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message 1: by Jack (new)

Jack | 286 comments This is a Seriously fun game! Here are the forms for it...

Super Hero Form

Super Hero Name
Real Name
Love Interest
Painful past (reason for becoming a super hero)
(Really anything else you can think of)

Villain Form!

Villain Name
Real Name
Side Kick
Love Interest
Painful Past (reason for evilness)
(Anything else you can think of)

Side-Kick Form!

Side-Kick Name
Real Name
Powers (If any)
Love Interest
Painful past
Reason for becoming a sidekick
Nemesis (or mentor's Nemesis)
(anything else)

You don't have to do all of these, but It is really fun and hilarious once we get started!

message 2: by Sammy (new)

Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Super Hero Name: Captain Fabulous
Age: 56
Real Name: Frank Boyles
Home: Cody, Wyoming
Sidekick: Georgie the Monkey
Nemisis: Has yet to find one
Powers: Can shoot bubblegum out his fingers
Description: He's a retired ice cream man who fell into a vat of expired snow cone syrup at his job 20 years ago and it somehow gave him the ability to shoot bubblegum from his fingers. He got Goorgie the Monkey from an auction in Siberia.
Characteristics : A bit old... Super suit is a bit tattered.... It's basically a baggy cheap sweatsuit from Walmart with underwear on the outside and a bandana stapeled to the back for a cape.
Weakness: Bratty teenagers
Love Interest: His loving wife, Mabel. (she bakes cookies!)
Likes: ice cream, lollipops
Painful past (reason for becoming a super hero)
(Really anything else you can think of)

message 3: by ☆♪Taylor♪☆, I <3 DR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (new)

☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod
Villain Name Taylor
Age 18
Real name taylor
Powers is a witch
Goal get rid of mudbloods and muggles
Home erm... idk
Nemesis harry potter, dumbledore, the order
Description AWESOME. can't describe loks: she's a metamorphmagus
Characteristics AWESOME
Side Kick Jane (death eater trainee)
Weakness erm... idk
Love Interest erm... idk
Painful Past (reason for evilness) doesn't have one
Likes death eaters
Dislikes erm... good guys?
(Anything else you can think of)

message 4: by LM (new)

LM | 178 comments Super Hero Name : Super Ninja(:
Age : 16
Real Name : Chastity
Home : erm.. New Orleans ,LA
Sidekick : black ninja cat and a boy named Sam
Nemisis : Grumpy Adults
Powers : Mind control, influences others to be care-free.
Description : Chastity has black hair with emerald green eyes. Is always wearing black and has been seen entering Candy shops. She also has a part-time job working at Chuckie Cheese.
Characteristics: Kind, funny, always gets her way (obviously) Uses her powers for the good of teens and tweens around the world.
Weakness : Punishment
Love Interest : her boyfriend, Sam ( He ran away with her.)
Likes : Sweets, Helping others, Seeing Sam happy.
Dislikes : Bullies , Adults , people who take the fun out of things, Veggies.
Painful past: Chastity was born this way. Shes known about her powers since she was 5 years of age. Her mother wanted her to eat real food before having sweets. She had influenced her mother to think it was better for her to eat sweets first. When she turned 12 she ran away and has been missing from home since. Now she rents out an apartment with the help of Sam.

message 5: by ☆♪Taylor♪☆, I <3 DR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (new)

☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod

message 6: by LM (new)

LM | 178 comments hehe <3 thanks

message 7: by Jack (new)

Jack | 286 comments Is this fun? They look soo cool!

message 8: by LM (new)

LM | 178 comments (:
Supa Ninja! <3

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 02, 2011 04:52PM) (new)

