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message 1: by Em (new)

Em (emmap) | 2929 comments If you are an author who would like to promote your book to the group, please post details in this section.

message 2: by Junying (new)

Junying Thanks, Em, for the opportunity here.

I have two books on both Amazon Kindle and Smashwords - The Same Moon & Trials of Life are the first two books of my trilogy "Journey to the West". I'd be very grateful if GR readers would check them out - book details are available on my author page, as well as on Amazon/Smashwords. If anyone would like a free book (either) and do a review in return, please PM me or leave a message here.

Many thanks!


message 3: by June (new)

June Ahern (juneahern) | 67 comments Em I will. Thank you GR for the opportunity to present: I too am at both sites- ebooks -also 1 in paperback, If interested you can read the first 60 odd pages of my novel about a Scottish immigrant family living in San Francisco, as well as beginning chapters of my "how to" The Timeless Counselor" @ smashwords.
Follow links:

Thank you.The Skye in June

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Poeltl (mikepoeltl) If you are interested in a series of Dystopian /PA fiction for less than a pint of cider, look up The Judas Syndrome here:

message 5: by Roxane (new)

Roxane Sanford (roxanetepfersanford) The Girl in the Lighthouse by Roxane Tepfer Sanford The Girl in the Lighthouse on Kindle is now on sale! New lowered price will be in place this coming week.

message 6: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Pilgrim (oldgeezer) | 239 comments Hi Folks,
I know my current thriller 'The day the Ravens Died' has been kicking around for a bit now, but AT LAST it is available direct on Kindle. At £3.74p I think it is good value for 120,000 words.
No 'regurgitated verbage' in it.
The only one to check it out who hasn't liked it is Ian!! But that's fair enough as our esteemed 'mod' doesn't like books with a lot of dialogue. Sorry mate, it's just the way I write, but it would be auwfully dull if we all liked the same thing.
So if you're into non p.c. terrorist thrillers, give it a spin. and sleep well after you've read it.
All the best Paul Rix [oldgeezer]

message 7: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
You never know Paul - now it's available as a kindle and much cheaper I still may give it a go

message 8: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Pilgrim (oldgeezer) | 239 comments Hi Ian,
thanks for the open mind, I'm confident you'd end up likeing it, in spite of the dialogue.
I don't claim to be a great writer, but I think I can 'spin a yarn' as well as almost anyone and better than a lot out there.
I know price is a problem in this day and age, I, and a group of 'Indie' writers are trying to find a workable solution to our great problem. Just how do you get a value for money, good quality, full length book noticed? Books which are well written, edited and proof read, yet they vanish into the pile of unedited 'shorts' which are often full of typos, and sell for a quid or less.
I am well aware there are also a lot of short stoty writers out there who share our frustration, ones who make the distinction between being a serious author and a writer.
With things in the state of flux which currently exist it is getting urgent we find a solution.
All the best Paul Rix [oldgeezer]

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Many thanks, Em!

The first book in my fantasy trilogy, The Gifting, has just been published and 5 copies are currently being offered as a free giveaway at Goodreads. Here's the link:

The blurb is:

The mind-dwellers of Gathandria are under siege. For two year-cycles their people have been decimated, their beautiful city ruined. Legends tell of the Lost One who will save them from their enemy - the mind-executioner. Time is running out. Johan and Isabella journey to the Lammas Lands searching for their cousin and lowly scribe, Simon Hartstongue. The elders hope that he is who they seek. But there is one amongst them bound to the enemy, who plans to betray Simon.

Powerful lessons are learned as they travel through the kingdoms of the Mountains, the Air, the Desert and the Waters. Story-telling weaves a protective net around them, but the enemy has absolute power with the stolen mind-cane. To his surprise Simon hears its song and tries to understand his gifting. If you are branded a coward and a murderer, how can you be a saviour? Is Simon truly the One?

You can find out more at my website here:

All good wishes!

Anne Brooke

message 10: by Gordon (new)

Gordon (gordonhaining) | 17 comments June wrote: "Em I will. Thank you GR for the opportunity to present: I too am at both sites- ebooks -also 1 in paperback, If interested you can read the first 60 odd pages of my novel about a Scottish immigran..."
Hi June. Just bought the Skye in June at Smashwords. Sounds a good read. Will let you know how I get on. Gordon

message 11: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
Merlin - the links to your first 2 parts/books don't work

message 12: by POW (new)

POW | 18 comments Hi Everyone,

I have written a children's adventure novel called Cardsharp, and would be very grateful to anyone who could give me some feedback or advice.

