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Hope Madi just made it to her locker as the fist period bell rang. She sped up to a fast walk, trying in vain to find her locker. "Man," she muttered, "I hate being a transfer!" She looked at the scrap of paper with her locker number and combination on it, and after a few minutes found the correct locker. She ried the combination and was relieved when the locker opened. She quickly shoved the things she didn't need inside and made a mental note to personalize the locker later. Looking at her class schedule, she found her first period was trigonometry, and followed a girl walking down to what looked like the same class.

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Hope ((Wait, is Charlotte not in the tenth grade? I'm not in high school, I'm in junior high (middle school), so I don't know how to RP in a high

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Hope ((Sure. At least I know what that is. lol! Thanks for the info.))

Madi froze as Charlotte turned and began to blush. "Yeah...I'm looking for, um," She looked down at her schedule. "Trigonometry. Do you know where it is?"

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Hope I alreday was, Madi thought as they resumed walking.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Lenah sat in her first hour class, Trigonometry, tapping her pencil on the desk that she was sitting at in the back of the class room. She waited for the class to begin and watched as people walked in hoping she wasn't the only under classman in the class. It was hard to be in some of the honors classes just because others in the class above would pick on you for being smart, which totally seemed backwards.

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Hope Madi smiled and took the seat next to Charlotte. She couldn't believe someone wanted to sit next to her. "Hey," she said quietly, shyly. "Thanks for showing me the class. What's your name? I'm Madi."

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Lenah jumped a little having been startled out of her thoughts and looked at Gale. She blushed at the sight of him. "Oh, hi. Sorry!"

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Lenah's blushed deepened at his charming smirk and she almost forgot he said something. "What me?" She stuttered slightly which was unusually for her, and almost uncomprehendible because of her accent.

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Hope "Hi, Charlotte. You, um..." She paused. "Wanna hang out after school?" Madi giggled a little, lowering her voice so only Charlotte could hear. "Sorry, I'm a little shy."

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Hope Madi lbinked a little. "Oh, okay. That's fine. Maybe later, then?" She gave a small smile and turned back to the front.

(Madi, you left the Advanced Hunger Games group? Why? BTW, Justyn says he's quiting Goodreads forever. D:)

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Hope (I won't, if you don't want me to. And that's too bad, I liked you there! D:)

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Hope Madi frowned a little and tapped her foot under the desk.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments She was so focused on the beautiful features of his face when he moved closer and the smell of his aftershave hit her like an overwhelming wave of something that smelled wonderful. It became harder and harder every minute to focus. She took a breath thinking it would help her focus but it just became even harder as she inhaled the smell of him. "Ummm. I-I don't think I'm doing anything. Why?" All thoughts of studying seemed to have vanished from her mind.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments ((What!?!?! ahaha))

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Her breath caught in her throat. "I- ummm. Yah." She wasn't even sure what she was saying. She seemed to have lost all rational thought. She sat back in her chair her legs crossed and wasn't aware of her foot tapping nervously. She could feel his eyes on her but couldn't look over. His aroma surrounding her, and the taste of him lingering on her lips.

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Hope Madi paused at her front door, knowing what was to come. Her parents would answer it and smother her with questions like, 'How was school?' and 'Did you make any friends?' and other nonsense like that. She sighed as she entered, they already knew the answers to these questions, and Madi wondered why they bothered to ask them anymore.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments She looked around taking it all in. His room smelled just like him. His house was huge and beautiful. "Hmm, nice. You have an amaZing house." She wasn't sure what to think of beng this close to him.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments ((Wow.. i fail at cutting watermelon maddie. Haha))

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*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments She looked up at him, baffled. She took a step out of his arms and looked him in the eyes. "Are you-Are you drunk!?"

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*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments His smile was charming but she hardly noticed since she was distracted by what he said. "To answer your question, no. i would not like to makeout." She said emfisizing(Sp?) on the word not. She took one more glance at him and walked out of his room and walked into his livingroom.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments She looked down at his hand grasping her wrist. His hand was strong but he wasn't gripping her hard enough to hurt her. She looked back up into his eyes. "Because I hardly even know you and I'm one of those girls that would do anything to be with you whether I knew you that well or not just because you're good looking and popular."

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Nodding her head she stared at him unsure what to say. The smell of alcohol was just as overwhelming as his aftershave. She was also aware of how close he was standing to her and that he was still grasping her wrist.

((okay!!! See yah soon! Byyye! :) ))

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Krissy took a deep breath- her average routine- and opened the doors of the high school. Tardy. Again. She sighed and flicked her bangs, which were dyed a bright red despite the rest of her blonde hair, and walked forward. The heels on her 6 inch shoes clacked the ground as the air blew past her, giving her goosebumps on her pale, white arms. Along with her heels, she wore an old fashioned pioneer dress, accompanied with a bonnet.
Krissy didn't hurry to her first class, but only to her locker. Another day. It was just another day.