Super Hero Name: The Bleeding Clown
Age: 16
Real Name: Sheila Carnegie
Home: Las Vegas, Nevada
Sidekick: None
Nemesis: The Midnight Angel
Powers: Supreme acrobatic abilities, taunting villains, extreme martial arts
Description: Sheila's supersuit is a red and black harlequin-patterned jumpsuit. She always wears a white smiling Greek theatre mask with blood-red and black triangles painted under the eyes. She has large, light brown eyes, black hair, and a sallow olive complexion.
Characteristics: Sheila is a quiet but feisty teen with a sharp, sarcastic wit. She prefers improvising to planning, and her greatest strength is in tactics and acting. Excels in memory, coordination, creativity and stealth. Very passionate and responsible.
Weaknesses: Very neurotic and easily angered, and can't carry on a small conversation for more than ten minutes. Prone to rebellion and lacks much impulse-control.
Love Interest: Alexander Crike
Likes: Pschycology, gymnastics, classical music, punk rock, rose gardens, softball, manga drawing, charcoal drawings, reading
Dislikes: Cats, rodents(mice, rats, hamsters, squirrels, etc.), crime, parties
Painful Past: Sheila grew up as the terribly shy only child of two paramedics. They hadn't wanted a child when she was born, and were always on the job. That, coupled with the fact that she could not make any friends, caused Sheila to have a very lonely childhood. Her only real sources of pleasure were drawing, reading, music, and the Batman animation. It was by watching Batman that Sheila found her role model: Harley Quinn. As a young girl, Sheila never felt significant; in the eyes of her parents, her school, or anyone. But, during the few interactions between her and her parents, she learned a great deal about the crime in Sin City- hit and runs, muggings, drive-bys, etc. So she decided to make something of herself; she would become a superheroine, a good Harley Quinn. She would finally be important, she would matter. So, with the idealistic hopes of a 10-year-old, she began her journey to heroism. Determined to do Harley proud, she became an accomplished gymnast; many hours were spent tumbling, flipping, and leaping through the air. Sheila took up extreme martial arts, and studied pschycology in secret. After nearly six years of training and studying, she became the Bleeding Clown- a wisecracking, high-flying heroine of the shadows.

message 10: by Jack (new)

Jack | 286 comments I >OVE HARLEY QUINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE VILLAIN!!!!

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 26 comments Super Hero Name: Nightwing
Age: 17
Real Name: Sam Baker
Home: Nightville; Moon is up for 16 hours
Sidekick? none
Nemisis: The Mole
Powers? Dragon abilities, nightvision, etc.
Description: When Nightwing, he is sly and sneaky around his foes. When Sam, he is nice and sweet.
Characteristics: Nightwing is a pitch black dragon who can walk on his hind legs. Both Sam and Nightwing are 5'4" and both have brown eyes. Nightwing always wears a classic black mask that makes his eyes glow pure white. Plus, Nightwing wears black jeans to blend in with the darkness; he doesnt have a shirt. Sam is a blonde and he always is used to wearing a pair of jeans.
Weakness: A pure white gem called Lightix will make him unable to move temporarily. If there is more than five ounces of Lightix, he won't be able to move for hours.
Love Interest: A girl named Saphire. She meets him the day he moves into Nightville.
Likes: He likes to draw and make his own comics.
Dislikes: He doesn't like to dance or sing in public.
Past: When he was little, he would always tie a rope to his waist to where some was still hanging down behind him and have cardboard wings tied to his back. He always called himself 'Dragonboy'. The day before he moves, he wakes in the middle of the night, finding that he cant get up. He finds out he has wings and he finds out soon after he has a tail.
Other:Nightwing only goes when it is dark.

Villain Name: The Mole
Age: 17
Real Name: Henry Orlowski
Powers: None, but somehow gets a hold of a lot of nucular wepons
Goal: To bring vingence to all the people of Nightville, for they are all taller than him and they call him names.
Home: Nightville; Moon stays up for 16 hours
Nemesis: Nightwing
Description: The Mole is a very crazy man and sometimes tries to kill his foes. Henry, on the other hand, is shy and a wimp.
Characteristics: The Mole and Henry both stand at 3'5". The Mole just wears a mole coustume. His real face cannot be seen. Henry is a red head with green eyes. You always see Henry wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants
Weakness: His shortness makes it easy to defeat him.
Love Interest: None. He never had one
Painful Past (reason for evilness): He is always picked on for his size and for his liking of the mole.
Likes: Gardening most of the time
Dislikes: People who make fun of him for his shortness
Other: He also only fights Nightwing when its dark

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