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•EM• Heya, i dont mind. i do high school, vampire, romance... you?
So sorry but i gotta go to bed.. ill stay on until we choose what we wanna do but then i gotta go..

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•EM• Lol.. whats your best?

sorry.. i feel bad.

message 3: by •EM• (new)

•EM• lol.. umm

message 4: by •EM• (new)

•EM• hahha hey!!! look we already had a rp open :P

message 5: by •EM• (new)

•EM• haha i just found this :D

message 6: by •EM• (new)

•EM• looks like someone didnt reply to me :(

message 7: by •EM• (new)

•EM• haha i forgive you.. maybe.

message 8: by •EM• (new)

•EM• hahahaha well he kinda likes her and he does want to bite her but he doesnt want to get killed and he also still doesnt believe he will ever bite a human WHICH HE WONT!

message 9: by •EM• (new)

•EM• hahahahahaha and what is he meant to do?! LOL

message 10: by •EM• (new)

•EM• haha i knew you would do it... DOES HE STOP HER RAPE HER AND THEN KILL HER?!?! hahahha

message 11: by •EM• (new)

•EM• hahaha i dunno lol.

message 12: by •EM• (new)

•EM• what should he do?

message 13: by •EM• (new)

•EM• ((i should go. its 4:50am))

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