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What do you think about the book so far?

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) (lllreviews) | 127 comments Mod
I am really enjoying Finley. She's a delight to read for me. I like female leads who are strong but also have their own struggles to middle through.

TheGeekyBlogger Here are my thoughts:

Finley is a fantastic leading character. I like how her character is being flushed out and how she ended Chap 11 admitting she did not want to be that way any longer. I love that she now knows about her dad and it was great seeing her mom/step-dad (and how refreshing to see a step-parent portrayed as loving---it is so rare in books)

Griff- Love him and his nature. He is innately good and how he handles everyone is fantastic to read.

Emily/Sam- want to explore them a bit more. I like Emily and want to see her have more of a role, especially since she is Finley's first real friend.

Jack D- I don't want this to be a triangle love story. I like the character of Jack but I am over triangles so I hope they go another way with his character.

Loved the Steel Corset!

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) (lllreviews) | 127 comments Mod
I'm so excited that you enjoyed this one Felicia!

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I LOVE THIS BOOK! Finley is a great leading character
(I completely agree Felicia)and I love her both sides and how Griff and Jack are attracted to each side. Makes for a very interesting read;)

Honestly I love Emily! Her outburst rage towards Sam is hilarious because he is so annoying to me, lol. I get he is upset about being turned into a half man half machine but come on the women he so obviously loves saved his life! I find myself rolling my eyes every time Sam says something because I know it will be dramatic.

I love the way Jack talks. He is funny and makes Finely blush=)Then there is Griff the perfect dream guy: cute, sweet and a Duke! I'm not sure how this will work out between the three of them but I really can't wait to find out.

I'm posting the next discussion(chapters 12-22)

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