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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Forgotten YA Book Title- Black cover with film [s]

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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca  (readingwishes) | 10 comments Saw this book a month or so ago and can't remember what it's called.
But i do very quite distinctively remember the cover.
The cover is black, and had film rolled out with the title in the back ground.
I don't remember the description of the book very well, but it's something along the lines of You against Me.
I think there's an assault or something and sides are taken, between the best friend and brother.
Confusing, i know.

But thanks anyway.

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca  (readingwishes) | 10 comments Btw. This is a new book, which I don't even know if it's available to purchase yet.

message 3: by LauraW (new)

LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 374 comments Well Wittlinger's Razzle has film on the cover, but somehow I seem to remember seeing another book like you described.

message 4: by LauraW (last edited Jul 03, 2011 07:40AM) (new)

LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 374 comments Here are a couple more from Amazon: This Will Go Down in Your Permanent Record by Susannah Felts and Out of Focus by Margaret Buffie.

message 5: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca  (readingwishes) | 10 comments No, sorry.
It's none of these.
Thanks anyway.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura | 33 comments Exposed by Kimberly Marcus?

message 7: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca  (readingwishes) | 10 comments Yes, thanks.
That's it.

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