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"See! The man has become like ONE OF US..."

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BubblesTheMonkey I have a question about this quote from the Old Testament in the Bible. It's in Genesis 3:22. I have the Bible that's called "Saint Joesph Edition of the New American Bible". It's on page 7 in that Bible. I just want to here your opinions on what you think it means.

Mystic "The man has become like one of us, knowing what is good and what is bad!.."

Adam (peace be upon him)was placed in the Paradise to show him how Satan is going to tempt him to go against the will of God. It was a sort of demo to let Adam (pbuh)understand the tricks of Satan that he would use on the earth. Once Adam (pbuh) was given this "demo" or a lesson, he was asked to go down on earth and begin his life there.

Schawn schoepke I thought it was less of a test and more of Adam and Eve given everything but the fruit of knowledge. Yes they then are tempted and Eve takes the fruit and then gives some to Adam. They then realize they are naked ect. When god calls for them they hide and yes they now know temptation, shame, and sin. Now the man is no longer sheltered and knows what is good and bad!!!! I guess I never thought of it as a "demo" but more of a human act of imperfectness in a perfect place, but an act of free will, which leads to real faith as well.

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