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Bobbie  Crawford | 197 comments Mod
Topics and discussions linked to author and book marketing, publicity, promotion and related subjects.

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments I would like to invite all to visit my new author blog at: I will begin some innovative posts related to OF GOOD AND EVIL, but until then you should still find the blog quite interesting!

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Willeke Van Eeckhoutte (willekegmailcom) | 5 comments Mad about books, libraries (used to work in one after studying library sciences!), bookshops, museums... call me a geek if you want and I won't hold it against ya! :)

Started blogging last month, not sure yet of the direction it will take me but am loving it so far! Not to forget trying out all the designs for the webpages! :D)

Feel free to take a look around and add me as a friend in FB or elsewhere! The link is:

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments Willeke, you asked to be added as a friend on Facebook, but FB is nortorious for getting in a huff when you ask to add as a friend someone you don't know personally --- which includes almost everyone on Facebook. I've sent you a friend request on Goodreads. They're more realistic about this.

Like you, I've just started blogging, and would appreciate, if you have time, you visiting my blog (posts still in the making, but the blog still interesting) at:

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Anita Clenney (anitaclenney) | 6 comments I have an interview up today. I’m giving away a copy of Awaken the Highland Warrior, and Crystal Lynne is giving away a handmade book thong, inspired by the book, complete with tiny sword and kilt. Leave a comment or question for chance to win.


Awaken the Highland Warrior (Connor Clan, #1) by Anita Clenney

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Jackie (bookaphile) | 30 comments I have a new blog, started with book reviews but who knows what will end up on it. :)

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments Jackie, in your reviews, may I suggest one of OF GOOD AND EVIL. For this, see my new blog,

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Jon (jonreisfeld) | 12 comments Hi. I've just uploaded two trailers for my book, "The Last Way Station," and would really appreciate some feedback. You can find them on my author page at: Please let me know which one you like better and why. Thanks!

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Wise Louise (louisewise) | 15 comments I'm an author and book blogger. My blog is: and offers hosting, comps, interviews and link sharing.

My books are comedy romance A Proper Charlie by Louise Wise and a cross-over sci-fi romance Eden by Louise Wise .

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Everly Anders | 8 comments This is a great web site that helps support self-published authors. Lord knows we need more of those. If you are an author you can advertise your book on their forum for free!


and here is an article about how to promote your book on Goodreads!

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments Elle wrote: "This is a great web site that helps support self-published authors. Lord knows we need more of those. If you are an author you can advertise your book on their forum for free!



Elle, I went to your site and read your article on how to promote your book on Goodreads! Enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you! I'm an indie author, have no advertising for my book, and I rely on Goodreads members to buy it based upon whatever goodwill I can build up with them. In this regard your comments were quite helpful and I'll do my best to adhere to them in the groups I belong to. Since my novel is not advertised, and my own self-promotion is the only means of spreading word about it, let me just say that my book has received fabulous reviews, and these reviews are posted on

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Mimi Barbour (mimibarbour) | 4 comments If you've had trouble formatting your manuscript to load on Kindle, 12 steps to help is featured on my blog. It was so popular, I've decided to keep it up for another week.

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Jen Talty (jen_talty) | 7 comments I co-created Who Dares Wins Publishing with NY Times Bestselling Author Bob Mayer. I do all the technical stuff, cover art, web design, file conversions for Kindle and ePub (iBooks, Kobo, Nook, etc). I also do marketing and promotional plans for authors. Please feel free to pick my brain!

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments Jen, I've already delightfully met you (and responded) in the Polzer discussion of German translation of novels into the eBook format between Greg, Eric and me.

Now, as for picking your brains --- sounds like a Frankenstein experiment, please visit my lab at and let me know of what you think of my current suspense thriller OF GOOD AND EVIL and any brief impression of marketing and promotional plans for the novel from this point forward. Tea will be served by Egor, my faithful assistant. His favorite comment: "Ve have vays of making you talk," always followed by a fiendish laugh!

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Jen Talty (jen_talty) | 7 comments Gerald wrote: "Jen, I've already delightfully met you (and responded) in the Polzer discussion of German translation of novels into the eBook format.

Now, as for picking your brains --- sounds like a Frankenst..."

You know, my current WIP is a modern day Frankenstein! I'd be happy to go take a look. I'm currently writing a promotional plan for an author that I'm sending in tonight, so I will shoot you an email tomorrow sometime?

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments Jen wrote: "Gerald wrote: "Jen, I've already delightfully met you (and responded) in the Polzer discussion of German translation of novels into the eBook format.

Now, as for picking your brains --- sounds lik..."

Great, Jen. Thanks! My email address:

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Jen Talty (jen_talty) | 7 comments I just posted a new blog about The Write It Forward Marketing Plan.

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Holly Weiss (hollyweiss) 3 copies of Crestmont Crestmont by Holly Weiss are currently listed as giveaways until May 1st.

Step into the lives and loves of the staff at a bustling 1920s summer inn.

