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Haven't read any of her other books yet...
Stefani Stefani Jun 30, 2011 06:26PM
I am really interested in reading Eve, but I am wondering if I should read the other stories regarding the main charachter before reading this one. Is this trilogy supposed to be a good on it's own or will I be missing way to much by not reading the other books first?

I would agree with Alician. This trilogy is covering the back story for the Eve Duncan series, answers those pesky questions we've all had. Each book is complete as a stand-alone, but the history of the characters, how they met, what they've been through is only hinted at in these.

Ihve read all of the books in the series in order so glad i dad you get a better feel for the characters.

I love the Eve Duncan group of books. They each can stand alone but the character progression is much better if you read all of the books in order. The book Eve is a great read all on its own and really doesn't ruin the plots of the previous books if you read it first.

They are great on their own but the prior books give so much more detail on Eve, Joe, Jane and the others and then follows thru with the next phase of the story.

I don't think any of the Eve/Quinn/Bonnie books would make sense unless you read them in order. It would also be more enjoyable to read these if you knew the whole story, so I would recommend reading the Eve Duncan books first.

Reading all of the novels in order is in one's best interest to understand the characters, the role they play, and their progression. Even her novel, "What Doesn't Kill You" features Catherine Ling and tells of her young years, thus answering questions. Also John Gallo returns. Both are important characters in the Bonnie books.

i started this series years ago and loved it for a long time- i did read the books in order-the first 2 books are my favorites of the series.

however after a while i got bored and stopped the series. when i read the author was doing a trilogy i skipped many of the books and resumed the series with Chasing The Night which is a great book (it's the book before the trilogy). i've also read the trilogy but i thought Eve and Quinn were disappointing.

i thought that Bonnie was a great book. however, this book is definitely meant to be read at the end of the series.

Walt new book coming out not sure when ,sleep no more eve i believe it is on her ebsite
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