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I had grown to like bill he was so cute and mysterious D: Its sad that he is lucifer and an evil gremilin :( Agreed?

Sarah Agreed. but the whole time i thought there was something off about him. no one is ever nice and helpful to luce like that. there had to be a catch. but who knew that catch was that he is satan. sad.
I'm excited and not for the next one. it is kinda predictable because you know there is going to be a happily ever after. they all ban together, fight satan, win, then luce and daniel live happily ever after with the curse broken. that is my prediction..

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I somewhat liked Bill, but as it progressed I knew that there was something seriously creepy about him. For one: when he changed into Daniel for Luce was majorly creepy, two: how he would disappear at random times, and three: how he didn't want Daniel to see him. Then, it felt like he was kind of controlling Luce at parts. But yeah, Bill creeped me out.

Kimi As soon as he appeared, I knew he was the devil. Because of the way the outcasts acted around the mystery person, I knew there was something up. It all connected. Who else could handle her if the outcasts and the fallen couldn't even after I pulled it together I was thinking "why don't u notice his weirdness? He's always disappearing! He's avoiding D? Why wouldn't she think that D would follow? Oh this book!

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Yeh but I still wish he wasnt evil D:

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Janae Bill, he was so weird and then I too thought that there was something off about him. I'm thinking something is so not right.
But then I was thinking he had a very convincing excuse as to why he was there, being as she was still learning her way around she believed him out of ignorance.
Still after the first couple of in and out of Announcers, I still had the feeling that something was wrong. Then at then I wasn't at all that surprised to realize he was satan.
Another good thing was that Cam had always been a hot bad guy, now he just got hotter.
Then at the end with the big hug! That was sooo cute too!

Kimi Yeah he was ubber weird! But usually people dont just help people for the heck of it, especially in books lol there's always a hidden reason.

Kimberly i sorta suspected he was a bad guy and i thought it was pretty easy to spot but i didnt think he gona turn out to be the devil haha

Janae He was evil and something was off about him.

percabeth He was in the bathtub with Luce...and she dunked him into the water with her heel...nice!

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Nurlely There was always something strange with Bill. He avoided both side of angels. And Roland could sense him while Arriane could not. Roland chose Lucifer' side that is why he could sense him.

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Kimi Exactly... he didn't want any of the good ones to know where he was. Cam knew too and didn't say anything to Daniel.

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Nurlely Cam could not betray Lucifer. The punishment would be severe.

Janae Yea, and then wouldn't that of forced Lucifer out of his facade of a gorglye and to make his real self known to Luce, therefore altering what else happened in the rest of the story? I think it would.

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Kimi Nurlely wrote: "Cam could not betray Lucifer. The punishment would be severe."

Yea, I know why he did it.

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I still wish he hadn't..

Bernadette I knew it, ever since we were introduced to him. The only reason though was from the introduction of Lucifer in the prolouge. Otherwise i would've been completely clueless

Lilian Throughout the book,he'd be like so freaaking funny,but in the end I wanted to go inside and,well,kill him,slap him,punch jim,beqat the crap out of him,you pick...:)

Janae Ber wrote: "I knew it, ever since we were introduced to him. The only reason though was from the introduction of Lucifer in the prolouge. Otherwise i would've been completely clueless"

That how I felt too like he'd handle it himself and then the book went on. You could just tell something was off and wrong or whatever.

Caroline C. i kinda predicted it not right when she met him but a couple of chapters later i kinda knew it and hated him since.

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Nurlely I have been suspicious the time Bill entered Luce's announcer. Bill must have been a celestial being for that.

Janae Yea, like there's something he's not telling us and then when he left and came back saying that he did other things too, that didn't seem right either.

Azhia I knew something was fihy about him the whole time because of the prolougue & that had to be tied into the story somehow. Plus he was just too nice to Luce. Also the consant dispearing whenever the angels were around! I knew it all along but it mad the story good.

Jesserie i knew he was bad but i didn't think he would be that bad

Victoria Parker I knew something was off just didnt expect him to be Lucifer i was kinda liking him he was funny but i felt he had a mean side to him and also he got a temper real fast he always im not sure but i think he told her to do the wrong times he was funny and kool but i just wish he didnt have to be Lucifer and wipe the whole thing away with Daniel and Luce he should just leave them alone!! :)

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disagree: i hate stories where characters are one dimensional and have no motive. i loved that bill turned out to be bad. it gave a twist to an already brilliant story.

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