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(2011) BBA Reading Challenge > Book 1: Stray Chapters (7-12)

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I'm sure this book is getting good but let me read these chapters first and I will be back. lol!

TheGeekyBlogger Ok so I am still having a huge problem with Faythe!

Let me be specific: At one point she is talking to her father and thinking that if she sneaks out in the middle of the night they would think her cowardly and acting like a child. Yet, that is exactly what she is doing ---acting like a 15 year old instead of a graduate school aged woman. It is VERY ANNOYING!

TheGeekyBlogger Other than that, I am really enjoying the world that Rachel Vincent has created. I really like the pack and the way they all stick together. I wish more books showed strong core families that stuck together (even if they don't always agree, will argue occasionally, and are goofy as all get out)

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@Felicia lol! So many reader say they can't stand Faythe. Yes she does the most childish things that just simply piss you off. When you finish the book let me know if anything changes.

I will have to agree about the family closeness in the book. You don't see a lot of that at all in at least UF/Paranormal books so it was a nice surprise =)

RV likes to piss us off then add sweetness to the mix. lol! =)

TheGeekyBlogger I am almost finished and I can't say I like her yet but she isn't as annoying anymore :) I am listening to it now and will finish in the next couple of hours!

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Yeah she gets less annoying by the end of Stray. Well there is always the next 5 books;)

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Marina (marina_roumpi) | 6 comments By the end of Stray she gets very willing and ready to follow orders, which previously she hated!

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Kristin  (krazaykris) I get that she wants to be on her own but really? There is a rapist/killer on the loose targeting woman like Faythe and she wants to leave the pack? I would think that would be reason enough to hang out a little bit longer at the house until they find the killer before heading off on your own. Especially since half of the girls killed were tabbies. I will admit I still have a Faythe issue with the attitude but the other characters are making up for it. I think Marc's protectiveness is adorable.

I agree with the family closeness. I am getting a little tired of reading paranormal books where the family is nowhere to be found or conveniently killed off by (usually) a car accident. I am relieved to read a book that has a close knit family.

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Bella (beguilethysorrow) | 8 comments I finished books 1 and 2 but had exactly the same issues with Faythe too! Especially in Stray; I couldn't stand how immature she was being and how all she really thought about was herself. I could understand not wanting to have to answer to someone like the alpha and pack but geez, Faythe really threw too many tantrums.

Now that I've read book 2 though, I feel a lot better about her as a character. She's still selfish and makes decisions that I don't really get but overall she's a lot easier to tolerate. I even found myself on her side of a couple arguments she has with Marc lol
Looking forward to start Pride!

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