I’ve set up a website, gathered a following of young readers on Facebook, and put my book on Lulu and Kindle. Daunt Books in Belsize Park have also agreed to stock it, and I’ve made a film of young readers reviewing the book – and they loved it by the way. But, and this is a big but, it isn’t selling.

I’m not looking to take over to world in five minutes; I’d just like to know if there’s something I’m missing.

Here’s my website: please take a look and tell me what you think. There’s also a free download of the first two chapters.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Oliver Westmoreland (POW)

message 13: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Webb (mjwebb) | 42 comments

If you like fantasy please check out my novel. Full details at


message 14: by POW (new)

POW | 18 comments M J Webb wrote: "

If you like fantasy please check out my novel. Full details at


That;'s a great film MJ and I like your site. How long have you been self-publishing?

message 15: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Webb (mjwebb) | 42 comments POW wrote: "M J Webb wrote: "

If you like fantasy please check out my novel. Full details at


That;'s a great film MJ and I like your site..."

Hi POW - Sorry about the delay, I have been working hard. Thank you for the compliments, I am a novice I'm afraid and I sought help with both. This was my first novel but I soon realised that certain areas required a professional touch. I was lucky to find an excellent artist who came on board and utilised the contacts I made through here and other sites, taking advantage of offers made and making some good friends along the way.
The whole thing has been an enormous learning curve but so enjoyable. If you need any help or advice let me know, I'm not as clued up as some but I can give you the benefit of my limited experience to date.
I'm trying again soon as the sequel should be out in autumn. :-)
Best wishes and thanks again

message 16: by Editio (new)

Editio  (editiomedia) | 10 comments Hello all,
I run a web site to help support self=published authors. We recently did an article about how to self-promote on Goodreads with ought being accused of spamming. The article has blown up and even Goodreads tweeted about it. You might find it helpful.

message 17: by POW (new)

POW | 18 comments Editio wrote: "Hello all,
I run a web site to help support self=published authors. We recently did an article about how to self-promote on Goodreads with ought being accused of spamming. The article has blown up ..."

Hi Editio, Thanks for the article. As a fellow self-published author every tip is invaluable.
Cardsharp: A Vincent Ward Adventure

message 18: by F.A. (new)

F.A. Hershey (f_a_hershey) | 6 comments For lovers of YA fantasy you might want to check out:
Swirls (The Outsiders, #1) by F.A. Hershey

For extras, giveaways, and much more, please pop over here:

Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

message 19: by John (new)

John Rhodes (John_D_Rhodes) | 14 comments My e-book - Mr Memory - is sat all by it's lonesome on Amazon and needs liberating (for a very small price. Please give it a home: or - I'd love a few more Twitters and a few more people visiting me here on good old Facebook - this is an excleent community by the way :-)

message 20: by Spiro (new)

Spiro Dimolianis (spirod) | 1 comments Hi all,

For those waiting on news of my new book, "Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders", it is released and now available.

Spiro Dimolianis

Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders

Jack the Ripper and Black Magic Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders by Spiro Dimolianis

message 21: by Randy (new)

Randy Talley | 3 comments Emily's Gold, just re-released on Kindle. If you like suspense, thrillers ,mystery and sailing, then this would be a great book for you. I would love to get the opinions/reviews by a few of you! You can get the hard copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but I recommend the latest kindle

message 22: by Randy (new)

Randy Talley | 3 comments I would be glad to send a free kindle copy to the first five people who read and review my book here and on Amazon. You can send direct inquires about the free copy to me at

message 23: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Webb (mjwebb) | 42 comments A thoroughly enjoyable book, brilliantly written. A complete change of genre for me, I usually read psychological thrillers. Jake West was thrilling from beginning to end where you are left wanting more. A fantastic first novel from Mr.Webb. This is one sexagenarian eagerly awaiting the sequel.

43 similar reviews on site and Amazon. I'd love to know what Goodreads readers/authors think please.

Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Good Day, Em,

I'm a new author at GoodReads and appreciate your assistance. A sample of 1st chapter is located at my website:

KINDLE only £0.86 at Amazon/UK. I don't know what's going on with the paperback. One day it's up, then it's not. Thanks again for your interest.

MG Wells
Light Masters: Number 13

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

I've just released my first self-published book:

Made Up by Emma Jackson

It's a women's fiction/romance/chick-lit novel (depending on your definition of any of those genres!). Synopsis below:

"Life hasn't been much of a fairytale for Katia recently, but when she lands her dream job as a makeup artist, it seems like things might be about to change.

