Hit List (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #20) Hit List question

What were you opinions on this book?
Carmon Carmon Jul 01, 2011 12:25AM
What did you like?
What did you hate?
What do you wan to see in the next one?

I liked that Anita and Edward were working together again in this book. It really WAS nice that Anita wasn't such a slut in this one. I just wish there would have been more of Jean-Claude.

I liked that LKH seemed to be taking Anita back to her early days of investigating and vampire hunting (that is the series name after all), but she still fell terribly short of accomplishing that feat. As with all her books since "Narcissus in Chains," this one is full of repetitive dialogue and endless descriptions. I don't need to know what everyone is wearing and exactly how their hair is styled and where every hidden weapon on their body is placed. Thankfully, (from the clothing description aspect) their was no Jean Claude in this installment so we weren't subjected, yet again, to his thigh-high black leather boots and black leather pants so tight they looked like they'd been poured on; nor his black curly hair cascading onto his shirt so black that it was hard to tell where hair ended and shirt began. If I have to read that paragraph one more time (since she includes it in EVERY BOOK featuring Jean Claude) I might go mad.

Another huge positive for me was the virtually non-existent sex. I don't mind one way or the other, but when entire chapters are devoted to describing her bland, monotonous sex with her ever-revolving cache of men, I wish LKH would go with the advice of less is more.

I would love to see Anita as she once was---lose all the powers, lose all the men, and raise a freaking zombie.

I liked that Anita didn't bang the complete United States.
I hated that Anita/Edward & sometimes Bernardo were immersed in all the unnecessary Olaf/Otto is obsessed with Anita convos. They discussed it repeatedly & it drove me insane.
In the next one I'd like to see the hunt & kill of Olaf.

I also liked that Anita wasn't "feeding the ardeur" quite so much in this one, and that the majority of the book was about Anita & Ted/Edward. I think Edward is becoming a softie and I would totally love to see a romance between him and Anita. I think he could save her from the monsters :) I also agree (and think) that Anita & Edward are going to have to hunt and kill Olaf because now he's going to come after Anita something fierce. It will be awesome because Olaf is just as good as Anita & Edward

Lynn ** Spoiler- sort of.. Dont worry she feeds it less. learns other ways to feed
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It was a huge disapointment. People keep saying they like the Anita and Edward stories, but to me there the same story rehased in a different part of america. Theres also several Huge plot holes at this point.

1) Anita is soo overpowering that Edward isnt needed and is just showing up to give her weapons... Remember he was afraid to go after the mother of all darkness as he thought there was a good chance he would die. Anita ate her like she was nothing.
2) They both hate olaf yet they call him up every chance they get, even though hes not needed. She is dating a master of a city, Shes queen of several weregroups, She could call up any of 100 followers to help with a case, not the creepy murdering physco.
3) All we ever get is the same descriptions of his eyes and ted personality which Anita is still shocked about with alittle more redundent info every story. "His name might be ted really" "He might come from here" "Hes got a family" "his wife doesnt know"

I much prefered anita when it was just her solving a case with an occasional sidekick helping her abit. The fact that she can now call up 10+ peeps to form a Squad and I struggle to remember who they are and if she slept with them is crazy...

The only new thing in these stories is her next rationalization of something that Previously she would never ever do but meh rules are ment to be broken!
Weres/semi-shifted were/almost shifted were
Multiple partners
16yr olds
Married men
Bride of dracula/Mind fking someone into your slave
Killing lover to save lover
Murder to raise the dead
Murdering people with the dead

The series needs to end, Im begging LKH to end it with the next book, Its getting painful to read your attempt to write a vunerable charater that you have turned into demi-god. The inconsitancy and plotholes are really starting to add up and the repeat scenes/stories/chars/enemies is getting stale. Please please end it. I know theres alot of nostalgia and everyone has there fav char, but people need to remember that they can reread a book, not hope that the next book is a clone of the last but with a few minor changes....

I really liked it. It was a vast improvement on the last couple it was great to see it get back more to it's original format and making it an investigation type story with a little sex instead of the sex being the main focus.

I can't complain. I started with SKIN TRADE & went from there to Affliction. Then I started reading out of order. I was a noobie to the series. It didn't hurt to read out of order-- that alone makes it a great series. I didn't feel lost starting so far in and going back. I have read a whole bunch more, my library just finally was able to get me a copy of the 1st book and a copy of burnt offerings. They will be read totally out of sequence to what i've been reading. I thnk the series is great. Sorry for typos. (wrist/hand problems)

