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James Caried his bag up to room *enter foreshadowing number here*.

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James opened the door to his room.

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James walked in and started unpacking.

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"I'm James." James said taking out his sweater with the bag of white powder hidden inside.

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James quikly covered it. "No."

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"It's not coke it's meth. Don't tell anyone. My parents think I've been clean for two years but I can't live with out it."

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"Thank you." James said finishing up packing.

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"Oh, yah."

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"The one down side to meth is money. I go throw money so quickly."

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James pulled out a small chopping and razor poured a little of the meth on the board and divied it in to two equil parts. "Want some?"

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James sniffed his half.

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James looked at his hands they were so weird. Four little fingers sticking out of his palm. "These are so weird." He said holding out his hands

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James looked up at the ceiling. "Why isn't the ceiling red?"

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"Blue's the coulor of the sky. Do you really want to look at the sky when you sleeping?"

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"Yah, why were we give these."

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"But their so wierd I don't think I can trust them."

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"I think I might have to cut them off."

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"Yah your right but I should send them a message. Tell them who's in charge." James took the razor from the cutting board and cut off the tip of his pinkee.

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"Sending a message to my hands." James said blood pouring out of his finger.

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"Calm do*ow*wn. I can stop the bleeding *ow* if I burn *ow* the tip of *ow* my finger." James said feeling light headed.

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"No! If people find my meth I'm screwed."

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"Fine just let me hide my meth." James said walking to the cutting board and hiding it with the meth then moving the razor to the bathroom and bleeding on the bathroom counter. Making it look like it happed in the bathroom.

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((maybe you run see me passed out on the bathroom floor with a lot of blood everywhere)).

James was really dizzy he couldn't stand. He started to sit down then passed out completely.

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James got fixed and went to the forest

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((Amoge other things *laughs evilly* ))

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Andy smiled and followed him to his dorm

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James ran to his stash. "Man that was close. The effects are starting to where off." James pulled out the bag with the white powder in it and started to divide it. "How much u want?"

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Andy looked at Jake then his roomate and said "Where are we going to go?"

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"Oh, okay. Let's head over there then" Andy said.

((Now over to Andy and Lane's dorm!))

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"Com'on don't be a puss."

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