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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm starting to read this book now so I will be back to discuss=)This is only my second steampunk book so I'm freaking excited! Let the discussions begin!

message 2: by June (new)

June | 2 comments Hey Steph! I started the book today, it's my second steampunk read as well ( as you know because it was you who told me the name of these type of books..LOL). So far i think the story is interesting but for me the first few chapters seem to drag just a bit. What do you think?

message 3: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) I absolutely LOVED TGitSC! Did you read the prequel novella? The Strange Case of Finley Jayne?

I have reviews on my Blog from early May, I think. I gush a bit, LOL :o]

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

@June Lol! Yeah I remember=) I agree the first chapter was really exciting with Finley kicking Felix's @ss. Then kinda slowed down when Sam and Griff brought her to their home. Although I did enjoyed learning more about Emily, Sam and Griff. Oh but it got exciting again at the end of chapter 5 when Aunt Cordelia says that she might know who Finley is and that they all might be in grave danger. *gulp* I was like WHAT??? lol! I'm really excited to read the next few chapters to see what will happen next=)

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@ Kristi I have the prequel on my kindle but sadly haven't read it yet. Perhaps I should of read that first, huh? I will def check out your review though. So far I'm really enjoying this book=)

message 6: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Steph: I think you should read the prequel first, it's pretty short and it gives a little more insight on Finley.
I absolutely LOVE this book and know this series will be awesome!
I wasn't that big into steam-punk but Kady has a great way of introducing it in a way that it's fun and so visually descriptive without a ton of boring words.
It shouldn't take you more than an hour or two to get through the prequel and it would really endear you to Finley's plight before she meets Griff and gang :o]

TheGeekyBlogger I am going to admit upfront that I have only ever read one other steampunk (the first book by G.C.) so this is a bit of uncharted territory for me.

I don't know a better way to say this: I really like the story and characters but the descriptions are weighing me down :) I think it is why I have stayed away from Steampunk in general because while I love it in movies, I like more story than description in my books (if that makes sense). I am going to stick with the book because I am hoping that the story gets front and center more as the book progresses.

TheGeekyBlogger I want to add that I like Finley as a main character with her duel personalities (can't think of a better way to describe that). I really liked Sam, Griff, and Emily---I think they will make excellent friends for Finley. I have to admit though I kind of liked Jack Dandy too, can't wait to see what/who he is and how he plays in her life.

message 9: by June (new)

June | 2 comments @Felicia, I totally agree with you about the descriptions being a little much. I'm the same way when it comes to stories, I want descriptions, there needed but not an overload of them. But for me other then that that story is pretty good, I like all the characters as well.

message 10: by TheGeekyBlogger (new)

TheGeekyBlogger @June totally agree the story is pretty good :) It is why I will stick with it. Kady has a wonderful way with characters!

message 11: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) Felicia said: "the descriptions are weighing me down"

Which is exactly what I meant when I said Kady could make steam-punk so much better. Right on Felicia! The descriptions can take the fun out of reading sometimes which makes TGitSC such a great read. She hones it down and I love that :o]

Jack Dandy is a Gentleman and I can't wait to find out who he really is, either! He's one of my favorites, too!

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) (lllreviews) | 127 comments Mod
@ Felicia- I agree with you which is why I stayed away from Scifi.... but I've noticed that there are Authors out there who can write anything and I will love it. But, yes, I get what you mean about being bogged down with too much description.

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) (lllreviews) | 127 comments Mod
@ Kristi- Gush away. This book was extremely interesting!

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) (lllreviews) | 127 comments Mod
For anyone who is reading this or plan to... I don't think it's necessary to read the prequel first. Many times I prefer not to read the prequel first because it normally lacks the romance or the "love interest" parts that I really enjoy. For instance, you will not get Griff or Jack Dandy!

So my opinion.... first book first!

♫♥✿LovLivLife Reviews✿♥♫ (Chasity) (lllreviews) | 127 comments Mod
@ Everyone- I agree that the characters are written well and with their own identity. Love them all and looking forward to more!

message 16: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (krististern) @LovLivLife I loved the prequel and you're right, I don't normally read them.

I really thought it was fantastic and leads the reader into a better understanding of Finley which is only the second time I've said this about prequels. The first was with Rachel Vincents Soul Screamer's prequel.

I felt like I knew Finley so much better-her loving family that run the bookstore, her compassion for others while fighting off the evil Finley who likes to give what's coming-to those who deserve it, of course, how she makes an impression with the elite upper crust Ton!

Ultimately, everything she went through and what she was running from that led her to Griff at exactly the right moment and in time to the to the mysterious Dandy.

It's just such a quick read but chock full of info, that's why I recommend it :o] I agree, TGitSC is Fab no matter what, I just think that prequel can add more to it!

Still gushing---Really was impressed with this book and I know this series is one that I'll follow like a starved dog follows the garbage truck!

message 17: by Jen (new)

Jen | 14 comments Mod
I'm struggling with this one - I'm sure I'll fall in love with the book the more I'm into it - I've only read one other Steampunk book (The Iron Duke) Or maybe 2 (If Clockwork Angel counts) Those were more human type books though -

The concept of the book is cute - I'm just struggling with all the gizmo and gadgets that seem a little "out there" for me - I'm not sure how the "life" thing under the house works - BUT I can get into this . I know I can, and I know I'll love this book once I do :)

So far it's ok though. I like the people. I think Emily and Sam would be cute together - as well as Finley and Griff - Seems they're kind of paired off that way anyways - so it will be cute getting to know these guys.
They all seem to have something pretty weird going on though - so I'm interested for sure :)

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