I thought the book was good. And for the record, the sex scenes are some of my favorite parts in all the LKH books. I always enjoy Edward/Ted, he is a major favorite of mine. The visit with Bernardo was cool too(they SO have to have sex at least once before someone ends up killing him off!!!).
I did think there was a little too much talking, doubting, explaining, oversharing, whatever you want to call it. I would have been able to follow the story fine without all the leading us around by the hand.
It was a fast read for me and there was not enough sex but the reason was obvious. The end of Marmee Noir was a tad bit anticlimactic and disappointing, but I was relieved no one on our team got dead.
Ethan was a nice find, wasn't he? Yummy and useful, always a good combo.
I enjoyed the investigating parts, I miss that when its not there. But I really seriously miss all the zombie stuff. I mean, hello, she is an animator after all.
Olaf is major creep ick, but I really like his character for some reason. Maybe I'm twisted, idk. I do believe they will be hunting him soon. I hope he comes to St. Louis so she can show what her real power looks like and how badass she really is. Right before she shoots him in the head. i also want to know more about what Nicky and Olaf know of/about each other.
She cant ever be with Edward. I knew that before this book, but after all the stuff in this one about how she realizes how human and fragile he is, it'll never happen. I just don't want him to become someone else for her to take care of. I want him to be old and safe with donna and the kids. well, Peter is kinda iffy, but ya know.
I do agree some of the same descriptions can get a tad trying, but its kind of a theme so I don't always even notice.
Haven had to die. He would have ruined everything Anita worked so hard for. He wouldn't have fit in, he couldn't handle it. I hope she replaces him swith someone equally as hot though. Just not ridiculusly jealous and angry dominant.
I have been reading her books for years and will be with Anita till the end. Love ya, LKH!

I liked that Edward was in this one but overall I was disappointed and didn't feel it was one of the better books in the series. And I missed Jean Claude and others

I kept thinking maybe anita would have to feed on edward...i wondered what peter would do when he found out...n olaf...can't wait to see what happens there...he's always been interesting to me.

I'm not a regular reader of paranormal romance and when someone said I just HAD to read this I read it pretty much all in one go. The sex doesn't bother me one bit. The first few were good and going in a great direction, the middle few were hazy with rounds and rounds and rounds of menage sex which, while ok to read, didn't do much for the series. This last book is by far the best of the lot. I hope Otto/Olaf becomes a lover.

I like the fact that Anita wasn't having sex all the way through the book. It tends to become the whole plot in some of these. I fell in love with Anita for being a strong, feminine female lead character. And a badass to boot. I like the action scenes and the bloodshed. I like the fact that she is truly going back to investigating.

I also think Ms. Hamilton has done a great job developing the relationship between Edward and Anita. Anita has what, 20 men in her harem already, why does she need Edward too? That would ruin the relationship between them.

I do get tired of Anita being ever so kind as to explain everything to everyone. She needs her rage back. I like the softer Anita to a certain extent but she's supposed to be the hard one. Yes Edward has always been harder but he didn't begin to respect her for her kindness but because she was able to make the hard decisions. She's the one who blew off a werewolf's head in the middle of a mall food court!

I liked this book, although it wasn't one of the best in my opinion...

Everyone complain about all the sex scenes L.K.H. is putting in the last books, but am I the only one not minding them?
Not that I'm a Nympho or something, but I like erotica books, so usually I read books that are about sex. If we have to be honest also The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward is about sex. But I don't see anyone complaining.

True, I'd come to like the Anita Blake series when there wasn't so much sex involved, (although it was still sensual, because of Jean-Claude and the club), and coming back to the old kind of A.B. book we used to like, was kind of nice, even though it wasn't as long and intricate as it used to be.
But I admit I wouldn't have minded one more sex scene in HIT LIST. Maybe one with Nicky. :D

What I didn't like:
-To many "WHY?", or "WHAT DOES THAT MEANS?" etc.. The one that got on my nerves the most was just before Anita and Ethan had sex, while they were talking. Iloved him, he's hot and sweet, but God, I was almost going to throttle him if he went on asking her to explain better. I was shocked Anita didn't just send him to hell, or got at least pissed off. Guess either she really really liked him that much, or she had to feed the ardeur very badly! The old Anita would have just shut him up and got angry. It surprised me that she was so calm.

-It was too short. I want to read again a book that gets me busy for 3-4 days, not just 1 or 2!

-And where the hell were Jean-Claude and Nathaniel???

What I did like:
EDWARD!!! God, I think I'm in love with him... He's just too hot and mysterious and tempting... Although he's kind of scary, he's also yummy!
And as much as he can be scary, he will never be as scary as Olaf!!! God help me, he gives me the creeps!
And what about Anita being embarrassed with Edward?
I think that she somehow likes him, she's attracted by him, but doesn't want to admit it. Or even, she hasn't even realized it yet. And I guess Edward too is "in love with her" sort of. It's just me, or sometimes he seemed just a bit jealous, without showing it openly? And now we know he really cares about her. What Bernardo said about her hypotetical death and Ed going ballistic and starting to kill everyone on sight... it made me think...

And at last:
I want Haven back!!! I know he went crazy and almost killed Nat (and just for that I would have beaten the hell out of him), but I liked my sexy Cookie Monster! :( and also Anita misses him!
Please, L.K.H. find a way to get him back!

Cindy I agree I see something in the Edward and Anita relationship. I did enjoy this book much more, not so much sex with everyone (this gets old) and this ...more
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