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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) This is where citizens of the Fire Nation live.

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Zara entered the house and set the bags down on the counter. She put the groceries away and set her brush and ink on her desk.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 116 comments Nicee knocked shyly on Zara's door, having cleared it with her family for noon the next day to visit her new friend's house.
"Hello?" she called softly, voice crackling.

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"Nicee!" Zara smiled, opening the door for her. "Come in!"

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 116 comments Nicee chuckled, balancing her basket full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and a loaf of bread as she teetered into the room carefully.
"Your home is absolutely gorgeous." she gushed shyly, blushing a light dusting of pink high on her cheekbones.

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"Thanks," Zara said, smiling, taking some of the load from Nicee's arms.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 116 comments Nicee sighed with relief as some was taken away from her, following Zara.
"I tell only the truth. Hey, could you please point me towards the kitchen?" she asked calmly, beaming brightly.

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"Oh, it's right over here," Zara said, leading Nicee over.

Cissi "Invisible but Invincible" (cissiinvisiblebutinvincible) | 116 comments She smiled.
"Thank you. Would you like to aid me in preparing lunch? Or should I prepare it?" she asked, thinking nothing of the question.

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