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Yeppers here we go!

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Anything! I have done *thinks*
shape shifter
whitch hunter
hunger games
percy jackson
maximum ride
harry potter
high school
Magic boarding school
forbidden romance

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Haha sure! Boy, girl, or both

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Alright before i make this guy(who will rock) quick question
Should the guy be royality or comminer

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Alright i will do a comminer so we cam have a forbidden romance type of thing?))

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Name: Eric
Class: commoner
Personality: friendly, considerate, caring, sweet, loving, good listener, loves to read, not very good with meeting new people,honest, fair, helpful
Apparance: short brown hair that ends just at his shoulders. He has deep sea green eyes and is around 5'6. I will get more descriptive later

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I love taylor swift!!!

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Lucky! I saw her live last year on her fearless tour!

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Lol sure! Wat to start or I can

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((Ok sorry had to get breakfast then shower!))

Eric whisteled to himself as he walked. He was wearing a dark green shirt and brown pants. Eric smiled as he entered the village

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Eric laughed as two young kids ran up to him. "Eric! Eric!"they cried, jumping on them. Eric laughed and ruffeled the two boys hair. "Hey there fellows!"he said and glanced up as he heard the royal carrage passing

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Eric met Sophia's eyes, his dark brown eyes paughing. He tipped his hat to her in a sign of respect and smiled

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Eric grinned then broke away as one of the boys stole his hat. The boy laughed and ran right towards the royal carrage

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Eric ran after the boy and grabbed him out of the way just in time before the carrage hit him

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The boy clung to Eric tightly, shaking in fear but nodded

Eric looked at Sophia and bowed. "Thank you princess"he said softly

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The young boy giggeled and put Eric's hat on Sophia head

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"I'm 5!"he said. Eric laughed softly "He's really 4"he whispered to Sophia

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Eric took it and bowed. "Nice meeting you too"he said. The boy waved and grinned. "Bye!"he said. Eric laughed "Come on buddy time to go"he said then looked at Sophia. "Thank you again"he said

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Eric reached out and helped back up, taking her hand

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Eric held her hand for a second longer then let go. "Good bye princess"he said then left

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Eric waved good bye and watched the carrage rool out of sight

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Eric watched her go and sighed. He took his hat and put it back down. "Come on boys time we go to the castle to ask the king for help"he said

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Erix waited in line with the two boys till it was their turn to go in front of the king. Eric went foward with the boys and bowed

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The boy who had stolen Eric's hat grinned as he saw Sophia. He tugged on Eric's sleev and Eric looked up, smiling when he saw Sophia

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"Hello princess"Eric said and bowed respectfully.

Tom(the boy) stole Eric's hat again and ran up to Sophia. "Here! Hide it from Eric"he whispered then grinnd

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Tom sighed but ran back, giving the hat to Eric. Eric laughed and rufgeled his hair before tanding. "It's my mum your higness. She is sick, very sick. We don't have enough money right now to get the proper medication"Eric said sadly

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"It's 20 gold shillings"Eric muttered and blushed a little

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Eric sighed in relief then bowed. "Thank you your highness"he sad

((I have to leave soon so if i dont respond that means i left))

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Eric bowed once more and picked up Tom "Let's go boys"he said and walked off

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((If i dont see you later today see ya in 3 weeks!))

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((You there?))

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((Its fine))

Eric went out to the village and went to the royal fields where the horses grazed. He sighed and looked out at the horses sadly

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The king nodded "Alright honey"he said and smiled

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Eric heard footsteps and turned

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Willow nickered when she saw Sophia

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Willow nuzzeled her gently yhen lifted her head as she saw Eric leaning on the fence near them

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((Yaya your back!))

Eric walked over and smiled. "Hello Princess"he said and bowed

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