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I love this series! Okay I'm going to start reading these chapters and I will be back. I can't wait to discuss!

TheGeekyBlogger OK I am only on Chapter 3 (actually listening to it on Audiobook) but can I just say I love, love, love that she goes to UNT (that is like 20 min from me). I also love that I recognized every freeway that she mentioned and can kind of picture where her ranch is :)

TheGeekyBlogger Thoughts so far: I think so far it is ok but I am having a hard time connecting to Faythe. Right now I can't think of her as anything but a rebellious child who wants things her way or no way. I have a hard time with characters that rebel against a caring family (even if they are over protective and stifling) so right now she is not winning me over.

Mark on the other hand--hubba hubba

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Erin (erin_w) | 3 comments Felicia, I think that's how a lot of readers feel about Faythe at first... throughout this book, actually. But she grows up a lot as the series progresses. Don't give up on her yet! ;)

TheGeekyBlogger Good to know Erin! I don't hate her just think she is a bit of a spoiled brat. I am sticking with it!

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Marina (marina_roumpi) | 6 comments 1-7 chapter done! She pisses me off even reading the book for the second time!

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Marina (marina_roumpi) | 6 comments The 8 first chapters are taking place during the same evening! Is that possible?

It was already dark when the stray attacked her in the campus and it's 2 in the morning by the time she is returning from her "walk in the woods".

And another question after 5 brothers why her father wants HER as an Alpha? and a stray (Mark is a stray cat) as her husband???

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Jen | 14 comments Mod
I'm on chapter 6 and it feels like the first time I've read it! Everything is brand new again!

I have to say - although it does sound a lot like Faythe is the spoiled brat in this book - only looking out for herself - I have to keep thinking in another direction - she talks about how she is raised in a house full of males - with only her mother as the other female.

Then she made a good point about her dad teaching her how to defend herself, teach her to think for herself and to be strong - technically I think they brought it on themselves when she wanted to branch out by herself to go to collage and learn to be dependent on herself. Also, it sounds like she got a little too smothered with the male population, and no privacy. When Marc asked her about Andrew, she got defensive and asked him about his personal life, and he said it wasn't her business, but her business applies to the Pack. I don't know any girl who wouldn't want to run away from that for a few years..

On another note - JACE! I completely forgotten how hot he was! Sure Marc is sexy and wonderful and all that - but Jace! He has that forbidden to touch rule that he's now testing out .... *sigh* I can't even remember where this book is going - so I'm anxious to read on :)

TheGeekyBlogger I think my main problem with her attitude is the fact that there is some very serious stuff going on and her branching out on her own at this moment causes more trouble for the whole pack. She is old enough to realize that the world doesn't always revolve around what you want, when you want it. I am sure she is feeling sheltered, crowded, and boxed in but instead of helping solve the issue, she is throwing more issues at her father's feet.

I am sure she gets better, everyone has told me that, but right now she is the least likable character in the book.

I love the fact that the author is showing a family that is concerned and involved with each other, that is much to rare these days in books!

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Wow we got a great discussion going on here! Yay!

@Felicia like Erin said don't give up on her. She is annoying and self centered at times but you will warm up to her;) You make a good point though Felicia about her attitude because I think she likes being a were cat (shifter) but she also likes being normal. I guess it's that whole your parents wanting you to be in the family biz and the kid saying no way! lol! I completely understand what ya mean though.

@ Marina You make a good point. All I can say is it was a long night, lol. Yeah I wondered the same thing but I think it's because Faythe has her own mind and def is not afraid of anything so makes her a better Alpha the only thing is her attitude kinda sucks. Her father has a soft spot in his heart for Mark and yeah he is technically a stray but Mark has shown his commitment and loyalty to the pack. But I get what you are saying;)

@Jen I felt the same way! I was like I don't remember this, lol! I actually did not notice that this book was 500! I read through it pretty fast though. I'm torn between Mark and Jace *sigh* I like them both and so does Faythe *wink*.

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Kristin  (krazaykris) Marina- I agree with you. It definitely is one long night in the book. HaHa. I am not sure why her father would want her as Alpha honestly, especially when he needs to keep a tight leash on her. Maybe because she is one of the rare females? Or the fact that she has a mind of her own, so no one would influence her?

I think it is safe to say that everyone has a bit of an issue with her attitude though.

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