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Skye opened the door of her room and let Linc in. She sat down on the bed. "Tell me everything." she said.

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"Warlocks caught me. They tortured me. They all but killed me. And one of the seduced me" he hurried his face in his big hands.

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Skye was speechless. "And when did all this happen?"

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"Just before I came back to the Academy" He sighed.

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"So this stuff happened overseas?"

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He nodded. "I was on a weeks holiday in Sydney"

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"These warlocks... Were they really powerful?"

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He nodded "I was nothing against them"

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"This isn't good..." Skye muttered. "Not good at all..."

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"And now, one of my closest friends is dating one of those"

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"Wait... You mean Iv?"

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"Yes! She's dating the guy who tortured me!"

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"Who is..."

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"You mean that dude that I... Oh! I'm so sorry! No wonder you felt so horrid! I swear... I might just kill him."

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He shook his head. "Yeah, that's why"

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Rage boiled up in Skye. "Why is he here?" she asked.

((g2g! Cya 'later today'))

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"If only I knew!"

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"Well, we'll find out. Together." she said, hugging him. "Don't you worry."

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Lincoln sighed. "So how are things between you and Logan?"

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"Good! Great!" Skye said, smiling.

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"Logan just got us a ranch in Argentina! It's beautiful!" Skye smiled.

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Lincoln laughed. "That ranch has been in our family for generations. He inherited it. He truly loves you" Lincoln hugged her "Little sis" He added, smiling warmly

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Skye laughed. "Big brother..."

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"And don't you forget it!" He grinned

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"I've never had a big brother before... This will be epic!"

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He laughed "We're twins, I'm older by 1 minute and 19 seconds"

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"You will still be my big brother!"

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"I will" He promised

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"We can do big brother little sis stuff!" Skye laughed.

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"Like?" He laughed even harder

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I don't know..." Skye laughed, her stomach hurting from all the laughter.

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"Hmm... I have no idea either!"

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"We'll invent stuff!"

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"Yes we will!" He promised. "How about brother-sister bull riding?"

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"Okay!" Skye laughed.

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"Seriously?" He asks, a little shocked

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"Logan probably wouldn't let us!"

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He shook his head. "No, actually I'm pretty sure he'd think it's cool. Y'know, if you don't, well, die"

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"My big brother would be there to save me!" Skye started laughing again.

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He laughed to. "Well... Yeah, of course I will"

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"Maybe we can go gaming..."

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"Oh of course! What do you play?"

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"Nothing. Which is why you will be the big brother that teaches his lil sis how to play video games!"

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"You don't like war games. Hmmmm.... Need for Speed?"

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"Is that a car game?"

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