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message 1: by Martyn (new)

Martyn | 299 comments I've been obsessed with J.G. Ballard quite recently. I discovered he was in a car crash on a bridge near my house known as the Chiswick flyover and this sparked the idea for Crash. And that he used to live a couple of streets away from where I live now, Barrowgate Rd, in the early 1960s. I find it all rather exciting!

I remember seeing Empire of the Sun when I was really young and I read Concrete Island in high school - I remember finding it one day in the library and impressing my English teacher quite a bit! Up until then I was reading Poe, Stephen King, bit of Shakespeare, but Concrete Island left an impression on me in a variety of ways... it was just different and strange.

But apart from Crash (the movie) I haven't really ventured into his mad world (which is Cronenberg's vision). He had a very interesting early life and then spent 50 years in suburbia and writing mad books. He seems to me a more palatable William S. Burroughs... a British version, a more nicer person but still freakishly imaginative, maybe I'm wrong, I dunno.

Anybody else a fan and got any recommendations? I read his autobiography, Miracles of Life, and he says some very insightful things on writing, literature and psychology.

message 2: by Neil (new)

Neil McCrea | 204 comments I used to be really into him, but I haven't thought too much about him lately. I'm not sure why that is.

The Atrocity Exhibition was always my favorite, but that one is Ballard going full tilt batshit, probably not his most accessible work.

message 3: by Ben, uneasy in a position of power; a yorkshire pudding (new)

Ben Loory | 241 comments Mod
i like ballard a lot but haven't read any in a while. my favorite was probably High-Rise, which was very cronenberg-y, sort of end of the world in a huge apartment building, pretty scary book. also i liked The Crystal World, which was like a psychedelic heart of darkness (though not as good), and, yeah, Concrete Island... ballard's always interesting, even though i don't usually really understand exactly what he's going on about... :)

i would like to see a count of how many times the word "binnacle" appears in Crash.

message 4: by R.a. (new)

R.a. (brasidas1) | 79 comments Ditto on the fascination with Ballard. That is, until, Crash. I am guilty of pre-judging, though. The film was so repugnant that admittedly, to a degree, instinctively recoiled.

And yet, I still consider(ed) him a 'weighted' writer and want(ed) to read more.

W/ many years that have passed since that 'recoil,' perhaps it is time to have a 're-look.'

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