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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) soooo
what do u mean by mature?

Kurai {Dark Angel} Well, what do u wanna Rp

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) im confused.....

Kurai {Dark Angel} I've got a list of things we have roleplay. Pick.

Romance (mature) - meaning sex, cussing
Sex Trade - people r traded 4 $$$ and the owner can do anything
S&M- sex roleplay
Neko- half animal half human

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) Sex trade?
((I got it. hehe, i am so out of it today))

Kurai {Dark Angel} .... Owner or slave

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) i rather be a slave if you dont mind

Kurai {Dark Angel} U start with charrie.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) okkkkkaaaayyyy

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 16
Gander: F
History: Has been bought time and time again but for some reason, no one has yet to touch her unless it was to beat her.
Other: was sold first at the age of 12
Look: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...

Kurai {Dark Angel} Name: Blake
Age: 18
Slave/Owner: Owner
History: Beaten until he got a slave
Looks: long shoulder length black hair with brown eyes and scar under his eye
Other: None

Kurai {Dark Angel} Blake looked around for a slave, to make the beating stop.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) ((added a pic))

Elizabeth sat in her cage and let the sun warm her naked body.

Kurai {Dark Angel} ((Cool.))

Blake saw a hot girl in the sun. "I'll take her." he said

The dude called, "Slave, out." He whipped her ass.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) She yelped and hurried out. She waited as the man tied her wrists in front of her so that if her new owner wanted her to masturbate but didn't want her untied, she could.

Kurai {Dark Angel} Blake gave the dude $1,000,000 for her. "Name?" he asked her "I'm Blake and you're my slave."

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) She looked over him. "Elizabeth."

Kurai {Dark Angel} "Pretty name for a pretty girl." Blake smiled. He put his right hand over her left boob and rubbed it gently. "Smooth and a healthy girl."

Blake led her to his car and drove to his mansion.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) She sat in silence as he felt her boob. "May I speak sir?"

Kurai {Dark Angel} "Yes. Feel free." Blake said as he turned his car into his driveway and got out. He kept her unbuckled and naked even in his house.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) She looked at him over again. "Why did you but me?"

Kurai {Dark Angel} ((?? OHHH buY))

"You're hot." Blake sighed "Hey, Liz.... Never mind. You HAVE to sleep with me. My father's orders."

Blake opened his house door and pulled her onto a couch, laying down, hard.

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) ((Ooooppppssssyyyy))

She gasped in pain. "That hurt."

Kurai {Dark Angel} "Ya. It was supposed to." Blake snarled "Shut it slave."

Blake kept her bounded and rubbed her pussy.

((How far fo u go in romance?))

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) ((All the way))

She shivered and watched him for awhile before looking away.

Kurai {Dark Angel} ((Same))

Blake smiled and threw a long, fancy red dress at her and untied her after throwing her in the attic. "Change and you'll come with me to the dance tonight, being my girlfriend. No buts, ifs or no's."

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) (cool! gtg though be on later))

"Alright." she sighed. "How do you want my hair"

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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) (cool! gtg though be on later))

"Alright." she sighed. "How do you want my hair"

Kurai {Dark Angel} "Up is fine. In a ponytail." Blake said. He was planning on going to the dance with her and if she misbehaved, pulling her hair. He didn't tell her that the party would have drinking and sex. Quite wild.


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S.E. Carter (lovesecarter) She smiled and nodded. "Alright. I will do so."

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