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sci / tech + environmental news > Researchers find plastic in more than 9% of fish in northern Pacific Ocean

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Scripps scientists find plastic in 9.2% of lanternfish collected. The small fish are commonly eaten by larger species, and the plastic could end up in the food chain.

More here:

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Julia (bilingworm) | 34 comments That's awfuL! Philly was working on instituting a plastic bag tax like Ireland, DC, and several towns have done. At the time, I learned about how plastic doesn't biodegrade, but it does just degrade into little bits that end up in the food stream. It's gross and dangerous, and we should all try to minimize our use of plastics. One of my favorite places to get reusable, durable containers and things that can replace plastic bags is - I've been taking a waste-free lunch to work for several years now, avoiding plastic bags at stores, and loving it.

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Julia (bilingworm) | 34 comments btw, you can get $5 off your first order from if you use code rcs34p1. I just ordered some more cloth napkins, a steel water bottle that won't leak, and these cool sandwich containers called wrap-n-mats. I like to feel like there are little things we can do every day to address important issues and problems even if our gvt never gets it together...

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