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message 1: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Rice (geraldrice) | 10 comments My novella, Fleshbags, is almost ready for review and I'm looking for a few more reviewers. It's going to be under my own imprint, Razorline Press. Fleshbags is about a small outbreak in a city in metro Detroit and concerns several people trying to get somewhere else. A father trying to get to his daughter, a nurse who wants to go home, an ex-con who just wants out of the city, a young married couple spending the day in, and a cop trying to keep the outbreak contained.

Fleshbags will be released in August-September and I'm looking to send e-copies to reviewers by this Tuesday.

message 2: by Janny (new)

Janny (jannyan) | 12 comments Hello Gerald,
I would like to review your book.

message 3: by Gerald (new)

Gerald Rice (geraldrice) | 10 comments Great! Can you PM your email address?

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