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This is the place where we fantasize about Harry Potter! Feel welcome to create new characters, minor events, etc. but since it is a fan fiction, try and stay by the facts. (Unless you want a romance, fight, side story, etc. concerning a main character or event. Just ask first. :))

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((Question, When do we want it to begin? Year before Harry starts? The year he starts? Two years after? Please give you'r suggestions. :)))

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((GOBLET OF FIRE, BABY!!!! Yup. I love me some Krum XD))

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Gabbie was sitting in her compartment when she noticed a bunch of boys walk past. The lunch trolly had just passed and she turned around in her seat craning her neck to see if she knew any of them. She stopped short. There staring back at her was a face she hadn't seen in a year. Tousled brown hair, round face, a hint of a blush, big dark hazel eyes.
From down the corridor she heard some one call out "Oy! Neville! Ya commin' or what?"
Slowly the boy uprooted and with one quick glance back, was gone.

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Gabbie closed her eyes, drinking everything in, especially the encounter with Neville.
She would have never thought that all this would be happening. When they were much younger, Gabbie and Neville were next door neighbors. Even though his Gran was always getting after him and Gabbies Da, Robert, was sick, they were good friends and had lots of adventures by the river. She wondered to herself if Neville still had that tadpole she gave him. ...that was right before I left
That was a bit over six years ago, right after the accident...
Her home situation had never been the best but a week after she turned eight, her Da was having one of his delusions while Mum, Janette-who used to be a french dancer and was now working as a magical cunsultant- was away on a business trip. Somehow, Da got out into the greenhouse and came out the worse with an encounter with Venomous Tentacula. Something broke within her Da. Her mum was called home and her da was sent to St Mungo's. St Mungo's said they were doing their best, but after a month with no improvement Mum couldn't take it any more. She packed everything up and Gabbie was forced to uproot herself. They moved in with her great aunt, in France.
Mum was never the same again, she secretly blamed Gabbie for what happened. When she was eleven, Gabbie was invited to attend Beauxbatons. She was schooled there until the start of this summer. The first week of holiday Mum received a letter from St Mungos, a week later she was gone. No note, no nothing. After two weeks and no sign of Mum her aunt made arrangements to send her back to England to live with her cousins in Geenwich who they heard were newly appointed junior reporters for the Daily Prophet.
Gabbie pulled out the hospital-white letter, still unopened. Looking at the letter, part of her understood why her mother ran away, never reading the letter. What had happened to make them send for us? We left a huge account to take care of any costs. Could he have gotten better? Would he even remember me? That brought Neville back to mind. He had looked at her! Did he remember her? Could he even have been missing her, like she had been missing him?
She shook her head, trying to clear her head of all the questions rattling inside, and placed the letter back in her trunk.

"Yes, I thought I felt some Rexburts floating around. They are hard to shake off, wouldn't you say?"

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(We're doing GoF, right? Because that's what I'm doing... hehe)

Natalie took out the letters once again and read through them for at least the 6th time. It was too amazing to be real. Everyone she knew would kill to be on a first name basis with the greatest seeker in the world.

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((YAY!! What year and house are Gabbie in?))

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(hehehe i am obsessed!)

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((Me too))

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sydney Kaley pulled her bags and trunks on the train. She smiled as she passed a bunch of cute Slytherin boys. "Even after four years of being here I can't get over the fact that all the British boys are so gorgeous."
Anthony laughed and looked around. "Sis... Really, if you wanted to you could date them..."
Kaley shook her head. "I'm just waiting for the right guy to ask me out."

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sydney ((hey you know they are on the train right?))

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sydney ((Alright, I was just checking to see if you knew.))

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Delaney wrote: "Sydney :) wrote: "((hey you know they are on the train right?))"

Probably. But who says my character is on the train? Or maybe she's thinking about a room. Or maybe I have never role played before..."

((I love you, Deli-poo))

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Gabbie glanced blankly at the blond girl across from her, wondering what in the world she could be talking about. The girl was immersed in a magazine. "The Quibler" was printed veridically on the cover and was switsching color from a highlighter pink to a shimmery chartreuse. The cover sported a picture of what looked like a very drunk goblin in a yellow wig trying to smile, the caption that read, "GILDEROY LOCKHART, A FAKE!"
Gabbie had never heard anything about a Rexburt or "The Quibbler" and with one more look at the girl, decided it would be better not to ask.
Instead, she turned to Natalie. They had met that morning in the station, and Gabbie soon found out that Natalie had spent a significant amount of time traveling with her family ((Anna is that fair?)). Natalie was her one and only friend. Gabbie just hoped she could make some more before classes started...
"Uh, It looks like it is getting darker, do we need to get in our robes before we arrive?"

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((Yup! Love ya, darlin))

Natalie reluctantly put the letters away as she got up to change. "Sounds like a good idea to me," she said, standing up and stretching.

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"So what are things like at Hogwarts? And what's this I've been hearing about it being a special year?"

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"Hogwarts is pretty exciting, my friend," she replied. "And I haven't the slightest idea what's going on this year, my friend keeps hinting at it, but he refuses to tell me."

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"I am really excited to be going to a British school, but before I left France, there was lots of hinting of something going on here. I wonder what it could be...?"

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"Something international, by the sounds of it," Natalie replied, shrugging.

((I have to go. Love ya lots girly XD))

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