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James walked into the forest wearing a sweater when he saw the other guy. What was his name Jack Jacob Jake! Thats what it was. "Hey Jake"

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" It's James." James corrected

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"And who is this lovely lady" James ask

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((oh I know ))

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(( you can post if u like Cassie is offline))

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"Well hello Gwyn. My name is James."

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" No you should come with me it will be fun."

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" Yah we have scrabble, connect four and crystal meth. Fun"

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Chrissy hummed to herself as she walked through the forest.

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Carter walked to the edge of the forest, a bit to frightened to actually go in. She pulled her book close and went in anyway. It was he only quiet place to go that wasn't her dorm.

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Drake sat in a tree, looking out into the woods.

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon She walked through, trying not to squeak every time she thought she heard something move. "You're so stupid, Carter." She mumbled to herself.

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Drake heard someone say something and turned around.

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon The boy sitting in the tree startled her, she screamed, getting butterflies in her stomach and her heart racing.

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments "Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you."

((sorry gtg, I'll be on tomorrow.))

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon ((Okay))

"Well you did." She squeaked, biting her lip.

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"Com'on you got her number you can call her and thats that it's cold out side and I'm starting to feel lower then I should be!" James said a bit to loudly

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"Oh wow your boring not going to cheat on you "girlfriend" dose it really matter."

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"Fine, fine. You win."

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Aurora *the self-conscious one* wrote: "((Okay))

"Well you did." She squeaked, biting her lip."

Drake jumped out of the tree,"I'm sorry."

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon "Um, it's alright." Carter said her heart slowing down.

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Drake smiled,"I don't think I've seen you around before. I'm Drake."

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Christina wrote: "Drake smiled,"I don't think I've seen you around before. I'm Drake.""

"I'm Carter." She said hugging her book close.

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Drake smiled.

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Carter rocked on her feet before saying. "Well, it was nice to meet you, Drake." Then running off to the only place she really felt safe. The music room.

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Virginia creeps into the forest silently, checking around her for video cameras. Not seeing any, she goes to one of the trees. Putting her arms around it, she climbs into one of the stronger branches and does surveillence of the area. She wants to make sure no one is coming here to gossip about her.

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette crept silently past the boys and the girl. Suckers. She thought silently, walking farther and farther into the forest. Soon, she found a spot where she was alone. Then she started to shimmey up a huge oak, one that had very few branches. No one will find me up here! When she found some branches higheer up she could perch on, she gazed out at the campus. Spying a suirrel near her, she held her hand out before picking up the small fluffy brown anumal. She smiled. She had a way with animals. She only ever smiled to them. That was the worst part about being at this dumb school. She had had to leave Jinx, her black cat, and Leo, her big Saint Bernard at home.
"I'll just call you... Puzzle" Jeanette said satisfactorily to the suirrel, who chattered a responce.
'Why does every body else have to be scared of you guys?' Jeanette asked the suirrel.
"I mean, you're just as cute as can be!" She smiled as the suirrel curled up next to her to sleep. She frowned.
"If only people where like you, Puzzle."

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Fiona walks into the forest. "Yay," she whispers quietly. "Now I can talk with the animals." She smiles and climbs up a tree. A bird lands in her hand, and she pets its head tentatively.

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette leaned against the tree trunk, as a small blue bird came and landed on her shoulder. Carefully, so as not to sisturb Puzzle, she reached her other hand up to pet the shy creature. Holding it gently in her hand, she spoke softly to it
"Hey little guy! I think I'll call you Benny." She sat in silence for a moment, before hearing some rustling in the tree next to her. Was it another suirrel? She glanced over, hoping to see another one of her furry friends. Instead, she saw a flash of clothing. Someone else was here to!

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Amanda walks down one of the forest paths. "Ah do mighty wish there were some apple trees here," she says to herself. ((Sorry if I offended any Texans with my probably horrible impersonation of one XP))

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Emily (emilygsturt) ((would sombody please like find Jeaneete in the tree?))

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Mira Meteo (mira278) ((Ok))

Amanda saw someone in the tree next to her. She pokes her head out, her cowboy hat lopsided from apple-hunting. "Hallo? Who is that?"

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette stiffened. Looking down, she saw a dumb girl in a cow boy hat. "No wait come back!" Sha called, as the bluebird flew away.
"Now look what you did!" She sneered angrily at the cowboy hatted girl. puzzle sat up, startled from the interruption. He looked at Jeanette quizically.
"Oh, Its ok Puzzle!" She cood, patting his furry head. He made a face that resembled a smile, before climbing her shoulder and settling down in her hood.

