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message 1: by Lauren, The Dreamer (last edited Jul 21, 2011 12:42AM) (new)

Lauren (lauren-sky) | 513 comments Mod
This month for the writing competition, you must write a short story or poem with any song title in it, in any context (so if you used 'The Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles, you don't have to refer to it as a song, instead it could be a vehicle your dad owns).
Now, since this month we have a full 31 days (while in June, you were only given two weeks), I do expect more people to participate! But don't feel like you're being forced... this is for fun, don't forget! ;)

Song chosen:
(optional) :


message 2: by Diabolical Daemonic (last edited Jul 01, 2011 04:59PM) (new)

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 4 comments Name: Its Just Skin Deep

Genre: Poetry

Song chosen: Santana, “Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen” and The Rolling Stones, “Sympathy for the Devil”

Description: N/A

Is dripping from the sink,
As I lift my face to the sky and weep,
It runs to the tiles,
Pools at my feet.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The damned Gypsy Queen,
For their bloody tears.

I hate you,
For doing this to me,
As the blade flashes again and again,
Ever deeper,
Into the skin.
Marks for the future, wounds of the present, gates of the past,
I'll hate you forever,
For what you've done to me.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
And the damned Gypsy Queen,
What I wouldn't do,
To join you,
In that pool of despair.

The razor clatters,
In the sink,
Vision blurring,
I fall to the floor.
Tears of red,
Run down my face,
Into the cracks,
That are my mask.

My shattering Mask.

The bathtub glints,
In the light,
As I slip,
Into its warmth.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The damned Gypsy Queen,
As they make their tracks,
Across the globe.

Water gushes,
Dirty, filthy
Over my body,
Red and Grey,
Together in harmony.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The Gypsy Queen,
Oh, yes I do.
As I take my life,
In the fluttering light,
Of this motel of the dead,
Music blaring,
Prostitutes moaning,
Little boy's screaming.

Goodbye, my baby,
I won't see you anymore,
Forgive your mother,
For her black little heart.
She just can't stand the sight of you,
The memories you incur,
Please forgive her,
As she picks of the rusted blade again.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The Gypsy Queen,
Oh, yes, I truly, truly do.

The blade looks so innocent,
As I press it to my throat.
The tears come again,
Oh, they do come again.
I can do it,
Oh yes I can.
The slits in my wrists,
Are testaments to that.
They sting,
They hurt,
I just want to die,
Just go away, please.

The knife is so cold,
Like a piece of ice.
But the blood,
Oh, the blood,
Is so warm.
It makes me sleepy,
I just want to sleep.
The water rises,
Spills over the side.
I will but cannot cry.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The Gypsy Queen,
If they had half the life I did,
In these short few years.
Of death and tears,
Of pain and hate,
Constant complaints.
So I say goodbye,
Water gone pink,
Limbs gone numb.
I'll see you in the afterlife.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

name: "Lonely Lullaby"
genre: poetry
song chosen: Lonely Lullaby by Owl City
description: basically a poem about lost love and broken hearts.

I'm sitting here,
and I can't breath.
My mind is racing,
but my heart is empty.
We had it all,
but then you left.
Leaving me nothing but this lonely lullaby.
You told me that you loved me,
and I believed you.
You're smile brought me in,
and your embrace captured me.
Now you've left me standing here,
with nothing but mistakes.
My heart is filled with our lonely lullaby.
Hopefully I'll regain composure,
learn to live without you.
My heart may be broken,
but time heals all wounds.
I'll take it one day at a time,
because that's what life is for.
I won't succomb to this lonely lullaby.

message 4: by Bakhtawar (last edited Jul 03, 2011 10:49PM) (new)

Bakhtawar Name:alone in the dark!!
Description:random thoughts

whenever i walk through these woods
on these dry leaves i close my eyes!!
and the flashback starts....
those times which were so ecstatic
those people who were so amiable
a smile appeared on my face unwillingly
my feet slowed down
and i stopped....
yes!!time has the power to change everything
with this flood all those beautiful times eroded
oh how cruel this time is!!!
without letting me know it shattered me into pieces
now i stand in this dark, dismal,dead place
where even trees are grieved
and no one is left to console me
i turn back and i see nothing!!
yes i am left alone
alone in the dark!!

message 5: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 15, 2011 07:17PM) (new)

Genre: poetry
Song: Blackbird By: The Beatles. (i'm using some of the lyrics from it since the title is so short)
Description (optional) : Okay. So I like darker sadder poetry right? Well this is about your best friend dying. You watch as they lower the coffin and you hear the blackbirds AKA crows cawing in the dead of the night. It's about how the person forgets such a sad time of their life. I know it's weird ok but I like it.

A blackbird perches in a tree, singing.
You see the graves surrond you.
You feel the dead under you.
You watch as your best friend goes with them.
Blackbirds singing in the dead of night.
They raise their wings and fly away, just like you do.
You cry but you soon forget.
And never see the blackbirds by the grave again.

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