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message 1: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) **why not they are brothers but who ever else needs a room mate i got 2 empty spaces.**

Brady walked in the room and put the flower in a glass of water.

message 2: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Brady left.

message 3: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Brady walked in and around. damn it i dont know. He looked at the flower the went to shower. After his shower he got dress in a tux. he grabed the flower and walked toward the club.

message 4: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Colby ran in the dorm and took a quick shower. He got drees up in his tux and went to the club.

message 5: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Colby unlocked the door and walk in with Sydney.

message 6: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled. "Now what do you want to do?"

message 7: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He blushed lightly and kissed her back.

message 8: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He held her by her waist.

message 9: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He pulled her toward his bed.

message 10: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled and started teasing her body and kissing her neck, not to bite her.

message 11: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He started to remove her clothes.

message 12: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He pulled his shirt off and kiss her again.

message 13: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((hello????))

message 14: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((its just keep forgetting me))

He smiled and teased her body more.

message 15: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) ((ooooh))

He blushed. "Do you want this?"

message 16: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled and removed her bottoms and kept teasing her body.

message 17: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled seductively and kissed in between her breast.

message 18: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He winced from her nail but continued kissing her, not too take it to far.

message 19: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Heh if you like." He smerked.

message 20: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He blushed and smiled. "Your really like me dont you?"

message 21: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "There is no guessing." He tugged at her panties. "Are you sure?"

message 22: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smerked and pulled down her panties. "Okay." He tease her area gently.

message 23: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled and pulled his boxers down. He pressed against her.

message 24: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smerked. "But i like teasing you."

message 25: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He took a beath. "Heh i guess you win." He felt his self get harder from her touch.

message 26: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He kissed her deeply.

message 27: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled and pushed his self inside her.

message 28: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He thrusted her gently, not to harm her.

message 29: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled. "Lets make this better." He whispered by her neck. He rubbed his fangs on her neck.

message 30: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He bit down on her neck, to let her bleed. "There we go. Your turn." He moved close to her, moving deeper inside her.

message 31: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He watched her blood fall to her chest. His eyes turn slightly black and he licked the blood. "Your wonderful." He thrusted her moving in deeper with every move.

message 32: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Heh, good." He move faster, breathing heavy.

message 33: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He smiled and sat her up so he could deeper inside her. "Like this?" He licked the blood that dripped to her breast.

message 34: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He played with her breast and kissed her.

message 35: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Why yes." He laid back on the bed and pulled her hips down, going deeper inside her.

message 36: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He moaned with her.

message 37: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He fliped her over are pushed deeply inside her.

message 38: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He moaned and came inside her.

message 39: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) He panted and pulled out of her. He laid next to her. "You okay?" He was breathing heavy.

message 40: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Im fine." He smiled. "But the bed is not so fine." He looked at his blood and cum covered bed.

message 41: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Yeah i dont think my brother is up for that." He laughed slightly.

message 42: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Yep. We're twins."

((haha okay next post))

message 43: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Yeah, but he's weaker than me."

Brady opened the door. "Hey im he-" He blushed wildly and turned around.

message 44: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Colby laughed and gave her his shirt. He put his boxers back on. "Whats wrong bro."

Brady looked at the ground. "You could at least give me a warning."

message 45: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Colby hugged her. "This is my brother, Brady."

Brady waved still looking at the door. "Sorry if i busted in on you."

message 46: by Kaytie (last edited Jul 06, 2011 06:11PM) (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "I rather not. The smell of blood and somthing else is all over the area you to are at." Brady tried to block the scent. He didnt want to lose control.

Colby laughed a bit. "Well that happens."

message 47: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Colby looked at him. "This is Sydney. She's my girlfriend."

Brady grumbled. "Nice to meet you. Hopefully next time we meet it wont be weird."

message 48: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Cobly smiled and kissed her. "Okay."

Brady felt dizzy. "Im leaving."

message 49: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) Brady left.

Colby couldnt help but laughed. "It okay he just cant control his thrust and the blood kinda turned him a bit."

message 50: by Kaytie (new)

Kaytie (katbug013) "Yeah i think he'll knock next time." He smiled and kiss her.

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