Whisked off to join a film production in the vibrancy and magic of India, she has to face a fire-breathing dragon in the shape of her new boss and solve complex riddles, such as whether Owen Walker, the movie's gorgeous leading man, is a serial womaniser, a knight in shining armour, or something in between...

Because learning to tell the difference between fact and fiction, might just be the key to finding her happy ending."

I'd love to get some reviews listed, so if the synopsis sounds interesting to you and you have an eReader, I'd be happy to gift you a free copy - just drop me a message.

message 26: by Matt (new)

Matt (mattlynn) | 3 comments Black Ops: Libya is the first in a new series of instant thrillers.

Tripoli: 2011. The most dangerous place on earth. Unit Five, a NATO Special Forces squad specialising in Black Ops, drops two of its most experienced men into the city. Former SAS man Alex Marden and ex-Navy Seal Jack Rogan are sent to retrieve a document that, if it fell into the hands of rebel forces, would cause the downfall of the British and American governments.

But they are soon caught up in the chaos surrounding the collapse of the regime of the old dictator Colonel Zayed.

And they are thrown into a conspiracy in which only they are expendable.

Black Ops: Libya is a terrifyingly realistic action thriller ripped straight from the headlines.

It is a brand-new novella from Matt Lynn, the best-selling author of the ‘Death Force’ series of adventure thrillers, including ‘Death Force’, ‘Fire Force’, ‘Shadow Force’ and ‘Ice Force’.

Matt Lynn's books have received a series of five-star reviews.

'I was anticipating a good time and I wasn't disappointed. A cracking action thriller. You can taste the dust and smell the blood'

(Daily Express )

'Matt Lynn's novel is up there with the finest that Andy McNab or Chris Ryan have ever penned'

(News of the World )

'Brilliant, realistic and riveting; blistering front-line action'

(Chris Ryan )

"If you're a fan of modern military thrillers you're going to have fun with anything Matt Lynn writes..."

(The Northern Echo)

"For teenage boys or simply for those men who don't want to grow up, Shadow Force is a cracking read. Intellectually stimulating it ain't; fantastic fun it most certainly is."

(ABC Brisbane)

'This is a fast-paced and well-told tale of derring-do that guarantees entertainment."

(City AM)

Black Ops: Libya is a thrilling, contemporary adventure story, perfect for fans of Lee Child, Tom Clancy and Andy McNab
Black Ops: Libya

message 27: by Susan (new)

Susan I've downloaded all three, Merlin.....really liked the first one and looking forward to the next two.

message 28: by Susan (last edited Sep 28, 2011 05:46AM) (new)

Susan I certainly wasn't disappointed with the first book, I really liked the story, such an unusual slant on the detective novel, and I thought the main characters were engaging and interesting.......I downloaded the second and third books as soon as I had finished the first, and I'm looking forward to reading them.

message 29: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Comley (melcom) | 69 comments I write in two genres. My thrillers are all in the Justice series.

Cruel Justice #1
Impeding Justice
Final Justice

I've just released a novelette to go with the series too.

It's A Dog's Life Mel Comley

and my romances are:
A Time For Change
A Time To Heal

I've also released a few short stories this year too.
A Twist in the Tale
High Spirits A TRUE paranormal short story

Good luck to all the authors, I've read quite a few books by other Indies and been very impressed wo far.

My fav book of the year is The Righteous by Michael Wallace.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

My new book, The Betrayals of Grim's Peak is now available on Kindle. Other e-formats coming soon.

A world hidden right under our noses for thousands of years. A secret dating back to it's founding fathers that threatens to throw it into chaos. It's savior ... a boy from our world.

Welcome to Grim's Peak everybody! Population: 19 026. Location: Somewhere between the Florida Keys and the Caribbean islands. Altitude: Approximately fifteen thousand feet, er ... below sea level situated right alongside the Blacklight Trench. Examples of local wildlife: Hippocamps, Nymphs, Sprites, Dracs …

Also available in hard and soft cover. Check out the links on my site www.seanjquirk,


message 31: by Janet (new)

Janet MacLeod Trotter | 17 comments Hi, I'm Janet MacLeod Trotter.
For those of you who like historical family sagas, quite a few of my North East novels are now available as ebooks (for both Kindle and ereaders/ipads)as well as paperbacks.

