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message 1: by Lambros (new)

Lambros Fouloulis Hi i just have a question...I've searched this group and the internet to get an answer about this :is paranormal romance only for girls?
I haven't found anything so here I am...
So what do you think? I'm more intrested in the action of the book with the vampires,werewolves,etc but that (often)little bit of romance gives the book another intrest...

I haven't read many books books of the genre just The City of Bones,Hunger Games,and thinking about reading Vampire Academy*

Please make sure you tell me the truth so i don't get embarassed asking for the book in my local bookstore :P

*About Vampire Academy... at the description of the book it doesn't give away much of romance but the image of the book does...please (again) tell me what you think so i don't get embarassed asking for the book in my local bookstore :P

message 2: by Gretchen (last edited Jul 02, 2011 02:31AM) (new)

Gretchen | 15 comments I personally don't think PNR is only for girls... I mean... chicks like the lovey dovey stuff in the relationship portion of the books... which depending on the author can become very repetitive if you are reading a series... but some of the over all plots of the books are really good and have awesome fight scenes... very maley!! I don't know anything about the Vampire Academy, but I found the Demonica series very enjoyable, and although there is a love story to each of the books... they are more forcused on what else is going on with the plot and it doesn't feel like other PNR's I've have read in repect to the relationship aspect of the story... And they just get better as they go... I wasn't super into them, but by the time I was finishing the 3rd I couldn't wait for the next.. a lot of ladies on here encouraged me along and they where all to right...

The Black Dagger Brother is an AMAZING series as I am sure many would agree, more relationship based, and a little bit of man love happening here and there so if you are uncomfortable with that than maybe skip it (no m/m scenes or anything, just some heavy emotional stuff) But there is an overall running plot that is fantasic as J.R.Ward is a great author. The gist of the series is warrior Vamp's off to save their race for evil walking dead humans bent on sending them to extintion... it's good...

So, I say NO PNR's are not just for the lady's, and really if guys where smart they would read more of them and take notes... there is a reason there is over 9000 members of this group a majority of which are female!!! ;)

message 3: by Gretchen (new)

Gretchen | 15 comments Oh... and you could always just say you are buying the books for your girlfriend/mom/sister/co-worker... so no need to feel embarassed!!! They are just storys with some good lovin thrown in there!!

message 4: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 177 comments No. Guys do read it, but Gretchen is also correct. Who knows who you're buying for?


message 5: by Joseph (last edited Jul 02, 2011 05:27AM) (new)

Joseph  (bluemanticore) | 216 comments I can tell you that as a guy I like PNR and I'm not afraid to admit it. :-) While there does seem to be more female than male main characters and authors of PNR and other urban fantasy, there are some very good male authors and male main characters out there. At the top of the list I'd put Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series. I'd also add Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles, Mark Del Franco's Connor Gray series, Justin Gustainis's Quincy Morris Supernatural Investigations, and C.J. Henderson's Piers Knight series.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 608 comments My sons are in their forties and they have read and enjoyed (in spite of themselves) even YA paranormal romance - like Twilight, The Mortal Instruments (especially that one). They read them because of their daughters and their mother but both admitted the stories were good! My 60 something brother has read The Mortal Instruments twice and he reads some really serious and deep books including a lot of non fiction. His comment "what's not to like - spunky young characters doing exciting things and a lot of the feelings you may have forgotten and need to never forget". I know your question was not about age but rather about guy's reading, but there should be no boundaries to what books one loves and reads - and the people at the book stores have seen it all!

message 7: by Jessica `~Blahyze~` (last edited Jul 02, 2011 06:48AM) (new)

Jessica  `~Blahyze~` I agree 100% with Gretchen and I second The Black Dagger Brotherhood! I have heard of a few guys really enjoying those and getting pretty into them.

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) | 407 comments I think that the majority of PNR/UF is read by women but there are some intelligent, more evolved guys out there who read it too. My 22 year old son, is a typical boy, who likes football etc but really enjoys some of the series I love, especially the Urban Fantasy fiction. Over on the Amazon boards, there is a guy who is a prolific poster and it is great to get his input and opinions.

message 9: by Danyelle (new)

Danyelle (danisbooks) | 45 comments No it's not only for girls you just have to read the right book try some smut books it ur looking for some more action it you know what I mean (GRIN)

message 10: by C.C. (new)

C.C. | 219 comments The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is for guys too! Its really good, lots of action... *grins mischievously*

message 11: by Mel (new)

Mel (soireb) | 61 comments I have to agree with everyone else, PNR is not exclusive for the female fanbase; and ohh, i just finished book 3 from the Black Dagger Brotherhood and is an amazing story. Will recomend it to anyone who is interested in the genre!

message 12: by Chris (new)

Chris Hackett | 8 comments Wasn't there another topic just like this somewhere? ANyway, as a male PNR author I sure hope its not only for girls. Of course I could just be very odd or oversensitive or something along those lines.

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