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Alright! We can restart here :)

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Andy was walking to her dorm

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Lane was already there, finishing her unpacking.

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Andy was to.

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Lane yawned. " have a think for Jake?"

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"I didn't even know that was his name, but yeah"

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Lane rolled her eyes. "I'm tellin' ya, that guy's trouble."

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"How do you know?"

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Lane turned to her, suddenly serious. "I just know. Also the way he was acting...." she shivered. "Well, it wasn't good."

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"I thought he was really cutee"

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Lane followed them up, glaring at him the whole time. She swore under her breath. Why did Andy let him in? This was her room too!

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Andy smiled and said "I'm gonna be in the bathroom getting changed if you need me"

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Andy sighed and looked at Lane as she came in. She grabbed her bikini and went into the bathroom. She got changed really quickly and came back out and smiled at Jake.

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Andy bent down and grabbed a beach towel from her bag on the floor.

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She smiled and walked over to him. She wrapped the towel around her waist like a skirt.

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Andy followed behind him. She looked at his butt for a couple seconds.

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Lane sighed in utter defeat. What the hell was his problem? Why couldnt he just fuck off Andy and go after some other poor chick? She sniffled. She didn't want Andy to get hurt.

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((Haha, I know! I replied))

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After they left she jumped on her bed, sobbing like a complete maniac. "I HATED him so freakin much!" she yelled, not caring that everyone nextdoor could hear. "I wanna go home." she whimpered

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Andy grabbed Jake's hand as they walked to her door.

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She shut the door behind him, then she turned on a lamp close to the door.

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She smiled and went over to her bed, she sat down and faced him as she started talking about her home life.

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She finished her whole life's story and said "What about you?"

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Andy got up and went over to her and said "I'm so sorry"

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((My bad.))

Andy leaned in and kissed the wet trail it left.

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Andy kissed him back gently.

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Andy shivered and licked inside his mouth.

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Andy nodded and leaned down and licked his mouth once more.

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Andy gasped and didn't move his hand away, it felt amazing.


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((Yep!! Night!))

Andy moaned and tilted her head back.

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Andy grabbed the back of his neck and brought him closer.

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Andy's hand trailed down towards his zipper.

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Andy gasped and arched her back so he could firmly grab it.

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"Yes" Andy said tracing his abs. She moaned and rubbed her hand across his zipper.

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She smiled and slid it off herself and threw it off to the side, she placed her hands on his zipper again. "Do you like it when I do this?" She asked rubbing him.

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She looked at him and said "Can we do stuff without having sex?"

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"It is, we can be naked though and if it ends up as sex then so be it" She said.

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Andy leaned back, since she was straddling him and looked down at his erection through his boxers, her eyes getting wide.

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Andy looked into his eyes and said "Yes I do" She said touching it with both of her hands.

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She helped him and threw them to the floor on the growing piles of clothes. She grabbed his hands and put them on her boobs.

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High Priestess of all Vampyres wrote: "She helped him and threw them to the floor on the growing piles of clothes. She grabbed his hands and put them on her boobs."

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She moaned and her head fell back.

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She smiled and slid it down and off herself. She threw it on the floor and pressed her chest against his.

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She smiled and took off her jeans, then her undies. She pressed herself against him. Then she started to kiss down his neck, chest, stomach, then finally she took him into her mouth.

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She started sucking on his erection

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Andy looked up at him and nodded, still sucking.

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Andy quickly swallowed it and started kissing up his stomach, chest, then to his mouth.


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((I am!))

Andy moaned and pressed her lower half to his.

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Andy gasped as she felt his finger inside of her.

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She moaned and moved slowly against his fingers. She didn't know what she was doing

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