For example, The Jarrow Trilogy:
The Jarrow Lass: a powerful novel of passion and heartache

A CHILD OF JARROW: A compelling and heartrending sequel to the bestselling THE JARROW LASS

Return to Jarrow: A deeply moving and uplifting story from the author of the bestselling A Child of Jarrow

I've had fun designing the covers by using vintage photos of my relations! The woman on Return to Jarrow is my lovely mum when she was about 20 in the 1940s.

Janet MacLeod Trotter

message 32: by Vickie (new)

Vickie (vixiejj) | 1 comments Hi, Cassie at Gathering Leaves has run an interview with me on her blog. I'm offering a giveaway of my three Kiwi Series books too. Please check out her blog for details at http://gatheringleavesreviews.blogspo...

The books are for children, but I've received some nice reviews from adults. They are about two children who are taken to their pet cat's other home - Cat City - where they literally become kitties.

Vickie Johnstone

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you, Em.

Eumeralla - Secrets, Tragedy and Love by Joanna Stephen-Ward

A family saga set in the Australian outback.

message 34: by Michael (last edited Nov 25, 2011 06:11AM) (new)

Michael Poeltl (mikepoeltl) A great opportunity, thanks.
Two of a trilogy are available with the third coming out in January 2012. For more information on the Post-Apocalyptic series visit the Amazon page: OR check them out on Goodreads The Judas Syndrome AND Rebirth
Watch the trailer for all three here:

message 35: by Michael (new)

Michael Parker (michaelparker) | 97 comments My next hardback novel, THE BOY FROM BERLIN is now available at at a reduced price and post free in UK if ordered before the publication date of December 30th. With the price of hardbacks these days, it's a good chance to buy a decent novel at a reasonable price. I think I'm getting just as excited with this one as I have with all my previous novels with the exception of my first: North Slope.

message 36: by Benson (new)

Benson Grayson | 1 comments Thanks for the opportunity to inform you about my new book "My Troubles With Time," written to amuse intelligent readers who like histoty. It's about an inept physics professor who travels back to December 1941 i his time machuine, seeking to become a national hero by destroying the Japanese fleet which attacked Pearl harbor. Naturally he goofs, sinking the Japanesevessels before they launched their attack. It's avialble in Ebook and paperback format from Amazon and can be sampled without charge.

Stephen Livingston | 12 comments Kindling - a collection of twelve tales by award-winning short story author Stephen Livingston. Written in a wide range of styles and covering a variety of themes from art, science and politics to metamorphosis, madness and murder.

UK -
US -

Best wishes, Stephen Livingston.

message 38: by Roger (new)

Roger Weston | 10 comments "Prepare for a wild and wooly ride. You will encounter not only the sea’s deadliest wave, but also adventure, suspense, murder, treasure, and romance. This is the type of story where you forget to breathe. Cussler, Grisham, Clancy, and Ludlum have attracted enormous readerships to the mystery/adventure genre. I’ve read most of their books—The Golden Catch compares favorably with any of them. .. Tie yourself down ‘cause you’re in for a heck of a ride.” –Jeff Tickson

An ex-CIA assassin who seeks redemption.
A beautiful archaeologist.
A treasure hoard on a remote Alaskan island.
A Korean billionaire who unleashes his ruthless killers to get what he wants.
Can a Bering Sea crab fisherman use survival skills from his past to save his friends and son?

“The details of history, culture, and treasure are quite interesting, and make for a fascinating backdrop to this action-adventure.” --Livia Montana

If you hunger for action and adventure, you may want to try The Golden Catch

message 39: by John (new)

John  Ashtone (johnashtone) | 19 comments English History buffs, this one is for you.

It is a factual History of England, I am writing a series of books under the heading of 'A concise History of England and the English' and this is the first volume 'The Dark Ages to the Vikings 410 to 1050' and covers from the departure of the Romans to the reign of Eadward III (The Confessor)just before the Norman invasion.

I have just updated it to include extra maps detailing places and battles with specific locations that are mentioned in the text, I have also re-edited the book with improved punctuation.

It is designed to be an easy read detailing the progression of how the English, our Laws, language, arts and people came to be the Nation we are.

Ideal for a download on Boxing day (26th Dec for our US cousins)I have packed it with good solid information from source material and backed up by the most authorotive people in the field, Anglo Saxon Historians Sir Frank Stenton and Michael Wood are the best known.

