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StoryWeaver Theme : You choose an everyday situation that can span for a week like
a) getting set for the final exams
b) going shopping at the mall and what happens after
c)before and after...an accident/a parcel arriving/a phone call

If we start the role play on July 5th we end it exactly one week later....Each day labeled true to the real life calender...so 5th July, tuesday....what we can do is play around by introducing a time...like 5th July 9:00am...you can always have a subsequent post which says 5th July 6:00am (as an indication of something that had 'actually' earlier thus resulting in the current situation...)

We create 7 characters....3 normal 'humans' 4 fictional characters unwittingly tugged from their fantasy world into ours...be it Harry Potter or the Terminator or Mickey mouse...each has a definite 'ability' or way of talking...

No single person controls a character...any emmber can post a comment labeled according to the character adopted for that instant...like this

Harry Potter : 'But why shouldn't we....

message 2: by ♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫, Don't interrupt me while I'm reading a book. I <3 Julian Smith! (new)

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) | 130 comments This sounds really cool!

message 3: by Artemis (new)

Artemis (artemisknight) | 16 comments So, should we start? I think I'm going to pull Ayuzawa Misaki out. :D Can we do that? She'll just suddenly be able to speak English fluently.

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