Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone question

How fast did you read the book or sires?
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1 month.

I read them all except 7 (which I had on hold at the library) in less than a week- in between babysitting jobs and stuff with my friends!!:)

well the first time through took like 5 years, 1-6 grade, but that's just cause I read them as the books came out. Last time I read them it took about a week and a half.

It is probably going to take me two years, but my plan is to read each one of them in a different language. So far, I have finished the first one in Finnish and I am currently reading the second in German.

i finished them all and each one took from 1 to 3 days

The fourth book came out when I was in fourth grade and it took me about a month to read. When the fifth book came out it took me about a week. when the sixth book came out it took me a couple of days and the same with the seventh. I felt the same way, i wanted to enjoy them a little bit, but could only hold off for so long because I wanted to find out what happened. My mom read the whole series in about a week though...

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I read each one as it came out. It usually took a few days to a week or more. I wanted to savor each book. It was what I looked forward to every summer for seven years.

I have never approached reading Harry Potter for so many years. So I changed my mind I had a go in February with the first one, and I liked it very much. After that I've started reading all the other books. Last week I finished the last one. I enjoyed all of them.

I started reading the series in 2014 and it's now 2017 and I'm only up to the half blood prince!

it took me a while, since my friend stole the last book from me, while i was reading it, and then complained when i tried to take it back, and it took her like 3 months to finish the book, and then it took me a couple weeks to finish it, so lets just say a long time.

I finished the last book in less than 1 day the day I got it. I don't know exactly how long it took, but I finished before going to a baseball game with my family.
Books 4-6 took about the same amount of time, but 1-3 took less time. When I reread them it takes less time than the first time, though.

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I finished the first 3 books in one day and the last book as I needed to know what happened. I read the forth and Sixth book in about four days. I read Order of the Phoenix in about a week.

i am reading them for the first time (didn't care for them much as a kid)and a friend told me not to rush it b/c you only get to read HP for the first time once, so take it slow and enjoy it, i am doing that so instead of reading a book and a half a day i am going slow, 2 days for each book. you shouldn't rush it, you only have one first time.

I decided to re-read the books in time for the movie. I gave myself 2 weeks, and it took my 8 days. I still went about my normal life doing it too. (I read the death of a main character at the DMV and cried... it was probably not the best place... lol)

I read all of the books as they came out...most devoured in a single day...yes, even the 7th one. I started reading at 6am and didn't stop until I was done...except for quick food/stretch breaks :)

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Hannah barbe hahahahaha i can probly read it in like a month i am sooo slow...... yet a month is nothing compared to my friend faith it would take her a year!!!! o ...more
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Wow you guys read fast. It took me 2 monthes..

Mostly, I read them slowly. This was before I had become lightning-fast at reading. each took me a week to a month. then the last one took FOREVER because I was trying to read it at the same time as my dad, and he kept stealing it from me, so... I just had to wait. Over a month, maybe two for that one. But I've read them all several times, and the times I've re-read them it took me less than a stolen night for each book. So if I put that all together, probably about, oh, say 4-5 days max. If I read them all in order at the reading speed I have now. Does that count?

the first 2 I read them when I was 10 in one day. 3-6 took me one day each and the 7th took me 2 days...

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I finished each book in like 2-3 days.

I read the first three as they came out - about a week each in between job, motherhood, and going to school. I waited for #7 to come out before I read the rest, but instead of "reading" them I listened to the audio version in the car and on my daily run. What a treat!! The narration was wonderful and really added to my enjoyment of the series.

it took me 1 week

My best is 6 days :)

Whole series in 7 days, I guess an average of a book per day; really, it was more like the first three books in a day an a half then the last four books over the remaining 5 1/2 days.
The first time I tried at reading the first book was in fourth grade but I found it entirely too boring because I hated Uncle Vernon and quit before finishing the first chapter.

I read the first few pretty quickly (as quickly as I could since I was pretty young), and I think the first one I got right when it came out was either GoF or OotP. I definitely remember reading OotP and HBP immediately when they were released. They each took a couple of days.

The final book.. well, by that point I was so in love with the series that after leaving the midnight release, I started reading as soon as I got home (3 am) and read till I finished (3 pm). It may have taken less time if I wasn't blinded by tears throughout the entire book >_>

I can read the whole series in about a week. or 10 days.. :P That is if I am not doing anything and feel like reading.

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i finished the first 3 a day each (im rather busy alot so i didnt have that much time to read) the 4th took me 2 days the 5th took me 4 days(i have no idea why,i think i had to take my final exams the week i got it so i didnt that much free time) and the 6th toook 2 days and the last took me 2 days.

I started the series after most of the movies had been released, so I was able to read the book and then watch the movie. Since I don't have that much time to read, just when I get a chance after work, etc, so each book took me several months. I had a hard time getting into 1, but then after about a quarter of the way through it caught my interest. Once I caught up to the movies, I tried to finish the book before the movie came out. Great series. I may reread it sometime in the future. Maybe to my future kids.

I started reading the series for the first time in august and I am currently on the 5th

I am a slow reader. It took me months to finish the series, despite of reading all day and night and loving it so much.

first book=2 days

series=2 weeks

It took me 2 weeks to read all 7 books. It was utterly wonderful :)

3-4 nights

Read the series in a week

Believe it or not but I read them all in just a day and a half. lol

it took me only a week to finish the whole series. once you start, you can't let go.

I read them all in a week.

i read the first 6 in a week and the last one in a day!<3 I <3 LOVE HP

I started them when I was 5, ended them when I was 7.

I was lucky to read them all right when they came out (my mom bought the Sorcerer's Stone right after the U.S. release), so I don't know how long it took me to read the series. I do not that from about the 3rd or 4th book on, it never took me more than two days to finish a book.

Like 2 months it took me a few weeks to find books 3 and 5.

I had to wait for them to come out

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I devoured them! Read them in a day or a couple of days.

I want to start them over again and read them to our 7 yo.

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The first three took me one-two days each, the fourth was around the same, 5-7 took about two-three days. I had no school whilst reading them, so I read them for hours on end...I just couldn't put them down!

7 days

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I was in the second grade when I read them, I think I finished in two-three months, which I consider pretty good because some people I know can't finish one book in that amount if time.

hahahahahahahahahahah i read mine in like a month my 1st time!!!!!!!!!!

I bought the first four books at a discount at Sam's Club, because I knew my son (age 4 at that time) would be reading them some day, and I should do it first. I casually picked up the first book when looking for my next read, and absolutely couldn't put it down. I went through them pretty quickly, then started getting them on release day after that. Deathly Hallows I read without stopping, and it took me about 15 hours, I wanted to savor it. I then bought the British version of all seven books, and also have them on audiobooks. Both my boys have read the American, and British versions also, and regularly listen to the audiobooks. Magical!

I don't remember it for the first 4... but it took a school week to read the 5th, the 6th, and the 7th (all together) in English (and english is my third language!) ;)

Around a month.

i read the whole series in 16 days

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