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message 1: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 560 comments Mod
Silk Is For Seduction by Loretta Chase is the July read. In this thread you can post spoilers about the book.

message 2: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2101 comments Mod
I love Loretta Chase--I think three of her books are in my top 20 books of all time.

This book didn't quite make it there. The hero felt awfully like the hero of Don't Tempt me (did anyone else feel like that?) And while I like the whole Delucey family idea, somehow Marcelline didnt feel Delucy-like to me.

I'm not sure I'll reread this over and over the way I reread so many others of her books.

message 3: by Theresa (new)

Theresa Romain | 420 comments I just finished this last night, and I absolutely loved Marcelline. She was a great heroine, I thought--resourceful, determined, talented, smart. The family relationships were lovely, esp the mother-daughter scenes, and I thought "the other woman," Clara, was a wonderful character in her own right. I could see her getting a story of her own, maybe with Longmore.

Clevedon didn't work so well for me as the other characters. He was a well-rounded, witty Chase character--she'll never write a dud--but I didn't find him that admirable. I know that was the point early in the story, but I didn't really see much transformation in him. By the end of the story, he was still grabbing onto Marcelline's coattails (so to speak) and borrowing her sense of purpose.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the book. A happily working heroine is pretty unusual, and the descriptions of the clothing were so clear and detailed--I really had a sense of the life the Noirot sisters had created. The other two sisters have distinct personalities and I'm looking forward to their stories.

message 4: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2101 comments Mod
Theresa, maybe that's what bothered me about the hero--he didn't seem to have his own identity, beyond being bowled over by the heroine. Unlike the hero in Don't Tempt me (I can never remember the names!) who had a real personality and emotional development.

But a mediocre Loretta Chase is a good book for almost anyone else.

message 5: by Janga (new)

Janga | 1070 comments Mod
I loved it! Clevedon is not my favorite Chase hero by a long shot. He can't compare with Sebastian, Vere, Benedict, Rupert, Alistair, Peregrine, or even Jack Langdon. But I liked him, and I adored Marcelline and the idea of a self-made heroine. Her experience was different from the typical DeLucey, and I thought she showed some reactions similar to Bathshebas. This one probably won't have me rearranging my top 100, but it was an A read for me. I'm sure I'll reread it.

message 6: by DeeDee (new)

DeeDee (deedee97) | 27 comments sadly, Kindle version not available, so won't be reading it just yet :( xx

message 7: by Dls (new)

Dls | 2101 comments Mod
I thnk you can buy it from B and N and download it to your computer, using free reader software. Not as convenient as a kindle or nook, but it does get the job done!

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan (susaninaz) | 1032 comments I am liking the historical accuracy with regards to the clothing and the use of 15-inch dolls as mailable mannikins. My doll club members collect these dolls, which were sturdy and not played with by children, so many of them are still in existence.

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan (susaninaz) | 1032 comments I just finished the section in Paris. I love how Marcelline is super-smart! She forged her way through exit officials, three days before the Duke could possibly follow her, just so she can control the rumors in London before he has a chance... (evil chuckle)

message 10: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 560 comments Mod
I just finished it recently and I agree. The hero didn't quite work for me either. However, it was still a good book, just not my favorite Chase book.

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