Here is the giveaway link

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Gerald Griffin (authorgeraldggriffin) | 161 comments A most recent and fascinating author interview with Leigh Savage on my novel OF GOOD AND EVIL can be read by clicking,

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Eden Gould | 1 comments I am a blogging author, looking to interview a fantasy author on my blog. The interview would be free for you. You can check out my blog at to see what it's like, and if you're interested in doing an interview, please let me know. My email is
You never know who's reading your blog! Hope to speak soon,

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Rhonda  Silly Mummy (sillymummy) | 1 comments I'm a blogger looking to review books on my blog. My readership consists mainly mums with children aged 0 to 21.

My blog is at

I look forward to helping you promote your books.

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Jencey/ (jencey) | 105 comments I am promoting a new author's book. Viewer Discretion Advised this book is women's fiction. I have a giveaway currently on my blog.

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Michael Murphy (mmurfy) | 11 comments Received the first review of my upcoming novel, Goodbye Emily. Posted it on my blog

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L.M. (lmsherwin) | 3 comments Hi, everyone! I'm L.M. Sherwin, author of the book Night Bells! In addition to being an author, I am a serous blogger and my site, Unearthing Words, is full of fun book reviews, writing tips, and reading topics! If you'd like to stop by, I'd love it! As well, my blog offers ad spots to fellow authors and bloggers! Here is the link if you're interested:

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Amanda (amandag123) My new novel, Shifting Shadows is the first in the Sparks Collide Trilogy. It's Paranormal Romance. *Lots of sarcasm included.

Party boy and werewolf, Jay Dellarson is stunned when his uncle hires a human to be his newest assistant.
Kira Franklin is a sheltered girl with a mysterious past who’s finally taking charge of her life.
When Jay and his pack begin to spend more time with the new girl in town, things start to unravel.
Kira fights to keep her secrets hidden but when she finds out the truth of the town’s inhabitants it puts her in greater danger than ever before.

Available totally free up until Friday 1/25/13.

If you check it out, feel free to review it, it would mean a lot to me!

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Dougie Brimson (dougiebrimson) | 7 comments Another blog post: The one fact every author should know about ebook marketing.


Fire and Ice Book Promos Blog (fireandicebooktours) | 4 comments Hi all,

My name is Shelly, and I'm the owner for Fire and Ice Book Tours! We are currently scheduling book tours for Feb, and we'd love to take some more books on tour! See all the info at:

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Phoenix (myprreads) I am reaching out to bloggers to promote my new romance book marketing and promotions site I am looking for bloggers to sign up for book tours which will be coming soon. If you are interested in receiving ARCs from romance authors, please go to my contact page and sign up. Eventually we will have giveaways and swag for our bloggers. Hope you stop by! If you do not have time to stop by, please just post.
Your Name:
Blog Url:
Email Address:

Lettora (I'm Booked!) | 37 comments Hi,

I'm Lettora from I'm Booked! Tours and we're currently looking for new authors. If you're looking to promote your book, our services can be found here:

Lettora (I'm Booked!) | 37 comments 6 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Book:

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Zoe Dawson (zoedawson) | 1 comments Hi all - We ten authors are running a promo of free reads next week and would love some blogger love! I'm posting the sign up if you're interested in joining us on this fun trip! Thanks so much!

Thanks! Zoe

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J.R. | 33 comments I'm a guest today on John Daniel's wonderful blog, The Joy of Story. There's also an excerpt from my latest novel, Something So Divine:

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Miranda Tirri (mirandatirri) | 1 comments Hello all avid romance lovers! :)

Today you have still time to get my Romantic Comedy/New Adult ebook “Gone with the feelings” for FREE!

Happy reading! :)

Gone With the Feelings by Miranda Tirri
Gone With the Feelings


“Janina is a quick-tempered young woman, and an extremely emotional and romantic person who has tendency to build castles in the air. She never runs out of words, and certainly makes her opinion to be heard as well as seen.
Janina has been running the whole year from bar to bar after the mister right one, however without any success so far. Finally she has had enough of searching for a suitable husband candidate. She decides to take up some totally other entertainment, so she joins Scouts. In the middle of nature with children she would not need to give men a second thought!
This is what Janina decides, but how long can she keep her decision when the broad-shouldered and energetic Troop Leader steps in the picture. He is so funny, witty, self-confident, handsome…, but also so annoying!
When furthermore another man comes to mess up her train of thought, there is no day without feelings surging up. And as Janina happens to be of that type whose feet do not keep on the firm ground the order of the pack of cards is a great mystery even to herself.”

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Kushal Gorti (piezoradeon) | 41 comments I would love it if you all check out my blog which is pretty new!
Humour is what I like to do best!
I write about books, movies, anime, songs, games and of coure random ramblings!
You can check out my favourite post here! It's humour and fun !

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A.C. Efverman (acefverman) | 3 comments I'm a Swedish author - and I moved to the sunny shores of Australia nineteen years ago; as I never could stand the long, cold and dark winters in my home country.

But I still have Scandi Noir flowing through my veins and I write dark crime fiction novels set in my adopted home town Sydney.