If you like Factual History this is for you.

message 40: by Mambwe (new)

Mambwe Chapeshamano | 1 comments Hi all. I have two self published on amazon kindle and create The titles are, 'The Ricky Fenton Affair' and 'The Restoration Project'. I intend to write a series of ten books, these are the first two. They are selling for £4. I would appreciate feedback.

message 41: by A.L. (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 265 comments An exciting adult fantasy adventure full of sex and sorcery, romance and revenge and magic and mayhem!
This is available as both e-book in all the Amazon stores, also in the Kindle Library for those with Amazon Prime.
Warning contains elves!

18 plus rating!

Please note this is the second edition and the paperback will follow shortly as the one still available on Amazon is the old version. For anyone who has the old version please check your manage my kindle shortly to see if the new version is now available.

message 42: by Eva (new)

Eva Hudson (evahudson) | 6 comments FREE on Kindle, The Senior Moment. A cross between The Golden Girls and Oceans Eleven.

Amazon UK
Amazon US

What do you need to pull off the perfect bank heist?
An expert safecracker?
A hoard of guns and explosives?
Months of careful planning?

Unfortunately, English grandmother Jean Henderson has none of the above. But she is about to discover she has a secret weapon all professional criminals would kill for: turning sixty-five appears to have made her invisible.

She arrives in New York to stay with her son, but finds his apartment empty. When she realises he has gone on the run to avoid a vicious loan shark, Jean decides to raise the money to save him. Using her secret weapon she embarks on a one-woman crime spree across Manhattan.

But will she get the cash before her son is found floating face-down in the East River?

message 44: by John (new)

John Needham (wordsfromjohn) | 22 comments Thanks for the opportunity to mention my book, Convergence (on Amazon Kindle; go to details from my author page - sorry, don't know how to do links yet!) Set in the East and West Midlands and rural Shropshire during the period from the halcyon sixties to the present, it's a romance with a difference: the coming-of-age stories of a white boy and black girl and what happens when their lives converge in their autumnal years.

It's a sometimes passionate polemic against the unfairness of race bigotry but also life-affirming; a testament to the curative power of love.

It will be offered free on Amazon on 11 January and I'll also make it available free as a direct email download at any other time to group members, if you'd like to read it and possibly give me an objective review on GR and Amazon? If so, please contact me. Many thanks!


(Apologies; can't make the 'add book/author' function work!)

message 45: by Michael (last edited Jan 09, 2013 06:59AM) (new)

Michael Parker (michaelparker) | 97 comments In 2011 I announced the lower, pre-publication price of my latest hardback, THE BOY FROM BERLIN. This is now available in USA and Canada as a paperback from Harlequin Books. Last month, the eBook was featured on Amazon's Daily Deal, and as a result of that there was a total of about 1660 downloads. It's amazing what a price reduction can do. The eBook is currently nestling in the top twenty on and also picking up some useful reviews. Why not have a look? You'll find it at

message 46: by Susan (new)

Susan Keefe | 5 comments John wrote: "Thanks for the opportunity to mention my book, Convergence (on Amazon Kindle; go to details from my author page - sorry, don't know how to do links yet!) Set in the East and West Midlands and rural..."

I have read Convergence and can highly recommend it as a lovely thought provoking inter-racial love story and a really enjoyable read.

message 47: by Lee (new)

Lee Cushing | 13 comments FROM THE DARKNESS and THE PISACHAS RETRIBUTION are available for the Nook at a discounted price.

The Pisachas Retribution

From The Darkness

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

"This could be the next Harry Potter." Reader review.
"An amazing experience." "
The next beloved Potter." Amy Lignor -Bookpleasures "Highly recommended!" GlendaBixlerReviews "The Harry Potter of today!" "If you're of the Harry Potter generation then you'll love this!" "I've read some great books recently but this one has to be right at the top of the list of the ones I've enjoyed most."

message 49: by Jim (new)

Jim Cliff | 6 comments Free on Kindle until Jan 16th - The Ultimate US TV Quiz Book: The '80s

Whose best friend was Mr Snuffalupagous?
What was the name of Jessica Fletcher's rather dangerous hometown?
Who sang the 'Family Ties' theme tune?

The answers to these and 347 other questions on over 160 shows can be found in The Ultimate US TV Quiz Book: The '80s.

What's more, UK readers have just as much chance of answering the questions, as all the TV shows featured in the book have also been shown in the UK.

Think you know '80s US TV? Download The Ultimate US TV Quiz Book: The '80s free until Jan 16th and take the challenge.

The Ultimate US TV Quiz Book The '80s by Jim Cliff

message 50: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Pearson Hi all,
My short story collection, Strange Love - Short Stories and Twisted Tales is free to download today and tomorrow. (.com) / (

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