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message 1: by KaShawn (new)

KaShawn | 11 comments Mod
In this thread we would like to start sharing any form of writing that you have written and start giving each other feedback on their writings.

message 2: by KaShawn (last edited Jul 29, 2011 12:40PM) (new)

KaShawn | 11 comments Mod
Dancing with Death

Swiftly we move
Graceful as Swans
My life in her hands
Her grip in mine

She takes the lead
And I Abide
Accepting my fate
It is my time

This is a poem a wrote for a witing assignment about death.

message 3: by Farrah (new)

Farrah Would you like critique or feedback?

message 4: by KaShawn (new)

KaShawn | 11 comments Mod
Farrah wrote: "Would you like critique or feedback?"

I'm looking for both and then I was going to state my perspective when I wrote the poem and what I was trying to accomplish with it.

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