My book series 'DS Morgan Callaghan' is available world wide in both English and Swedish:

Game (DS Morgan Callaghan Crime Fiction, #1) by A.C. Efverman Skuggspel En Thriller som Utspelas I Sydney, Australien by A.C. Efverman Borta (Kommissarie Callaghan, #2) by A.C. Efverman

You can view a description of the content - and reviews - here: Game

Skuggspel was # 1 Best Seller in Swedish Language Fiction on in november 2015 - and was also # 1 Best Seller in Swedish eBooks on in March 2016.
Borta was # 7 Best Seller in Swedish eBooks on in March 2016.

For bloggers interested in blogging/reviewing my work - please send me a personal message here on Goodreads. I spread all blogs and reviews about my books extensively on my social media network - which is full of influential people in the publishing industry and the media - and also on Twitter.

A.C. Efverman A.C. Efverman

message 37: by A.C. (last edited Jun 06, 2016 07:35AM) (new)

A.C. Efverman (acefverman) | 3 comments Thrilled to see today that my novel Skuggspel is once again among the top ten Bestsellers on Amazon!

 photo Bestsellers 6june2016_zps81pg7do1.jpg

A.C. Efverman A.C. Efverman

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Duncan Reyneke (duncanjreyneke) | 3 comments I'm a science fiction author, from South Africa, with a novel up on Amazon and a blog I'm quite proud of.

I'd like to introduce Nails in the Sky, my debut novel.

Alex van der Haar is having bad dreams. Strange messages from people he's not even sure are real. Weird show downs in a floating ether outside of his favourite class. And that's just what's going on inside his own head after he goes to sleep.

There's also the strange fact that people he knows are going missing, and nobody remembers they ever existed. Friends. Family. All gone, and he's the only person who knows they were ever there at all.

What's really going on in his sleepy little student community? Who is the mysterious nihilist, Charles Daedalus, who's making his agitated worldview everyone else's problem? And how will Alex protect the ones who matter most to him from whatever is making everyone else disappear?

Get lost, with Nails in the Sky, today.

And once you're done with that, why not visit my blog, Duncan, Incidentally and read my new guide to writing a best-selling novel?

I mean, I still haven't written one, but a guy can dream, right?

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Charles Blanchard | 2 comments MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW for KINGDOM'S END!!

I just wanted to say hello and to share the rave review from MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW for KINGDOM'S END. I have pasted the link to the review below the copied review here. Enjoy. Charles.
Critique: An extraordinary, unique, and exceptional novel, "Kingdom's End" clearly establishes author Charles D. Blanchard has having a genuine knack for truly impressive storytelling, who makes his deftly crafted animal characters spring to life in the course of a consistently compelling tale. One of those rare and treasured novels that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book has been finished and set back upon the shelf, "Kingdom's End" is unreservedly recommended for community library General Fiction collections. For personal reading lists it should be noted that "Kingdom's End" is also available in a paperback edition (9781483449364, $16.99) and in a Kindle format ($7.55).

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Steven Bright (stevenbright) | 10 comments Moringa Leaf Powder Preparation and Health
Benefits: The Path to Natural and Healthier

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Kathryn Taylor | 2 comments I am excited to share the fact that my book, Two Minus One: A Memoir is only $.99 through May 13th! hope you will take advantage of the price reduction and let me know what you think of my story!

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Roza Dimka | 21 comments Hi Guys, I've started writing my own book. I will also be posting book reviews on stories. Please do follow.

If you have any literary insta or bookstagrams please leave them in the comments. I'd love to follow you.


The Damsel in the Library | 132 comments Hello fellow readers!

Almost a year ago I joined Reedsy as a reviewer. They promote indie and self-published books, offering all sorts of resources and putting books in front of early reviewers. I enjoy seeing all the new books and selecting my next read. I think it’s great that a place exists to assist self-published authors. Who knows, maybe my book will make an appearance one day.

As a reviewer you would have a wide variety of genres to peruse and you can pick whatever book looks good and start reading it. It’s sorta like Netgalley and other ARC providers, but you’d be helping smaller authors succeed.

If you think this opportunity sounds interesting, follow the link below to submit your reviewer application:

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Lillian (brummet) | 2 comments The Brummet's Conscious Blog focuses on inspiring, positive, proactive topics offering a fresh outlook on the world including author interviews, inspiring quotes and refreshing articles; celebrating amazing individuals, businesses and organizations doing wonderful things. I welcome queries, submissions, networking ideas... https://consciousdiscussions.blogspot...

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Phil | 7 comments Making blog posts about my fiction series, and providing advice for other fiction authors.

Widowing is a fatal disease, targeting and killing one person in every impacted couple. No treatments exist, or a solution, or survivors. Some think if Widowing targets one gender…intentionally.

Porma needs to move in with someone. Iteni, his high school crush, allows him to move in with her. He’s stoked to get to be with her. So what if no one know how to spot Widowing? Porma can possibly get with Iteni! He has multiple odd jobs to do too, as he seeks romance and adventure at his new Maine home.

Iteni’s been biting herself though. In the bathroom, leaving teeth marks on her skin. She wants to talk about her hand marks, and get help.

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