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message 1: by Amy Eye (new)

Amy Eye | 1841 comments Mod
I wanted to share with everyone, who may be interested, what books we will be reading and talking about for our next episode of JournalJabber!!

We encourage participation from the audience, and think that all of you make the show much more fun! So if you would like, get your hands on a copy of each of these books and read away so you can participate in next week's show!

Hollowland Hollowland (The Hollows, #1) by Amanda Hocking and Living With the Dead: With Spring Comes the Fall Living With the Dead With Spring Comes the Fall by Joshua Guess

It is zombie week for us ladies, and we know there are loads of you out there who are zombie fanatics!! I figured I would tell everyone early since it is a holiday weekend for many of us, so you have plenty of time to get your read on!!

Hope to see you all there next Tuesday 9PM ET!!

message 2: by Cambria (new)

Cambria (cambria409) | 3305 comments Woot Woot! In addition to talking about these books we will probably talk about toilet snakes and inappropriate nudity!!

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