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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) The Princess of th Nothern Water Tribe lives here.

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Kyri was sick of staying indoors. She put down her scrolls and headed out, dressing as a normal citjzen might.

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Luke walked to the balcony and smelled the brisk air and leaned against the rail, looking over the nation before him.

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Luke put on a cloak with a hoodie, he was going on an expedition of the fire and earth tribes. He left.

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((Are Luke and Paul royal members? Sorry, I'm not very up-to-date with this stuff))

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((luke, I'm sorry, Paul is my most used charrie.))

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Luke walked in with the group. "You ok?" He asked her.

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She nodded. "Now, may I take off my stupid ass fire clothes?"

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"ummmm, you might want to go to the bathroom."

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She sighed. "Damnit, I'm not clueless!" She started pulling off her shirt, and discarded it in her backpack. "See?" She said, clothed now I her usual garb. "I wear it under...Like the smart cookie I am." She finished, and walked over to him. "So...I guess...I should say thanks..."

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"None needed."

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She smirked. "Hmm...you are quite the actor, might I say...."

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"Why thank you."

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She couldn't look at him, afraid she would say something stupid. "Very nice...stage kiss...haha..." She giggled slightly, then regained composure. "They wouldn't...suspect a thing..."

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"No they woudn't." He was clueless. ((Btw, did you say before that she only has one arm?))

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She sighed quietly, and straightened herself up. "D-do you think...the same thing won't happen here right?"

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"what do you mean?" ((....I was confused....))

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((Iz okay...no problemo))

"I...I wont like...die here right? I...nothing extremely bad can happen..." She trailed a little, embaressed.

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He kissed her, this one had a little bit of fealing behind it, but most of it was for comfort of her. "Over my dead body." ((Btw, I basically said he is starting to feel for her.))

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((Yes, I saw... Teehee))

Her eyes widened, and she felt dizzy all of a sudden. "T-Thank you...again..."

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"Please, explore the north water tribe, I must look into you getting a room here."

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She nodded, slightly nervous and afraid. She had never felt this way before. Usually, she would just walk in and own the place, but she knew she was falling for him, slowly but surely.

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He came back in one minute. "umm, there are no avalible rooms, they have a party tomarrow and there's no rooms, you can sleep in my room and I would go to the inn , but their booked for the party aswell. I could sleep on the floor and you could sleep in my bed."

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She caught herself swooning, until he finished his sentence. "S-sure...thank you.." She blushed slightly, and she tried to cover it up.

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He nodded, "Now that we have that sorted out, what do you want to do?"

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She sighed. "I...dont know...anything, actually...what do you think we should do?"

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"Umm....." He was stumped

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She looked to him, undestracted for a moment. "Well..." She thought outloud. "Lets see...my fun probably isnt the same as yours..."

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"What's your fun?"

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"What's your fun?"

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She smiled. "Hmmm...Glad you asked..." She placed a hand on her hip, in thought. "Well, id start with...finding a lovely police man who could find EVERYTHING wrong with me, and give him the run around...no matter where I am...then...it depends where I end up...either in the gallows...or...the opposite...but, you know, I vowed to be good this time around..."

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He sighed, but a servant came to him (Not a slave) and whispered in his ear. "I must go attend to something, you have fun, meet up at dinner ((It's like 2 hours before dinner.))

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She nodded, and took off, randomly looking around. She concluded that it was quite nice here, and if possible, she would try not to leave by force.

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((I got bored in the Earth Kingdom, so BAM! Kyri's back. And Kyri's princess, which makes Luke her brother.))

"Hey," Kyri said walking in. "Where've you been, Luke, and do we have company?"

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"I visitied the earth and fire tribes/nations, she needed help, so I helped her."

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((Im here...haha))

message 38: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 193 comments ((Hey Clari-Chan should Shiori know your charater since shiori travels a lot?))

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He turned back to her. "Ready for dinner?"

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((Hhmmmm....maybe...sure, why not?))

She nodded and came to his side, but trying to keep her distance. "Thank you...for the millionth time..."

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 193 comments ((ya))

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He kissed her, with half of full fealing, "I told you, I did it for you because your a very close friend."

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She winked. "Yes...Thats true..."

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"so, are you ready to go to dinner?"

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SHe wasnt really, but she just nodded, and allowed him to lead her.

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Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 193 comments Shiori looked out of the window of her room in the in. The cold making her cheeks flush. She breathed out and steam floated around her as she warmed up.

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He took her hand, and it wasn't for show. they soon got to the dinner, he sat at one end of the table, "sit to my left, please."

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She did as she was told, and sat gracefully down, like she was being watched. That feeling of being starstruck, hit her again, and for a moment she couldnt breathe. Just looking at him made her head spin.

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He winked at her, he got some food.

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Avin didnt move, and smiled slightly with his wink. It felt like things couldnt get any better, and despite the situation, she thought herself to be the luckiest woman alive. Plus...i'm in his room... She thought. SOmething is bound to happen...

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