | 840 comments Mod
*wants to be a part of this but doesn't feel like she should*

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Molverine (deatheateregg) | 390 comments Mod
Kenny wrote: "*wants to be a part of this but doesn't feel like she should*"

You totally can, love.

How far are you in the series?

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