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Mira Meteo (mira278) "Well, I'm mighty sorry." Amanda looks down at Puzzle. "Well, I'll be! I've never seen someone who can keep a squirrel still like that without getting bitten. Ya'll got some talent there!"

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette started to smile and thought better of it.
"Ya, its a talent ya'll never have!" She sneered, making fun of her accent.

((sorry, she has nothing against Amanda in particular, just thats her personality. Nice accent!))

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Mira Meteo (mira278) ((Haha, thanks XD I don't actually know any Texans, so it's pretty much based off what I've seen on cartoons..))

"Ya'll right there. I was raised on an apple farm, from a long line of apple harvesters. We dun't get to spend much time with the critters."

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Emily (emilygsturt) "hmph watev i dont care" Jeanette sneered. "Are apple harvesters always dumb?"

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Mira Meteo (mira278) "Well, ain't that the darn rudest thing these ears have ever heard. Well, since I just met ya'll, I won't hold it against ya."

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette was out radged. This girl did NOT get offended easily. "Well, you obviously dont belong in these woods, fatso!"

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Amanda laughs. "I can't be fat. A fatso wouldn't be able ta harvest almost four acres of apples every year with only three other people to help, would she?" Amanda understands this girl's feelings. Being from such a large family, she had to know what to do in problems like this, and how to stay calm.

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette decided to try a different idea. ((please let her fall for this!!!))

"Well I'll be! Great job!" She faked a smile. "Well, just watch out for some of those other people out there. I know this girl named Collins. She seems nice but she really is very mean. And this guy named Drake. He is the worst ever. Dont ever fall for him. And These two girls, Niki and Tania? Dont believe a word they say. They are rumor spreaders!"

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Amanda looks at her suspiciously, then says, "Well, alright. I try not to judge people based on others' words, but I guess I can trust ya." She smiles awkwardly and tries to bring up another subject. "So... Where ya'll from?"

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Emily (emilygsturt) "oh...ummmmmm" Jeanette was glad the girl had believed her. But now what did she say? She had promised herself she would never tell ANYONE where she was from. Who knew if there where haters out there? Or searchers? There might still be goverment agents looking for her! "I'm from...Uhtah." She said. "And Puzzle is from probably this tree." She said, guesturing to the fuzzy brown squirrel nestled in her hood.
"Well, I uhh better be getting back to my dorm room. It uhh looks like its gonna rain." Jeanette didnt care if the sky was perfectly blue. She shimmined down the trunk and ran back towards the houses, running as fast as she could without waking Puzzle.

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Mira Meteo (mira278) ((What is she a muderer or something? XD Also, if she's not dorming with anyone, we should add some irony and have her dorm with Amanda XD))

"OK, um, bye," Amanda says after her. "Well, that was weird," she says to herself as she climbs down the tree. "Well, I reckon I'll go to ma dorm too."

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Emily (emilygsturt) ((no...she's not a murder haha ull just have to wait and see what happens. Well, she was gonna dorm with someone High Prystes Of All Vampyres mad, but she hasnt made anyone. So, ok that would be funny! Lets do it))

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Mira Meteo (mira278) ((kk, you can make the dorm, just so you have a chance to tell Vamyre Priestess nevermind :) LOL, I can't wait to find out what she did/is))

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Emily (emilygsturt) Jeanette lead Moonlight into the forest, far deep in, to the base of a tree. She took a deep breath.
"I'm really sorry." She said, taking Puzzle out and placing him onto the treee trunk to look for nuts. There. She had said the words she hadnt said in over ten years.
" she died. She told me that one day I would look into the eyes of someone and see there that I could tell that person everything. That I could trust them with my life. And when I looked into yours.....I saw that."

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Moonlight stared at her. Then she said, "I'm just as sorry. My mother died too. She said that I would leave a good life, if I just found the right people. But everyone hates me, or just simply doesn't notice me. But..." she paused, then shook her head. "Never mind."

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Emily (emilygsturt) "'s the thing. Both of my parents died when i was six. I was adopted but m new parents...they just..suck. So, I dont know. I've just never gotten along with anyone but animals. I find a weird pleasure in being mean. I like spreading rumors and being mean and bing with no one but myself. Thats why i was so mad when you threw that airplane. And then when I upset you......." Jeanette paused. She had to trust her mom. She could trust her.
"I havent told anyone I'm sorry in 10 years!"
Jeanette lowered her head.
"Can we just be, you know, friends? I might still be mean towards other people, but your the only person I've ever met who's......who's......different. Like an animal."

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