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Do they assign a roommate for girls here or do we each have our own room?

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Can I have my own, until another girl joins in?

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I joined!

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oh, cool. I guess you could be my room mate?

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Cool! Are we ready to start then?

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okay. Can you begin? Im not very good at intros

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Sure. Is this where we actually in this folder/

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I think so.

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Andy aka Andrea was walking to her room.

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Lane had just moved in here and she stood in her room unpacking her small assortment of things.

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Andy had all her bags as she unlocked the door to her new room. She saw her roommate doing the same thing.

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Lane jumped when the door opened and she spun around to face it. She sighed in relief when she saw only her roommate. "Jesus Christ, you scared me!"

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"I'm sorry! I'm Andrea, but you can call me Andy"

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Lane giggled. "Im Lane." She let out a puff of air. "Im sorry for freaking, I've seen too many scary movies lately."

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"It's fine" Andy said giggling. "So when'd you get here?"

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"Oh, just now, actually!" she said in her odd little texan accent.

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((Oh, lol!))

Andy smiled and said "Nice timing I have"

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(Oh...i get it! Cool! Alright, ill make one now. ))

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Andy was in her room, but she came back out and went downstairs to see if they had any food.

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Lane came out too, she was wearing her brand new black and white flamed leather boots, dark denim jeans and a black tanktop. Her curly Strawberry/blonde hair hung down to her curvy hips in natural curls and she followed Andy downstairs.

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Andy looked at Lane as she came up to her, that's when she noticed a guy winking at some girls.

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Lane stood next to her, trying do hide her disgust at the guy. Her lip curled up slightly and she wrinkled her nose. It was hard to admit though, he was pretty cute. But she hated players.

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Andy thought the guy was really cute, but she didn't know if he was a player or not.

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All the sudden, the guy looked at them. She straightened out her face and looked over at the food stand and dragged Andy over there by her arms.

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Andy was looking at some fruit when she noticed the guy.

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"Hi, I'm Andrea" She said.

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Lane turned to him, unsmiling. "Hi." she blandly.

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"You too. I didn't catch your name" She said.

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Lane looked frantically back and forth between them. Andy wasn't seriously going for this guy, was she?!

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Andy looked at Lane and smiled, then she turned back the the guy.

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Lane pouted

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Andy was waiting for the guy to answer her.

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(( i think cassie got off :( ))

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((Oh darn))

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(( i know ))

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((We can rp in the dorm one. be in two places at once))

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(( haha yep :P ))

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Lane rolled her eyes, this guy was SO not worth it. She couldn't believe that andy was actually falling for this piece of crap.

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Lane could tell by the look in his eyes that he was contemplating her. She scowled at him, clenching her jaw, suddenly wanting him to know how she felt about him. Which isn't a good feeling. More like a ' im gonna tear you to pieces if you hurt this girl-ever' look.

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The Lonely Angel ((how do i jump in?))

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The Lonely Angel ((where can i jump in? D:))

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The Lonely Angel ((okay, sorry. i have been sleeping all morning))

Raeanne walked over to them, standing next to Lane.

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The Lonely Angel Raeanne looked between them. She felt uncomfortable so she decided to say somthing. "Hi, im Raeanne."

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The Lonely Angel "Nice to meet you." She stuck her hand out.

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The Lonely Angel "Raeanne, but if you want you can call me Rae." She smiled at him.

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The Lonely Angel "Hi Jake." She rolled her eyes. Now she knew why that girl looked so agrivated. "Its nice to meet you."

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