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Tyson walk-ran to his locker, knowing he was late because of the absence of people in the hallways. Time zones made a difference in the US and England. He quickly found his locker and opened it easily, and shoving books in an unorganized fashion, when he noticed a girl in a pioneer outfit a couple lockers down from him. He blinked a few times, and then hastily asked this girl where his first class on the schedule was.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments She took one look at the boy and blushed, hiding her face with the door of her locker. "What...what class is it?" Krissy mumbled, her shyness acting up.

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He double-checked his whole schedule before replying, "Errr... Biology II with Mr. Murray." He checked his watch and relaxed a little. He wasn't that late...

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Her eyes widened only the tiniest bit. "That's my first class too..." She wasn't about to tell him she had planned on ditching.

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He smiled a relieved smile. "Ahh, well that makes it easy now, doesn't it?" He began taking out his book for the class and waited for her before adding, "Shall we?"

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Krissy sighed. The least she could do was help the bloke out. She grabbed her own textbook and nodded, before leading him to the classroom. She stopped him before they walked in. "Krissy. My name."

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He was caught off guard when she blocked him from entrering. "Tyson," he said in response. "...My name," he added, going along with what she was doing.

((Aha, sorry late response, my dad had to get on the comp.))

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments She bit her bottom lip in a smile and let him through the doorway. Her bright green pioneer dress trailing behind her as she took a seat.
"Ms. Ferral sneaking in late, is she?" Mr. Ward said, not even looking back from his piece of chalk on the board.
Krissy blushed, hating the stares from other students.
"And who is this?" Mr. Ward continued, motioning to Tyson. "Oh, yes. Our new student. Come and introduce yourself."

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Tyson slowly walked up to front of the classroom and turned to face about 30 pairs of eyes on him. "Err... It's Tyson. Clarke. From Lincolnshire, England." He nodded, and looked at Mr. Ward, motioning he was finished with his intro.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Mr. Ward had been scribbling on a pink piece of paper throughout his intro. He now ripped off the paper from the rest of the pad. "Well, Mr. Clarke, in America, we expect students be on time to class. I'll see you in detention right after school." He handed Tyson the paper.
"You too, Ferral. Don't think you're getting away with this." Mr. Ward ripped off another pink slip and handed it to Krisdy. She looked down, her blonde hair falling in all directions.

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"Right," Tyson replied and muttered something about time zones. He searched for a seat, and there happened to be an open one next to Krissy, where he happily took his place.

((Kay I gotta go, I'll be on a lot tomorrow! (: Buh bye! <3))

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments ((Yay! Okay, BYEEE! Happy sleeping. :) ))

Krissy scribbled a note and passed it to Tyson while Mr. Ward blabbed something about atoms. The note, when unfolded, said 'Sorry...'

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Jake strutted into class, and took a seat. He glanced around at all of the people in the class. The teacher was distracted shouting at someone, so he hoped that he didn't notice him coming in late.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Krissy glanced at the figure coming in late and smiled. Jake. He was one of her only friends, and they had known each other since the fourth grade. She mouthed, 'I was late too'.

((I hope that's okay if they're friends.))

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((Yeah, it's okay.))

He smiled and nodded to her and looked at the teacher. 'Is he mean?' He mouthed, his breathing short and silent.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments She rolled her eyes. 'Mr. Ward? He's a charmer.' Krissy moved her lips silently, hoping he'd understand her sarcasm.

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Jake nodded his head yet again, and whipped his head towards the teacher. He was giving a boring lecture. Sighing, he took out a sharp pencil that had bits of it ripped off. He slowly ripped a piece of paper out of his notebook, making sure it was as silent as he could make it. He started to jot down something on the paper:

Hey, meet me outside after class.


He passed the note down to Krissy, keeping his eyes on Mr. Ward.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments When the note got passed to her she nodded and slipped the note in her pocket. She then turned her attention back to Mr. Ward and slid the bonnet off her head. She looked at her nails boringly.

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The annoying bell pierced his eardrums as it rang. He groaned, and left the classroom. When Jake made it to the steps, he plunked himself down on one, and started to write a story while he waited for Krissy.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments ((You mean Jake?))

Krissy sighed and got up from her seat. Finally. She smiled at Tyson gently. "I'll see you in detention."
She then walked out and plopped down next to Jake. "Hey."

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Jake looked up at her, and his frown turned into a wide smile. "Hey.." He looked around, and glared at a random teacher. He had given him detention. "I got detention.." He frowned again.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments "So did I. What'd you do?" She said, while curiously peering over his shoulder at his drawing.

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"Punched a teacher..." He frowned for a second, then looked up, a grin on his face. "He deserved it.."

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((Hahaha, it's so awkward RPing, leaving, then coming back again when things had happened while I was gone.))

Tyson, unsure of where to go next, shyly followed Jake and Krissy. "I guess we'll all be seeing each other in detention, then."

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((Tell me about it.))

"Oh, joy." He had no idea who Tyson was, but he had a feeling that they were going to become friends during detention.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments She laughed a little, but ends up frowning. "Just don't end up in jail. I can't deal life without my best friend."
She looked up at Tyson, blushing a bit. "Will do."

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