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G-Dragon- Leader, rapper, vocalist. Born August 18, 1988
T.O.P.- Rapper. Born November 4, 1987
Taeyang (SOL)- Main dancer, lead vocalist. Born May 18, 1988
Daesung (D-Lite)- Main vocalist. Born April 26, 1989
Seungri (V.I.)- Maknae, dancer, singer. Born December 12, 1990.

Big Bang debuted on August 19, 2006 during the 10th YG Family concert. They released their first single Bigbang, which contained We Belong Together ft. Park Bom, A Fool is Only Tears, and a remake of Maroon 5's This Love by G-Dragon.
Their second single, Big Bang is V.I.P./La La La contained La La La, Ma Girl, and V.I.P.
Their third single, Bigbang 03, was released the same year, and it carried Big Bang, Forever With U ft. Park Bom, Good Bye Baby, and Daesung's solo Try Smiling.
In January 2007, Big Bang released their debut album, Bigbang Vol. 1 - Since 2007.
Their first mini album, Always, was released in 2007, with a total of 6 songs, including Lies, Always, a solo each for T.O.P. and G-Dragon, and Wrong Number.
Their second EP, Hot Issue, was also released in 2007. G-Dragon wrote the lyrics for every single track on the EP, and produced most of the tracks. It contains Fool, and Last Farewell.
Near the end of 2007, members were hospitalized for exhaustion, and all promotional activities were promptly cancelled. At the end of 2007, Big Bang released their first Japanese EP, For the World.
Their third mini-album was released in 2008. Stand Up is most widely known for the title track Haru Haru.
Number 1, Big Bang's first Japanese album, was also released in 2008. This album was mostly English versions of previous Korean releases.
Remember, Big Bang's second full Korean album, was also released in 2008. It contained tracks such as Sunset Glow and Seungri's solo Strong Baby, for which the MV was released on January 1, 2009.
2009 also saw the release of Big Bang's second Japanese album, Big Bang. It contained a few originally Korean tracks but was mostly made up of new Japanese tracks. They promoted as well as Gara Gara Go.
On August 18 2009, G-Dragon released his first solo album Heartbreaker, from which he promoted the title track Heartbreaker.
Not to be outdone, Taeyang released two singles, Where U At? and Wedding Dress. Seungri, T.O.P., and Daesung pursued solo activities until the group reunited for Koe Wo Kikasete, an OST for the Japanese drama Ohitorisama (One Person).
In 2010 they released Tell Me Goodbye for the Japanese re-release of the Korean drama Iris. Soon after came the single Beautiful Hangover.
GD&TOP was the debut album of the sub-unit made up of G-Dragon and T.O.P. They promoted three songs during the same promotion cycle: High High, Knockout, and Oh Yeah.
In 2011, Seungri released his first mini-album, VVIP.
After a full two-year hiatus as an entire group, Big Bang came back in 2011 with the EP Tonight. The Tonight Special Edition contained 8 tracks, three of which had been on the 6-track original EP.
December saw the release of The Best of Big Bang, a Japanese "best of" album.
2012 saw the release of Alive, Big Bang's 5th mini album. It contains Blue, Love Dust, Bad Boy, Ain't No Fun, Fantastic Baby, and Daesung's solo Wings. A Japanese version of Alive was released, with two additional tracks.
June 3 saw the release of a follow-up special edition album called Still Alive, which contains Still Alive, Monster, Feeling, Round and Round, Ego, and four tracks from Alive.
Daesung's first solo album, D'scover, was released in Japan in February 2013.

Fanclub name: V.I.P.
Color: none
Lightstick: yellow crown

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments ahhhhh....they are all so cool^o^

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments Awesome!!!!!!:Dthanks^.^

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haha no problem...
sometime when i'm feeling less lazy...
you can just add pictures of them if you want haha

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments cool:D i have only two pics of them in my photos but i have like a whole folder full of pics of them on my desktop<3

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments AWESOME!!! i need to get some more wallpapers of them. I wanna make a collage of them'o'

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Fwit | 23 comments Mod
that would be awesome!
i'm helpless and hopeless at collaging and stuff

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments same here:( but it doesn't hurt to try besides no one is gonna see the mess i make of it(hehe)

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hahaha whateverrr
it's all for the love of the same boys

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments exactly it's all for our little hunnybunnies^.^

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i'm on a lovesong/stupid liar high again xD

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments i'm on a haru haru high:D my mum wants to kill me cause i have to listen to that song every day x.x i'm actually listening to love song right now:)

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments hey just wanted to let you know that i just added a picture. hope it's okay:)

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Fwit | 23 comments Mod
of course it's okay!
feel free to spam with photos!
in the right folders, of course.

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SakuraTenshi (sakuratenshiprincess) | 15 comments haha kk thanks

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Fwit | 23 comments Mod
-looks for the pictures-

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