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Pokemon is pwn ^-^

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message 1: by JacobT (new)

JacobT | 11 comments NOW WITH POKEMON CHAT ROOM!!!

Come join the nintendo battle network! (NBN)


These primitive message boards are boring. Come use our live brawl chat. We host weekly tourneys, have tons of cool features, and freedoms not present in other brawl sites and groups. Everything takes place in our small community setting where everyone gets to know everyone. As an active member you will be allowed to add your input to polls and site suggestions. U can also win prizes by referring others and posting in the forums often. Unlike those unpredictable forums when u never know when you will get a reply, our chat box is instant. NBN, bringing brawlers together. Join, bookmark us, and come by daily to chat in our live chat box and in the forums, check out whats new, look and participate in our weekly tourneys and polls. Become part of the NBN family today. www.nintendobn.co.n

message 2: by JacobT (new)

JacobT | 11 comments ^-^, idk. I thought i posted more here...

message 3: by JacobT (new)

JacobT | 11 comments yep...

message 4: by Linds (new)

Linds Liu (belinda2000) uh huh...sure.

message 5: by JacobT (new)

JacobT | 11 comments pokemon chat, flash games, now on the site

message 6: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (loopbug) | 61 comments *pokes topic*
What's this topic for?
I don't feel like reading the entire first message.

*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 274 comments what does pwn mean?

message 8: by Austin (new)

Austin | 560 comments Wow lol

message 9: by ♥ Rachel♥ (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) oh. lolzes

message 10: by Austin (new)

Austin | 560 comments Thats the first person I know who doesnt know what pwn means

And I know ALOT of people

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