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Postponing death
J J Jun 30, 2011 06:25PM
If you could live to be 200 years and older, would you?

For me, it's like a 50/50 opinion. On one side, I'd want to live in Boston, where I could interact with people, and live a normal life for the last few years i had left. But on the other side, I'd want to live for as long as possible, and do everything I'd always wanted to, read all the books, and learn how to play lots of instruments. Then, I would probably write a book on the story of my life, and hopefully the world will understand and i could teach them my wisdom. i feel like living in Boston would be a waste of the gift that Allys and Jenna were given.

no. The idea just freaks me out i dont know why, tho.

I barely wanted to live to be 17, no way I want to be 200

No. I wouldn't be able to do that....:P

That would be cool if you could stay young forever and always be like 16 or whatever and then your friends would be like ''Do you use something special for those wrinkles?'' lol. but it would be sad to eventually have everyone you know just blow away in the end.

...and be there long after my friends and family are gone? Nah.

If I could then I would. Although it sucked that Ethan died way before her.

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