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Hope Name: Madieline "Madi" Benson

Age: Sixteen

Grade (9-12): 10th

Gender: Female


Personality: Madi is one of those strong, silent types. She won't tell anyone, but she has a deep-rooted shyness that she hasn't been able to get rid of and is very embarrased about. For this reason, she doesn't have many friends and isn't considered popular, but if you are able to get to know her you'll find she's a rather nice girl. She doesn't work well with others at all, and prefers to do things on her own. Her parents are rather strict with her. Madi has an older, married sister whom she loves dearly.

Other: Madi is a very good athlete, playing soccer and volleyball. She likes to get up very early in the morning (even on school days) to train.

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Hope ((That's kinda cool. I assure you I took her from a story I'm writing. I wasn't tryin' to copy you or anything. :P))

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Hope ( :) )

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*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Name: Lenah Beaudonte

Age: 17

Grade (9-12): 11

Gender: female


Personality: She's very strong hearted and will stick up for her friends no matter what. When first meeting people she can be shy and tries to nice no matter who they are. She's not sure where she stands in the popularity chain but doesn't really care anyway. She's usually the friend that people go to,to cry about their problems, though she doesn't always have the answers.

Other: All her close family has died so she lives with her Uncle Ivan, who is supposedly in the Russian Mafia and is very wealthy. She has a British accent. She loves sports and music. she plays tennis and the piano.

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments MADDIE!!! :D

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Haha yes it is!!! You better be here!! :D
yah I would like too! AWesome! ;)

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments AWESOME!!! :DD

*♥*Athena Leilani*♥* | 31 comments Oh haha! I thought I recognized Gale's name! haha I know now. lol. :P

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Hope Madison Elyse wrote: "Name: Gale Mellark (:P)
Age: 17
Grade (9-12): Junior
Gender: Male
Personality: Gale is a fun loving guy who is kind of like the life of the party. He has an amazing sense of humor and is kind to al..."

Oh wow, Mads! You're kidding. :P

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Hope Haha. :D

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Name: Kristin (Krissy) Ferral

Age: 16

Grade: Junior (11th grade)

Gender: Female


Personality: Krissy is very... fun. Very peculiar, but fun. She's never, ever cared what people think of her. This, she uses to her advantage by dressing wildly and constantly dying her hair. Despite her oddness, she keeps in touch with students and has a few close friends. She's very shy most of the time around people her own age, but if you stick her in a day care or nursery, she's one of the most motherly kind of people you'll ever meet. This is due to the fact that she is a foster child and is often tossed around to different houses. But instead of harnessing this anger, she is calm about it and accepts that her life will never be like the typical teens. In fact, she envies some people with such a great passion, it's a bit scary. Overall, Krissy Ferral has a story- and only the bravest will dare to figure it out.

Other: She has a pet python named Oswald, and her makeup choices vary greatly.

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Tyson Clarke
Junior, 11th
Tyson is a pretty nice guy. He'll go out of his way to help someone he doesn't even know, and is pretty outgoing. He's calm and loves to play his guitar, piano, and occasionally the ukulele. He's really laid-back and respects others. He can get really defensive about things he strongly believes in, making him loyal as for people he meets and trusts. He can sometimes trust too easily, and can be pretty vulnerable to the kindness in others.
He also moved from England recently.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Omgosh, Lexi. You kinda described like the perfect guy.

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Reeeaaaallyyy? I kinda described like my cousin. Hahahaha.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Oh. Well, this is awkward.

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XD It's fine, my cousin's cool. He used to go to BYU Hawaii, which enhances his coolness.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Mmmm. :p Ha, totally kidding.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Ahaha....Maddie....

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments So, does anyone want to RP with Krissy?

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I dooo! :D I'll work on my Hogwarts charrie during replies. ;)

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Aweshome. Krissy's already on the scene. :)

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I see that, which class should they have first? We're in the same grade I noticed.

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments I was just thinking that he'd see her in the hallway. She's at her locker.

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Sounds good.

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Hello, so I noticed that this link was on the Advanced Hunger Games Roleplay! Can I make a character?

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Ember (embersmith) | 51 comments Well no one's stopping you. :p Haha.

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:) Hahaha, sorry. I'm kinda new to making characters.

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Name: Jake Walters

Age: 17

Grade (9-12): Senior

Gender: Male

Appearance: description

Personality: He's a..private sort of person. He likes to be left alone, and deal with his problems alone. Really, he used to be very clingy and annoying, but he got punched. Hard in the face. That set him straight. So now, he is just someone who avoids conversation and people at any costs. Surprisingly, he is very strong and smart.


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Name: Sam
Age: 17
Grade (9-12): 12/Senior
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown hair, wears a black hat backwards, blue eyes, tall
Personality: Regan doesn't talk much. The only time he does is when he has something to say. Being super smart, he works very hard in school. But he has a love for music. Playing the guitar and sings, many people come to listen to him.
Other: He just transfered from a music performing arts highschool.

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AK (blue_rose22) | 1 comments Name: Mya Scholls
Age: 15
Grade: 10/sophomore
Gender: Female
Personality: Mya is thoughtful and quiet, she only talk if necessary, unless you're her friend. She stands up for her friends as well, and chooses them carefully. She is defensive and smart, but loves it when she can make someone laugh or help them.
other: She loves to play volleyball and her cello. She lives with her older sister because their parents died recently.

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